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Mini of the Day

Mandalore the Indomitable
Set: Bounty Hunters

Date Reviewed: January 23, 2007

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.5
200 pt: 3.5



Sith Dragon


Mandalore the Indomitable
Cost: 68
HP: 120
DEF: 19
ATK: +13
DAM: 30

Deadly attack; Double Attack; Evade; Momentum

CE: Allies Mandalorians gain momentum.

Now here was what everyone was waiting for. With Champions of the Force we gained Uliq, and the hint of what was to come - yet another faction that would be sorely under developed. In the lead off of big bad baddies week, we look at their leader, Mandalore.

This is a character that at first glance looks absolutely stellar, and i initially want to like. After all what isn't good on him. He has Jedi like stats with very good HP, DEF, ATK, and is yet another fig with base 30 DAM (not sure why he landed a Base 30, but oh well).

Take his Jedi like stats and add deadly attack for that extra crit chance. Give him double attack, and momentum for a huge swing whether he is standing still, or running into you, and finally give him evade to survive other shooters. What isn't there to love?

Well first of all at 68 points you usually have a higher end character with triple attack and some very nifty meta tricks. He gives Mandalorians momentum which isn't bad, but not what i would call a game breaking CE. Secondly, Mandalorians as a whole seem to be priced very high, making it very difficult to effectively field huge numbers of them. All in all, every time i have seen Mandalore and the Mandalorian faction come out in a tourney, they have been absolutely shellacked by the competition. Most of them are 'glass cannons' - very big offense and low HP and DEF.

100pts: I haven't seen him tried here, but he is theoretically feasible. This format is home of the big guns and Mandalore is a big gun. Give him the right support and you should do fairly well with him with his damage output.

150pts: Same goes for here. He is feasible here, but for some reason he never quite stacks up to the top squads in this format. He ends up being a very dominant fig in areas where B&B and Boba, BH don't see much play.

200pts: While he is playable here, it seems the more points you add, the worse the Mandalorians perform as a whole. Build carefully and he is a good figure, but in the end he always seems to be a let down. Run him. Have fun with him, but don't expect great things from either him or the Mandalorians.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

In my day (1/7/83), the word "indomitable" meant something. You were either domitable or you weren't, and if you weren't, brother, you were set for life. Mandalore the Indomitable is many things, but he's not indomitable. Not really. Not the way it used to be.

He is an interesting package, though. He's got a big Damage rating of 30 and the ability to use it twice a turn with a respectable-for-a-ranged guy Attack rating of +13. He'll be standing still for that Double Attack, but he does have Evasion to help him avoid counter fire, and the tantalizing possibility of Deadly Attack, meaning he throws criticals twice as often as most pieces, but still not very often.

Okay, so we've got his role clearly defined: he's a cannon that stays well away from the fight. Except for two things, one of them positive and the other negative. The good news is that he's got Momentum, so if someone's starting to sneak up on him, he has the option of hitting them extra hard once. This won't always be the best option, but options are good. The bad news is that he doesn't have Accurate Shot, and there's no legal way for him to get it, so until you clear out the fodder, that giant gun is going to be pointed at Ugnaughts if your opponent knows what he's doing. Hmm.

The Mandalorians, however, were built to be an extremely synergistic faction. The Basilisk War Droid, with its Strafe ability, is obviously a great way to clear out any fodder in Mandy's way, and perhaps put some damage on the real targets at the same time. Throw in the fact that Mandalore's Commander Effect grants Momentum to the Basilisk, so that all of those lovely Strafe attacks are at +4/+10, and you can see what a loving, supportive faction these guys are.

The Mandalorians are so synergistic, in fact, that Mr. the Indomitable's CE works on every single one of them, including the Mandalorian Commander, whose Mobile Attack-granting CE in turn affects Mandalore. Neat. Mandalore's Momentum trick also does wonders for the Mandalorian Blademaster, who gets both of his Twin Attacks enhanced.

Mandalore is an oddity: he's the most expensive piece in the game who doesn't suffer from Melee Attack, so his stats are lower than you might expect at his cost. He's also one of the linchpin pieces for the most synergistic faction in the game (and the only one who didn't go to the same tailor as all the others).

Overall rating in 100: 2.5 (no room for the rest of his pals here)
Overall rating in 200: 3.5 (will require very careful and clever play, but potentially very powerful; not a piece for beginners)

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