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image from Wizards of the Coast

Chewbacca, Enrage Wookiee
Set: Alliance & Empire

Date Reviewed: July 20, 2007

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.0
150 pt: 2.0
200 pt: 3.0

Sith Dragon Chewbacca, Enraged Wookiee
Cost: 34
HP: 160
DEF: 13
ATK: +10
DAM: 30

Savage; Demolish; Charging Assault +10

Today we have a piece that has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of the set. With Chewie, you either have really big numbers or really small numbers with his stats. For the really low cost you get a whopping 160 HP and a base of an incredible 30 DAM. his downside is that he only has a +10 ATK. While that is bad, for the point cost and the history of Chewie, its about on par. The one number that comes up as absolutely horrible is the 13 DEF. Its kinda sad when he has to be afraid of charging ugnaughts.

Savage doesn't really do anything for him, except make you need to play wranglers to keep a hold of him and give him access to CEs. Demolish is good, but only if someone around you likes to play damage reduction pieces. his charging assault really helps him counter his own savage nature. Since he is savage he has to end his turn next to an enemy when possible. Well, instead of getting stuck moving 12 without being able to attack, he can move 12 and swing for a whopping 40 DAM. Not bad for only 34 points.

100pts: Not good enough as usual.....WHOAH, WHOAH, WHOAH! Stop the boat. I actually think Chewie has a home in the 100pt meta game. He has the HP to hang around for a while and can swing as big as Bane most of the time. The downside is the savage and the low defense. You can pair him with any number of commanders, provided that you bring along at least two wranglers. Han, RH can have him charge for 50 DAM if you can set up Han, Chewie and the wrangler. The new Princess Leia, will help him attack for a second time, but this time he is a +14 for 40 DAM. Even Ackbar if you want to get his attack up, but Ackbar probably isn't your best choice at 100pts. i also usually run an ASP-7 so i can move Chewie out of the way after he shoots. The other thing Chewie has going for him is that after the wranglers, commander and the walking carpet, you still have a lot of points left. Most of my builds push the 8-9 character range, which out activates pretty much everything else at 100pts. While not tested thoroughly yet, I really think Chewie squads can hang with the other top squads given a favorable map choice.

150/200pts: Chewie is like Bane in another way, his effectiveness seems to go down the higher the point total goes. That 13 DEF is just killer when you can just send your grunts (even ugs) after him and they can hit effectively. The bonus is that he is cheap and the charging assault will make him the main target, while protecting your other more valuable characters. In these two formats i do not think he is a real great piece. Chewie, RH will almost always be your better choice, but The Enraged One can be a whole lot of fun to play. :)
Darth Liserak This is my review of Chewbacca Enraged Wookie.

Cost 34
Hit Points 160
Defence 13
Attack 10
Damage 30


Savage (This character must end his move next to an enemy if he can and does not benefit from commander effects)

Charging Assault +10 (Replaces turn: Can move up to 12 squares, then make an attack at +10 Damage against an adjacent enemy)

Demolish (Ignores Damage Reduction of adjacent targets)

This is a solid example of a glass cannon. Chewbacca EW can deal 40 damage with moving 12 squares. Or he can sit back and shoot for 30 damage. His attack is solid for a 34 point character but the only thing saving him from all of the shooting that targets him is his 160 Hit points That is amazing for a 34 point character. The only problem he has is the 13 defence. Any melee character or good shooter can take him down extremely fast. I could see a jedi weapon master taking him down to almost nothing and he is only 26 points. Without being able to charge without provoking attacks of opportunity Makes him attack for even less. I would still use Chewbacca RH before him. He is just more versatile.

100 points 1/5 This character cannot stand toe to toe with the major
pieces used in this format. ( Bane, Vader Jedi Hunter etc.)

150 points 2/5 In this format he has more support that will
help him deal that extra damage.

200 3/5 Since you may run into some damage reduction
characters in this format that makes him able to deal more damage.

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