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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

R2-D2 Astromech
Set: Revenge of the Sith

Date Reviewed: Nov. 16, 2007

Sith Dragon R2-D2 Astromech
Cost: 9
HP: 30
DEF: 17
ATK: +8
DAM: 0

Electric shock; Flight; Tow Cable; Override

I can't believe we have gotten this far and have not reviewed little ol' Doombot! Well, here he is in all his abusiveness. He has pretty good HP for only 9pts. A 17 DEF isn't bad either, but let me tell you something...This little trashcan has a bit of luck about him that might as well make that 17 a 29 DEF. I swear i miss more shots on this little trash can than i do attacking Jedi like Vader and Exar. If i need two shots to hit, i can just about guarantee you i will miss one even if i am rolling 3s!

People always seem to forget that this little guy can attack other droids. I have had some fun games where i have zipped him around taking on med droids and battle droids. Since i am not using tow, my opponent never knows if they should bother taking him out or not. Override is not only a solid ability despite today's Ugnaughts, but being the first to have this ability he was rather frustrating to fight when he first came out because there was no answer to him. Then you have his main ability - his flying tow cable. This makes R2 a must for almost any squad that is republic. He can take your Jedi into and out of trouble as long as you can keep him alive and get off some nice double/triple attacks. Not only do the Jedi love him, but he almost single handedly made Jango a top tier piece to rival Boba, bounty hunter.

100pts: Yep, use him! If you are running anything that can be republic based, you really need to use him. While he won't do much, the power he gives to his towee, is just too good to pass.

150pts: Yep same here! Now you have tons of room to get him in there, so once you decide who you are building your squad around this should be the next piece to go into it. Here R2 forms the heart of the JIS (Jedi Interference Squad). You take a power shooter like Aurra, Jango BH, or Boba BH and then use R2 to fly them around to get the best shots while you use a screen of Jedi to keep your opponent from going after your big shooter.

200pts: Even more so here! At 150 and 200, your override wont work quite as well, but the sheep power of his towing is not to be underestimated. As i said anything republic/fringe based should use him if you have a big shooter/Jedi.

One final note, if you dont have him, it is not the end of the world. I still say get him, but look to characters with Master speed or General Kenobi for movement help. While not as good, they will help until you can get him. Being from Revenge of the Sith, he is getting harder and harder to find.

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