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image from Wizards of the Coast


Set: Clone Strike

Date Reviewed: March 20, 2007

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.50
150 pt: 4.00
200 pt: x3.50


~The Jumping Flea
What up everyone!? Today is the start of, in my opinion, the coolest week yet! It is the Old School Clone Strike Week! Today we start off with one of my all time favorite Jedi commanders; Kit Fisto!

Here are his stats:

Cost: 32
Hit Points: 120
Defense: 20
Attack: +13
Damage: 20
Special Abilities:
Melee Attack This character can attack only adjacent enemies.
Force Powers:
Force: 4
Lightsaber Precision Force 1: This character gets +10 damage on its next attack.
Lightsaber Sweep Force 1, replaces attacks: This character can attack every adjacent enemy once.
Commander Effect:
Non-Unique followers within 6 squares get +4 attack against wounded enemies.

Ok, so right off the bat you can see that this guy looks like a decent beat that helps the others around him with an amazing Commander Effect. This commander effect can increase all non-uniques attack modifier by +4 if they attack a wounded enemy. That can allow a Clone Trooper to move from a +6 attack to a respectable +10. This can also allow the already amazing JWM's to swing at a +16 (The attack value of any Mace Windu) instead of their normal +12! That sounds too good to be true no? Well the problem with his CE is that for the bonus to work, the enemy needs to be wounded. (In other words, have damage on him) While this is a pain to do against high defense characters it is still an incredible CE.

So Kit Fisto is a great Commander, no? Is he a great beat too? It would seem so with the base stats he has. There is, however, one minor downfall, he has only ONE attack! This is very common for the CS Jedi, but for 32 points he should be able to swing twice. The good thing about Kit though is that he more than makes up for that with the 120 HP, 20 DEF, +13 attack and his CE.
His force powers are also great with a whopping 4 force points, Lightsaber Sweep, and Lightsaber Precision. This allows Kit Fisto's damage output to only be 10 less the the standard double attacking Jedi. (That is if you use Lightsaber Precision) Now this guy can also do something that most Jedi cannot. That is to be able to base a 30 HP character (Sev comes to mind) and kill it in one blow. That can be VERY useful in games as Kit does not require the DOOMBOT (R2, Astromech) to tow him into position to reach his maximum damage output.

So what does kit work well in? Funny thing is, unlike most unique Jedi, Kit works best when teamed with a bunch of non-uniques. Whether that be minor shooters (Bacara Super Stealth) or non-unique Jedi (JWM's) he is a Commander to build upon. Try him out sometime, you may like what he can do for you!

One of my favorite 100 point squads currently is Kit's Jedi Weapon Masters!
Check out the squad in this link!

100:(4) When teamed with Jedi Weapon Masters he can be truly deadly!
150/200:(4.5) Whether it be Non-unique Jedi or Super stealth, he can really shine!

Check out my Squads

The Lonesome Stranger
Hey, Stranger here to tell you about my favorite Jedi of all time, K. Fisto.
Kit is a Nautolan Jedi.

He rocks. He has 120 HP, and a Commander effect. The character is cool, but they didn't do him justice. His C.E. is that followers within six squares get +4 damage against wounded enemies. Nothing special. However, get some Saleucami troopers with him and you get a trooper with +11 and 30 damage. Not too shabby. In a 100 put him with 5 saleucami and a gunner. Or... well, you can do the squad pairings. I had Kit, Plo, Obi JM, Qui JM, and Mace from CS. His Force powers consist of Force 4, Lightsaber Precision, and
Lightsaber Sweep. Precision really hasn't been seen for a while. Since CS. It's a nice move, gives you that extra boost. Lightsaber sweep has been around forever. And will stay. FOREVER. We will never get rid of this annoying, useful move. Why is it annoying? It shows up EVERYWHERE. But he still isn't too good.
Sith Dragon Kit Fisto
Cost: 32
HP: 120
DEF: 20
ATK: +13
DAM: 20

Force 4
Precision; Sweep

CE: non-unique followers within 6 gain +4 ATK against wounded enemies.

Today we kick off Old School week with a resurging piece - Kit Fisto. While i would put kit on the list of Jedi that need improving (Master Kit Fisto with better offense), CS Kit is starting to see some resurrection. Stat wise he has fairly good stats. His HP is solid. A 20 DEF makes him better than most of the other Jedi. His ATK isn't the greatest, but a +13 still isn't too bad. And of course you have the normal 20 DAM from saber users.

The major downside to Kit is the total lack of offense. He only has a single attack with no way to increase said attack. Precision is a nice power that we do not see anymore, which is a shame because Kit has the advantage of being able to take out a Sev or the multitude of 30HP characters with a single swing. Sweep is great for swarm squads, but other than that, Kit has nothing.

What has brought Kit back from the abyss of buried minis is his CE. Non-uniques get a +4. Now Tarfful can do this as well, but where Kit's niche differs is that his followers do not have to be adjacent to the target. However, the target does have to be wounded. That and Mas has really freed up the 'within 6' commanders. Once you get that first hit, sev's become a +13, ARCs and the AT-RT a +14, and the infamous JWM becomes a +16. Although in the case of the JWM you really are better with Tarfful if you have both. Kit is the Shooter's second best friend (behind Queen Amidala).

100pts: not here. He can't dish enough DAM and costs too much for this format.

150pts: Here he can start to see play, but its hard because most teams you are going to run him with need almost 100 points of commanders.

200pts: Here he can be good. Run him with O66 and you can get some very nice (and cheap) figs that either will hit where they would not before or simply have a much better chance of hitting period. Even the little Naboo soldiers that are there just for BGs can attack with a +7. Other great Kit helpers are of course Queen Amidala (mobile) and Mothma (death throws). All these together can make what used to be a worthless piece in the AT-RT not only playable, but deadly.
Ten-Eyed Man If you were playing Star Wars Miniatures back in the (original) Clone Strike era, you may have been aware of the community’s slow realization that 30ish point characters with Melee Attack and only one attack (such as a number of the CS Jedi) are generally pretty crappy. Kit Fisto is an exception.

All of the Clone Strike Jedi have some sort of shtick to set them apart from the others, since Unique characters should be, well, unique. Kit’s is his Commander Effect, one of the easiest ways in the game to get one of the biggest bonuses to Attack rating. +4 to hit is huge, and most enemy pieces will wind up wounded at some point (and if not, you’ve got bigger problems).

Kit’s CE has gotten even better since Champions of the Force. Not only did he benefit from everyone’s favorite loudmouth, Mas Amedda, the Republic got some real shooters in that set. Kit remains the best way the Republic has to enhance the Attack ratings of shooters (if you’re only looking to enhance melee pieces, consider Tarfful instead). The various Republic Commandos (except for Boss, who isn’t a follower) can all benefit greatly from +4 to hit, and no one really suffers for it.

In and of himself, Fisto is a respectable fighter. While he only has the one attack, he at least has Lightsaber Precision to up his damage a little, and Lightsaber Sweep to clear out weenies (or wound several targets at once, triggering his CE). His numbers are reasonably solid (if not spectacular). The big problem is that if you’re using him for his CE, you don’t want him in the thick of the fight, as he lacks any sort of defensive abilities other than a reasonably high Hit Point total. In the Mas Amedda era, consider letting him skirt the edges of the fight to kill support and fodder, while his followers shoot towards the real action.

Of the Clone Strike Jedi, Kit is one of the most playable pieces in the current environment. Use and enjoy.

Overall rating in 100: 2.5 (hard to use commanders much at this low total)
Overall rating in 200: 3.5 (much better support here)

Hey guys!  It's been forever since I reviewed a piece, but this has to be one of my favorite week themes, so I'm back!  Today's piece is one that I use almost on a regular basis in my Republic squads, Kit Fisto.
Kit Fisto
Cost: 32
HP: 120
Attack: +13
Defense: 20
Damage 20
Special Abilities:
Melee Attack
Force Powers
Force 4
Lightsaber Precision
Lightsaber Sweep
Commander Effect
Non-Unique followers within 6 squares get +4 attack against wounded enemies.
Ok, so he's 32 points, and just like all Clone Strike jedi, a mid-point jedi.  Is he a beatstick?  Well, no, but his +13 Attack, 20 Defense, and 120 HP make him pretty tough to take down for most characters.  As far as his Force Powers go, they're ok, but nothing game-breaking.  Lightsaber Precision (the poor man's Sith Rage) has it's uses and Lightsaber Sweep can come in handy.  The real beauty behind Kit, though, is his Commander Effect.
All of a sudden Clone Troopers can hit that wounded character that would otherwise be out of their attack range.  The Jedi Weapons Master just got a little nastier.  Basically what you get with Kit is the ability to add insult to injury.  Literally.  A strategy I liked to use involved fielding Kit, Aurra, Lando Hero of Tanaab, and a bunch of Gamorrean Thugs.  Having someone like Aurra land an almost guaranteed punch on a character just to damage it so that the Thugs mobile around shooting the injured target is pretty fun.
If used right Kit can be a great cleanup piece so that once the field is more empty and his Commander Effect isn't needed anymore he can kill the scrubs that will be left.
In 100: 1/5  With the likes of Darth Bane and Boba, Bounty Hunter in this format he's just too fragile.
In 150: 2/5  A little better here.  More support can be added to take advantage of his Commander Effect.
In 200+: 3.5/5  This is where most mid-point Jedi can shine.  With good support they can get to the fight and make a difference.

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