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Mini of the Day

Prince Xizor
Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: January 19, 2007

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.5
200 pt: 4



Sith Dragon


Prince Xizor
Cost: 40
HP: 100
DEF: 22
ATK: +12
DAM: 10


CE: Allies with stealth gain accurate shot; Allies with grenades 10 gain grenades 20.

Wow, no where is a great piece that seldom sees play. The funny thing is that with each set he remains just as effective as the last set. Stat-wise i don't know what this guy ate, but it was definitely more than just Wheaties! The 100 points means he can survive a few hits. His 22 DEF puts him in the elite class of the most powerful Jedi in the game. The +12 ATK is very solid, and again puts him into Jedi status. It is only when you hit the 10 DAM that you hit a speed bump in his road to excellence. It stinks, but with everything else lizard boy can do, i think its forgivable.

Pheromones is a great ability, but the downside is that you have to keep the attacker within 6 of you to get it to work. If your opponent fails their save then they lose their attack, and they have to roll for it anytime they want to attack him - AoOs and double/triple attacks and so on. I once watched a game come down to an almost dead Vader versus a half dead Xizor. They went five rounds without being able to hit each other. Vader kept failing his pheromones save and kept making his dark armor save. It was funny. Jedi will hate him and shooters will run from him.

His CEs are just as good if not better. The first grants accurate shot to stealth users. Zam Wessel can hide while now being able to target who she wants with her impressive attack. Scorch now gives his Vat brother Sev a run for his money. Scorch actually outdoes his vat-bro because of Xizor's second effect. Characters with grenades 10 gain grenades 20. So scorch has everything Sev has except he trades deadeye for grenades. Xizor boosts the new characters with the Black Sun ability to grenades 20 as well.

100pts: No room for the followers he needs.

150pts: Here you might be able to use him, but i don't think you will get enough support for him to be truly effective.

200pts: Here you can do anything with him. Throw him in with Nom Anor to give any stealth shooters you have (Zam, Abyssin thug, Dannik, Defel, or Garrindan) accurate shot. Make a squad based on grenades. As i said he goes great with Scorch, granting both accurate shot and grenades 20. You can now make a Black Sun squad, or you can do what i did...and don't laugh! I took him with Mas, a Viper, and a Rodian Vigo from yesterday and filled in the rest of a 200pt squad with about 10-12 Gungan infantry. Throwing that many grenades at someone will take almost anything down. Your opponent has to go through the Viper first to get to the Gungans, but meantime they are lobbing 20 DAM bombs at you. With 30 HP the gungans can be surprisingly sturdy. You would say the downside would be force rerolls for Jedi. I played this army against Maul, force battery sidious, Asajj and Durge. I beat it. Even with all those rolls you run them out of force points quickly and then the damage just keeps on going. I even had a real dry spell of getting anything to hit. Xizor also clogged things up because his pheromones and high DEF jammed Durge up for most of the game.

To Run Xizor, you need to build around him for either stealth or grenades, but with today's pieces that isn't very hard. He is a very powerful piece when played correctly.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

Prince Xizor (pronouced SHEEzor) is smelly kung fu lizard royalty, and potentially one of the most powerful commanders in the game. As a 40-point piece, Xizor isn’t something you just toss into a squad; you have to work hard to get value out of him. The secret to using Xizor effectively is to think of his Commander Effects as essentially adding a few more points’ worth of value to each of the pieces he affects. If you’ve got enough affected pieces in your squad, Xizor can easily pay for himself.

One of the advantages of a Xizor squad is that there isn’t a range limit to his Commander Effects. Zam Wessel can be on the other side of the board from a Xizor locked in a storage room, but she’ll still have Accurate Shot. This means that Xizor, unlike many commanders, doesn’t have to worry much about enemy fire, as he’ll probably far away from the action.

On the other hand, Xizor has a lot less to fear from enemy fire than most commanders: for essentially a non-combatant, he’s durable as all get-out. His Defense of 22 is stellar (higher than any non-Force-user in the game), and his hit points are a respectable 100. What’s more, his natural musk is apparently treason-inducingly attractive, as his Pheromones ability makes Living attackers make a save before they can attack him up close. What this all means is that if Xizor leads from the rear, he might still want to peek around the corner for some support fire, because he probably won’t die immediately.

So what do you get out of this unlimited range, durable-sourced Commander Effect? Bulk Accurate Shot, widely considered the best and more important ability in the game. You also get an upgrade for Grenades 10 to bring it to Grenades 20. This is a neat trick for the Human Blaster-for-Hire, a 5-point piece that suddenly has a 50/50 chance of throwing 20 damage on his betters, but it’s not the real meat of the squad. No, the joy of Xizor is that juicy, juicy Accurate Shot for anyone with Stealth. Try it with Abyssin Black Sun Thugs for the mob approach. You can also grant it to the aforementioned Zam Wessel, or to Dannik Jerriko. He doesn’t discriminate: if you’re naturally sneaky, Xizor will hand you a weapon with a scope. For natural synergy, Xizor and Nom Anor get along like peanut butter and jelly. Super-stealthers with Accurate Shot and/or Grenades 20 are nothing to sneeze at.

Prince Xizor is the basis for a “trick” squad: he grants substantial benefits to pieces that would often not be considered. Usually these sorts of squads are effectively painting a big target on the piece that makes them work, but Xizor is fairly difficult to kill. You need some points to work with to make him worthwhile, but he can be devastating.

Overall rating in 100: 1.5 (40% of your squad can’t be a noncombatant at this point level, period)
Overall rating in 200: 4 (his natural point format)

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