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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Storm Commando
Set: Alliance & Empire

Date Reviewed: Sept. 18, 2007

Sith Dragon Storm Commando
Cost: 17
HP: 40
DEF: 17
ATK: +6
DAM: 10

Stealth; Satchel Charge; Cunning Attack; Deadeye; Double Attack; Grenades 20

Talk about having it all. Holy crap is this guy ever loaded! The stats are pretty normal for a 17 point cost. his DEF is a bit higher with his ATK being a bit lower, but all decent stats for 17 points. Given the number of Imperial Commanders at his disposal, its about as good as its going to get.

As i exclaimed earlier, the SC has just about everything you could want from a 17 point soldier. He has Stealth for protection, Satchel charge for the doors, and grenades 20 if your opponent sets up a good use for them or the DEF is just too high. While his base offensive stats are not real great, once you add in the fact he has cunning and deadeye, along with double, add in Thrawn and you end up with two attacks at a +13 for 30 DAM each. Not too shabby for only 17 points. You have access to Thrawn's +3/+3, auto init for the cunning, and swap, Veers for accurate, and the Rodian for protection from shooters.

About the only downsides to this piece are that a) He is not a trooper, so he misses out on the new Vader's CE, and b) He is kind of fragile even with 40 HP when facing down multiple attacking Jedi.

100pts: I have seen a build where these were used in conjunction with Thrawn and the squad looked like it could do some damage. While i won't normally recommend this piece for 100pts, he can be playable in a tier II world.

150/200pts: Here he can be quite good. 200 obviously allows for more commanders to help him out, but in 150 i have seen him used very well in a squad called opportunistic bankers that relies only Piett giving opportunist to a bunch of stormies. Since you have Thrawn and get to go first, it makes for a nice 1-2 punch in an otherwise opportunistic squad. It isn't always the easiest piece in the world to work into an Imperial Squad, but it is a very good and well rounded piece worth finding a place for in most squads.
Storm Commando
17 pts
40 hp
17 def
+6 attack
10 damage

Special Abilities
Double attack
cunning attack
satchel charge
grenades 20

Oh man these little guys are the swiss army knife of this game.

They are highly versatile and work extremely well when they're played correctly/ They have the ability to do 60 damage to an unactivated enemy with a +10 attack.I mean +10 attack isn't the greatest but since t hese little suckers are only 17 points that pretty darn good.

These guys work well in any point value as long as they arre played with they're good buddy grand admiral thrawn. with thrawn on your team you will win init 95% of the time so that you can always get they're cunning attack bonus out of the way. Then you can use a simple storm trooper to get these guys into position and then unload 60 damage on an enemy then swap them out. One way that these things have been played recently with with Grand Moff Tarkin. That way you can get them to deal a whopping 120 damage to a single target and then get them out of there.
The Jumping
Hey guys, after a long summer at camp and getting ready for school I have managed to come back! Sorry 'bout the wait.

Today we review my favorite piece in the game; the Storm Commando. I coined the phrase of calling them the Swiss Army Knife of this game, and for good reason too. They are the most versitile little guys out there! 17 points gets you semi decent stats, Grenades 20, Satchel Charge, Double Attack, Cunning Attack, Deadeye and Stealth. That is a lot of stuff in one package.

Combined with there Best Friend, Grand Admiral Thrawn, they become a Tier 1 squad at any point format in the right hands. The ability to double attack and do 60 damage at a +13 attack with Thrawn makes them a little powerhouse.

Combine that with the 20 defense and Stealth (Again with Thrawn) and you will notice that despite their low 40 HP, their defensive properties more than make up for that. Another very important thing to realize with these is that with Grand Moff Tarkin and Thrawn 2 of them may do 120 damage in one phase. Yep, pretty crazy if you ask me!

100:) 4.5/5- In the squad "Swiss Army Knife" that I made involving 2 of these buggers and Thrawn (with the addition of Tarkin!) they are amazingly powerful. They defeat JWM's, Han Solo Scoundrel and many other things with ease and can easily compete with the best. (See the squad here: Squad )

150:) 5/5- With more support here they are absolutley awesome.

200:) 5/5- The higher the point total, the better they are. dnemiller and

billiv15 have both made great builds with these guys and you should definatley check them out!


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