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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Advance Agent, Officer
Set: Alliance & Empire

Date Reviewed: Oct 3, 2007

Sith Dragon Advance Agent, Officer
Cost: 11
HP: 30
DEF: 14
ATK: +5
DAM: 10

Force Immune; Stealth; Thud Bug

CE: Vong within 6 squares gain Cunning Attack

Today we look at another Vong piece. The AAO is another good attempt at improving the vong that fell short. The Officer is nice and cheap at 11 points. His stats are about as bad as an 11 point character is, meaning you won't be attacking much with him. his pluses are that he is a vong with Stealth and thud bug, so he fits the normal Vong builds. He can be a thud bugging Nom bomb, but that is about it.

His CE was a good thought, but in the end falls short. As of now, there is no vong that is going to bother attacking anyone. They will thud bug and blow up. Their attacks are just too low right now even with cunning. It can give you some options, but how much more useful would it be to thud bug a Jedi or other major character and hope instead to activate them.

Of the two vong that do attack, Nom and Lah, Nom already has cunning, so its a bit of a waste. It can be a very nice help to Lah though should you win initiative. The problem here is that there is no recon or other init help for the vong right now, where a lot of other hot factions that do. The other major problems is that disruptive is also rampant, and .the CE has a range of 6, so your commander is sucked up into the battle. Kill the commander and you lose a lot that you were counting on.

100pts: You could try him here. He is cheap enough that you can run a pure vong squad, but can you imagine trying to chew through Bane 10pts at a time. It could be fun, but don't expect it to win any tourneys.

150/200pts: Here he is very playable. He is a decent add in any pure vong squad, but if you are not going for a pure vong theme, i would generally stick with some of the better options.

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