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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Han in Stormtrooper Armor

Set: Alliance & Empire

Date Reviewed: July 17, 2007

Sith Dragon Han Solo in Stormtrooper Armor
Cost: 25
HP: 80
DEF: 19
ATK: +8
DAM: 20

Stealth; Furious Assault

CE: Followers gain Charging Fire (Replaces turn, Can move up to double speed then attack).

Today we look at perhaps the one character that has taken over the game since the release of A&E. Stormie Han is one of those that effectively breaks a key game mechanic (movement) to the extent that he becomes very playable.

Statwise, while this Han isn't very good stat wise, he is actually better than the other Hans in the set. The DEF is good and standard Han, but the attack is a bit low at a +8. He has standard 20 DAM for Han. While any Han does not have an overpowering attack most other Hans have Cunning to help out. You will also note that this Han is also missing accurate shot and force points, which finally makes him immune to anti Jedi characters. What this Han does have, however, is furious assault. Basically, its charging assault plus blaster barrage. He can target every legal target and attack. The good side here is that if you add in Xizor, Han now has accurate shot and can attack everyone he can see. The downside is that with his +8, he is going to struggle to hit most major characters, especially in cover.

With all of that, this Han would not be very good except he has that game mechanic breaking CE that i was referring to. He gives every follower (no range) charging assault. For melee pieces this is huge as they can now cover a great amount of distance and still attack. The rebels can make good use of this with characters like Ithorian swarms, Champion Luke and Ben, but where this CE has really been put to good use is the New Republic. While the New Republic has not gotten many characters, when they do get one they make very effective use of it. Winning init and charging characters like Mara and Jaina 12 squares and getting their cunning off can be quite devastating. Even Talon can be kept safe until the end before he charges in to twin and set up Recon for the next init roll.

100pts: I am not going to rule Han out of this format even though this will be his least effective squad build. Being able to charge your beatstick in can be huge with the right initiative roll to following turn, especially someone like Champion Luke.

150pts: Here not only is he very playable, but he has one of the top meta builds when paired with Mara, Jaina, and Talon. Rebel builds here can also be good, but so far his effectiveness seems to be with the New Republic.

200pts: Here Han shines for all he is worth, whether it is with a New Republic or rebel build. Take your beatstick or swarm squad and charge away! With other tools at his disposal, Han is pretty much a must have from this set.

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