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Image from Wizards.com


Nom Anor
Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: February 26, 2007

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt:
150 pt:
200 pt:

Sith Dragon


Nom Anor
Cost: 34
HP: 80
DEF: 18
ATK: +12
DAM: 10

Cunning Attack; Force Immunity; Loner; Ooglith Masquer; Plaeryin Bol; Stealth

CE: Characters with stealth who have cover can not be targeted by non-adjacent enemies. Characters with stealth gain self destruct 20 (including Nom).

Today we do the only vong to see competition in a competitive environment, Nom Anor. All of his stats are great, save one. 80 HP is good, but with his other abilities it can go a long way. 18DEF is solid. The +12 ATK is very good, but add in loner, and he wont miss too much . The 10 DAM is the only stat that is horrid, and just happens to be the bane of all Vong. Damage reduction kills Vong.

Force immunity is a great ability. Attacks can't be rerolled, and his other ability, PB, can't be rerolled by the Jedi, so it has a 50/50 chance of hitting for 40 DAM. His Ooglith helps bring one more non-unique into the CE fold, which can be awesome if you choose correctly. It can be the skiff, an ugnaught, or a nice non-unique shooter. After the release of BH, there have been several nice stealth pieces added to Nom's arsenal of potential bombs.

100pts: He can be tried here. I really don't think he can cause enough damage to be successful in 100, but i see people constantly tweeking builds trying him out.

150/200pts: Either format Nom is not only very playable, but he is one of the top squads. There is only one hick-up in the road for Nom bombs - Depa Billiba. She can single handedly strip the power out of bomb squads. That is probably the only reason you don't see more Nom bombs winning tourneys. Her aside, Nom bombs, when built correctly and played wisely, make up a very powerful squads.

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