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Mini of the Day


Image from Wizards.com


Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: March 1, 2007

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.25
150 pt: 2.75
200 pt: 3.00


~The Jumping Flea
Sorry for my absence everyone! I was in California for a week and then came over with the flu! I am back now so let us get on with today's miniature!

Here are his stats
Cost: 27
Hit Points: 70
Defense: 18
Attack: +10
Damage: 10

Special Abilities:
Jedi Hunter +4 Attack and +10 Damage against enemies with Force ratings.
Melee Attack This character can attack only adjacent enemies.
Paralysis If this character hits, living target is considered activated this round, save 11.
Poison +10 +10 damage to living enemy, save 11.
Stealth If this character has cover, it does not count as the nearest enemy for an attacker farther than 6 squares when choosing targets.

So basically what you get here is an annoying miniature to deal with. The Vornskr looks good on paper. 70 HP is great, 18 defense is decent, +10 attack is good and the 10 damage sucks. Then you get to his abilities!
Stealth is always welcome, Poison +10 essentially ups his damage, Paralysis is neat when you can get it off, and Jedi Hunter is one of the best abilities out there. This little rat can attack a Jedi at +14 for 20 damage with a Poison save (could make it 30 damage) and Paralysis (Stunning a big hitter is always very good).

Despite all this, I cannot see myself EVER using this guy in a normal build.
27 points can just flat out be spent better on many different combinations.
This guys suffers the same fate as many other figures, too small to be a big hitter, to big to be a small filler. This leaves the Vornskr out of place on most of the squads out there.

There is ONE saving grace for this guy. Nom Anor. A Vornskr that is Super Stealthed can get into a battle easily. To fully take advantage of this rodent, however, you must charge at a Jedi. Even then, most Jedi can toast the Vornskr (Check the 26 point costing JWM and see who would come up top...). In other words the Vornskr is only useful against low costing Jedi, and with Nom.

Cool piece, cool idea, BAD outcome...

100: (1) Being over 1/4 squad he doesn't bring enough to the table.
150: (1.5) Again too much spent for too little.
200: (2) Can be OK, only with Nom. NOT top tier in ANY way.

The Lonesome Stranger
Yeah, my first review.

Today we have the Vornskr, one of my personal favorites. Why, you ask? Because of Poison and Jedi Hunter, and that he doesn't have Savage. I know, I know, 70 Hit Points isnt much to speak of since bounty hunter, but still, think back to a time when it was movie sets without factions with 5 characters that are half decent, when you could make a team in a 100 point squad with uniques that take up half your squad, and still both sides have an honest chance at winning (even though this is from Universe the first non-movie/trilogy theme sets). Anyway, Vornskr is a good miniature, i kicked my friend royally with 3 Vornksers and a Yuzzem, and he had his precious nom bomb squad. Either he is REALLY bad, or the Vornskr doesn't get the attention it deserves.

100 Point Squad- 3.5
200 Point Squad- 4.0 (The more, the better)
Sculpt 4.5 (This pose makes Vader wet his dark suit of sweetness)

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