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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Saesee Tiin

Set: Clone Strike

Date Reviewed: May 15, 2007

Sith Dragon Saesee Tiin
Cost: 26
DEF: 20
ATK: +13
DAM: 20

Cunning Attack; Stealth

Force 2
Lightsaber Block

Today's character is one of my personal favorites, especially when running General Windu. Saesee has very good stats for only 26 points. He has a solid 20 defense and +13 attack, while the 100 HP isn't bad either. His abilities are a nice bag of tricks. He is one of the few Jedi for the republic that have stealth. Before all of the accurate shot, it helped him get into the fight without being too hurt, but now it can give him evade with help of the Bith Vigo, making him that much harder to hit. On top of that, if you throw in CS Yoda, he gets a free reroll. His stats are good for 26 points, but when you throw cunning attack on top of that, he becomes a +17 for 30 damage!

Saesee's big drawback is that he only has a single attack, so his offense is a bit limited by that. General Windu Is a great friend to him. The thought of getting that +17 for a total of 60 DAM is just too good for me to pass up, and can really force your opponents hand if you set up correctly. He ends up in every one of my General Windu squads.

100pts: Like most, he just isn't big enough here.

150pts: Here you can play him, but there is just so many points to spare, and he won't make most cuts despite his pros.

200pts: Here he is pretty good. AS i have suggested he has basically two good friends. CS Yoda combined with the Bith Vigo Make him very hard to hurt until its too late with his evade, and General Windu makes up for that lack of double attack. The cool thing is in A&E Saesee will be getting another stealthed Jedi to help him out in the Yoda/Bith squads. Stay tuned..... ;)

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

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