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Mini of the Day



Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: March 6, 2007

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.0
150 pt: 3.5
200 pt: 3.75


~The Jumping Flea
Howdy folks, (I apologize in advance for the short review as I just returned home from getting MRI's on both my knees...) Today's mini of the day starts us off with Arena Beast week! We start off with the Nexu!

Here are his statistics:
Cost: 15
Hit Points: 50
Defense: 16
Attack: +7
Damage: 10
Special Abilities:
Ambush Can move and then make all its attacks against 1 enemy who has not activated this round.
Double Attack On its turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead of moving.
Melee Attack This character can attack only adjacent enemies.
Savage This character must end its move next to an enemy if it can and does not benefit from commander effects.
Speed 8 Can move up to 8 squares and attack, or double that number without attacking.
Stealth If this character has cover, it does not count as the nearest enemy for an attacker farther than 6 squares when choosing targets.

Now this little guy looks great on paper, but sadly falls flat on his face due to savage. Speed 8 is actually a hindrance with Savage as your opponent may place a cheap piece 16 squares away from it and the Nexu must base it.
To rid this savage ability you must use one of two options: The Varactyl Wrangler, or the Nightsister Sith Witch (Both have Empathy). I would personally opt for the Sith Witch as that allows you to fit in Grand Admiral Thrawn in too. Suddenly you have a 15 point character with a 19 defense and
+10 attack with Ambush (Master Tactician). That is very good, although
worth it in many occasions as it takes up too many points for what it gives you.

Now if you enjoy Savage and believe it is all that, you must love Exar. Well this little guy and Exar are best of buds as Exar gives it Momentum and Jedi Hunter. Combine that with Ambush and this guy can move 16 squares, double attack at +15 for 30 damage (against a Jedi). That is more than worth 15 points in itself. So if you want a fun, Jedi Hate, 100 point squad, (MasterJudge, I am looking at you!) Exar and one of these puppies is a fun build.

100: (2.5 w/ Exar) Very effective against Jedi. (Remember TenEyed? It was the only squad that beat your Shock Therapy that day.)
150: (3.5 w/ Exar) Again, even better.
200: (4 w/ Exar) A must in my book with Exar. That Ambush is great if you can win the init!

Check out my Squads

Ten-Eyed Man Say what you will about the Nexu, no other piece in the game has a plural which is a completely different sci-fi sounding word: "Nexus." This is not a word that refers to a whole bunch of multi-legged bug kitties; it's supposed to be the thing that you have to take a desperate risk and plunge your spaceship into headlong if you're going to thwart the Big Bad Evil Guy, despite the very real risk that something farfetched will happen to you. But I digress.

The Nexu is one of those pieces I can never make up my mind about, even disregarding the pluralization issues. On paper, 15 points for 50 hit points, Speed 8, Stealth, and a Double Attack enhanced by Ambush is fantastic. In practice, Savage characters are really easy for your opponent to manipulate, and Speed 8 just makes it more likely that your poor Nexu is going to run off and get in a bunch of trouble that your other pieces can't catch up to help him with.
There is Empathy, of course. A Savage character who is within six squares of a Varactyl Wrangler or Nightsister Sith Witch becomes a calm, level-headed soul of discretion, eager to do exactly what you tell it and even benefit from Commander Effects. Varactyl Wranglers, however, are really, really fragile, so this sort of duty is best left to the lightsaber-wielding rodeo clown. Given that Ambush is an initiative-dependent ability and the Nightsister comes from the faction with the best initiative control in the game, this isn't such a burden.
The other way to make good use of a Savage is to embrace it. Put it in a squad with the one character in the game who loves Savages for being savage: Exar Kun. With Momentum and Jedi Hunter, a Nexu can possibly move eight squares and ram into a Force-user with a +15 to hit for 30 twice, enough to make anyone take notice. Generally, you'll still want some Empathy available until you're ready to strike, however. In this case, the Varactyl Wrangler is the perfect choice, because you won't care about losing this six-point space cowboy, and you may even choose to kill him yourself with Exar's famous "jump into his friends' skin" trick.

The Nexu has some neat abilities, but without Exar Kun, its damage potential is probably not high enough to warrant the trouble you'll have to go to. With Exar, you'll probably find it a worthwhile member of his army of crazed, rabid monstrosities.

Overall rating in 100: 1.5 (teamed with Exar, this is your whole squad, and there are better companions for Exar in this format)
Overall rating in 200: 2 (3.5 with Exar)

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