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Mini of the Day

Set: Bounty Hunter

Date Reviewed: January 25, 2007

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2
200 pt: 2



Sith Dragon


IG-88, Bounty Hunter
Cost: 44
HP: 80
DEF: 19
ATK: +9
DAM: 20

Bounty Hunter +6; Double Attack; Flame Thrower 20; Opportunist; Sonic Stunner (replaces attacks, range 6, living target and each adjacent character is activated, save 11, small and med only)

IG-88 is a very interesting character that cant quite seem to find a home. Being a droid, he is on his own and is ineligible for all commander effects. His 80HP is pretty low. Granted he can be repaired, but that generally starts to suck up a lot of room as he is already 44 points.

His attack is low by itself for a bounty hunter, but when you add in bounty hunter +6 and opportunist, you don't want it to be any higher. The 30 DAM with opportunist and a possible +19 is very good, but as i said, since he has opportunist you will never use him first. Since he lacks accurate shot you may need to do some maneuvering to get him to be able to shoot around fluff pieces. He generally becomes a focal point for attacks early on. With his low HP and having to wait for opportunist to max out his attack value, he won't last long.

Flamethrower 20 is a good effect for swarms or bodyguard squads, but his really nifty trick is his sonic stunner. Again, it works best against swarm squads or bodyguards, but anytime you can manage to activate an opponents beat stick, its a good thing.

100pts: While he CAN be played here, he generally wont do well against stiff competition. His 80 HP and lack of accurate really hurt him here.

150pts: Here he can start to see some effective play, but you have to be careful to balance your squad with either some cunning or some other big characters to draw the attention away from him.

200pts: This is the best place for him. He can have plenty of help, but he is still very fragile for 44pts. People have tried him, and this may be the best place for him, with Vong. They maximize the use of opportunist and give you opponents enough headaches to worry about outside of him. His being a unique droid, however, just really kills him, and he doesn't have the endurance to last long by himself. He is really a very good piece. He is just hard to fit in properly.

As a side note it would have been really cool if they made it so you could run four of these, as there were four IG-88 models running around.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

Much like Kevin J. "Baby-Eater" Anderson's ill-conceived short story about the character, IG-88, Bounty Hunter is over thought, convoluted, and of little use to anyone. First of all, Iggy suffers from the same problems as all Unique droids, which is that they are extremely difficult to synergize with a squad. They aren't subject to any current Commander Effects, all the Separatists' special effects are restricted to non-Uniques, and there are consequently almost no ways to push them past their initial boundaries.

IG-88's initial boundaries are things like 80 hit points and a mere 19 Defense, with a shockingly low Attack value of +9 (which, admittedly, is mostly mitigated by his Bounty Hunter +6, but God help him if he tries to shoot a Thrawn-enhanced Stormtrooper).

On the plus side, he has Opportunist, one of the better abilities in the game. Unfortunately, if he's going to get to use it with his mighty Double Attack, he has to hold still until your opponent has moved a couple of pieces, at which point he might already be dead.

Flamethrower 20 is a nice addition, and he can use it on the move, which helps. Sonic Stunner is a strange choice, since the idea of using your short-lived 44-point cannon to maybe activate an opposing piece or two seems foolish in just about any circumstance. It would be terrific if there was some way to use Sonic Stunner and then capitalize on the enemy piece's weakness with Opportunist, but there just isn't any way to do it (droids can't be Dominated, and Pawn of the Dark Side doesn't work on Uniques) (Did I mention that I don't like Unique droids?).

Probably the best you can hope for if you want to get some use out of this version of IG-88 is teaming him with San Hill. San's "ability" to force/allow you to activate only one character per phase means that you will probably get to move IG-88 last, and therefore trigger Opportunist. Conveniently for IG, San is in the same faction as the best Repair piece in the game, Wat Tambor, so there's the core of a squad idea. Unfortunately, while these are probably the best options for IG-88, San and Wat have better options available to them, so I don't think IG will be competitively viable in the foreseeable future.

Overall rating in 100: 2 (Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter can only miss him on a '1,' and only needs to attack him twice) (he might help you against Bane, though)
Overall rating in 200: 2 (he's just not very good)

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