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Star Wars Miniatures
Starter Set Review

Date Reviewed: July 26, 2007

Sith Dragon Starter Set
MSRP: $14.99 USD

As a bonus i thought this week i would do a quick review of the new starter set.  People seem to be really mixed about this smaller than expected starter set.  I just bought mine a few days ago and think it is a real bang for it's buck.  Here is the set:

Price: At only $15 its quite a good deal.  Anyone can afford it, especially the newer players its meant to help out.  It is also a lot smaller than i was expecting.  Gone ar ethe days of the huge clunky boxes of the RS and CS starters.  Although that can be kinda bad for newer plares as it generally becomes their 'tackle box' for the game.

Figures: RotS Vader, Elite Stormie, Heavy Stormie, Old Ben, Rebel Captain, Heavy Trooper.  Okay, doe sanyone REALLY expect to see CS Aurra or Boba BH in a starter set!  Of course thes figs are not super powered, but actually they are quite good, especially given the rebel/imperial theme of A&E.  Ben is a help to all of the Lukes, and this Vader can be good when played correctly.  The elite Stormie is also very nice to have and a bit hard to come by anymore.  It is a very good place to start or for people that are newer than universe.

Maps: Throne Room/Korriban.  This is a mixed bag.  These are two hard to come by maps.  Korriban was a very limited release, and you have to fork out $15-20 fo rthe RotS Ultimate Missions book to get the Throne Room.  The Throne Room is the 'missing map' for DCI 200pt tourneys.  It is the one that hardly anyone has or uses because its hard to find without shelling out the afore mentioned money.  in my opinion this is the best of the 200pt DCI legal maps.  There are lots of doors and cover for more strategic play.  Korriban, however, is kind of a downer.  Originally released in limited supplies with CotF, this is a map that needs to stay gone.  Unfortunately, it is a map that is heading for DCI legality by the sound of it.  We will see in September.  This is a horrid map as its a SS paradise and a Jedi's worst nightmare.  This map and Mustafar need to go away form DCI tourneys.  They are just too wide open.  Had they changed the fallen pillars into Walls instead of cover, then it might have been a good map, but simply changing the starting zones like they are thinking about will not help at all.

Rule Book: This is a very good reason to get this starter set.  We finally have an updated rule book in a nice compact, sturdy form.  Sure you can get this opnline now, but the rule book is handy to bring along to tournaments.  There have also been some very big changes if you are good at catching subtle changes.  Do you know how melee reach 2  works?  You sure?  This is a must!

Die: Yep.  Known throughout the universe as the worst rolling die in history, the little cursed orange die is back! 

Overall: The Rulebook and the maps alone are reason enough to get this starter set.  $15 is a very reasonable price for starting players as well as veterans.

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