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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Shaak Ti

Set: Revenge of the Sith

Date Reviewed: Nov. 9, 2007

Sith Dragon Shaak Ti
Cost: 24
HP: 70
DEF: 19
ATK: +12
DAM: 20

Crowd Fighting; Stealth

Force 3: Force Leap; Lightsaber Sweep

Today we look at a figure that seems to be a fan favorite. Shaak Ti is one people keep wanting to play, and in some instances can be very good. On a 24 point piece here stats are pretty good. 70 HP is always nice because it always takes that extra hit to kill her, whether you are hitting for 20 DAM or 30DAM. The19 DEF isnt stellar compared to a lot of other Jedi, but c'mon she is only 24 points! The 12 is solid and the 20 DAM is typical.

It is in her abilities that she keeps coming back from obscurity. With leap and crowd fighting, she can become one awesome attacker, especially when sweeping. In one game i believe i pumped her to a +20 ATK. The other nice feature on her is her stealth. For quite a while Her and Saesee Tiin were the only two Jedi with stealth, and with only one attack each there really wasnt much to do with them. Since they came out, though, we have now have a new Quinlan Vos and the Bith Vigo to add some more strength to the Jedi stealth team because now you could stretch her HP a bit further with evade from the Vigo.

Three force is decent. It is the minimum functional amount in my opinion. Force leap is great to get into a crowd and get crowd fighting jacked up, and sweep is also nice because then she can let loose on all of those guys surrounding her. The bonus that a lot of people dont realize is that crowd fighting gives a +2 to everyone adjacent to her except her target, but when you lightsaber sweep, you are not targeting anyone. You gain a +2 for every character around her, regardless of who you are attacking. Just make sure that you hit your big guys first, so you can have the maximum attack value. Master Qui-Gon was a nice boost to her in a way because if you force spirit her, she can leap and sweep in a single turn. It was a combo many looked forward to when he came out. Sadly, she proved a bit too weak to endure this combo very well.

100pts: Too weak here

150pts: Here she can start to see play. You can run an all stealth team with a Bith Vigo and CS Yoda by pairing her with Tiin and the new Vos, or you can use her with Sevs and a Bith. She wont be the greatest piece, but she can be loads of fun in casual games.

200pts: Her low cost will let her fit in well here. She is cheap for what she can do and you can bring in lots of help. Again she won't be a great piece here either, but Jedi with evade are a pain to hit, especially with CS Yoda backing them up. However, she is about to be replaced by her bigger, badder self in the upcoming Force unleashed set, but more on that when we review her. ;)

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