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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Han Solo, Rogue
Set: Alliance & Empire

Date Reviewed: July 25, 2007

Sith Dragon Han Solo, Rogue
Cost: 30
HP: 70
DEF: 16
ATK: +7
DAM: 20

Accurate Shot; Cunning Attack; Evade; Never Tell Me the Odds

Today we look at the anti-Thrawn Han. Stat-wise this Han isnt too stellar. When Compared to Rebel Hero, for five points you are giving up 20HP, 3DEF, and 4ATK. Not sure that is a very good trade, considering all RH can do. Basically this Han is not going to hit anything other than grunts since he only has a +11 with cunning.

He still has accurate shot, so he can search out the unactivated characters, but he will not be going after many big targets. This Han has evade, which really comes in handy, since they took away his mobile. A couple good things he is missing are 1) He is no longer a force user, and 2) He is missing a CE, so he can be a follower for all of the good it will do him. The rebels aren't exactly overflowing with good unique CEs. Its his last ability that will make anyone really want to play him. NTMtO negates all abilities that have to do with initiative, so Thrawn no longer gets his auto-init, and recon is also out the door. The bright side to this is that this is an ability, so disruption will not shut Han down. The flip side to the coin (bad side) is that it does not stop anticipation because it is a force power and not an ability.

100pts: fugetta bout it!

150pts: Here he can been seen somewhat, but i would not play him unless you have someone that loves to constantly play B&B. Even then you need some beatstick that are going to survive Lord Vader's first assault and that can do some serious damage to him should you win the next init. Ben is adequate, but Champion Luke is your best bet. Yoda won't bring any DAM, but he could stun Vader. A jedi hunter or Boba, BH could also be a good choice.

200pts: Here you can run him and get loads of help for him, but i still would not play him unless you see lots of Thrawn in your area.

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