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image from Wizards of the Coast


Mace Windu
Set: Clone Strike

Date Reviewed: March 23, 2007

Sith Dragon Mace Windu
Cost: 63
HP: 150
DEF: 22
ATK: +16
DAM: 20

Triple Attack; Vaapad-Style Fighting

Force 5
Block; Precision

The last fig of the week is an oldie but a goody. While a bit expensive to use in any squad, he is the most power of the Jedi, as it should be! This is Mace Windu! Mace's stats are huge to be sure. He is hard to hit and will take a beating when he does. His attack is about as big as it gets without modifiers at a +16.

When you get to his Force powers and abilities this guy has offense to spare. He is a triple attacker that can crit on 18-20, and to boot he can add an additional 10 DAM from precision. If you feel like running a Chagrian Commander, then Mace can turn into a real powerhouse. I once took a full health Shaak Ti down in a single blow because of all that - A Chag boosted precision'd crit for 70 DAM. Not bad for one swing.

On the flip side it is nice that Mace also has block to help against opposing melee characters as well. Another thing of note is that he is a follower, so he can benefit from characters like Tarfful, giving him an impressive +20 ATK, or Yoda where he gets to reroll his blocks. This is one guy a JWM is not going to eclipse.

100/150/200pts: I am putting them all together because he is very playable in all three. The only difference is what he is getting for support. His cost is his only downside to any squad he is in. With his HP and offensive capabilities, you really cant go wrong with him.

If you are wondering about which Mace is best, then i really don't think there is an answer. Everyone has their preferences of course, but the nice thing is that each Mace has their own specialty. This Mace is for blunt force trauma to a single fig, plain and simple. If your local meta-game is such that people either run swarms of +40HP characters or multiple beat sticks, RotS is great for being able to attack every adjacent character twice. If you can use R2 to land him a crowd, he can do some serious DAM. Gen Windu is exactly that, a leader of others. His offense is good as well, but his overall effectiveness is going to be from his followers as much as himself.

Mace Windu is the only fig where we can say we have three great versions.

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