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image from Wizards of the Coast

Kazdan Paratus
Set: Force Unleashed


Date Reviewed: Dec. 19, 2007

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Rating - 3.50

Sith Dragon Kazdan Paratus
Cost: 55
HP: 110
DEF: 18
ATK: +12
DAM: 20

Affinity - Rebels
Double Attack
Droid Mark
Immediate Droid Reserves 30

Force 3

Lightsaber Block; Lightsaber Deflect; Surprise Move

Today we hit the first of the two Republic pieces in the set. Kazdan is a character from the forth coming Force Unleashed video game. He kinda looks like a cross between a geonosian, a gecko and a spider.

Lets start with his stats and basic Jedi abilities. His stats as a whole are pretty solid for a non-power Jedi (not Vader, Yoda, Mace, ect). If his cost was in the high 20s to mid thirties they would be decent stats. Double attack is also pretty standard as well.

For abilities he has affinity with the rebels. Since affinity would make him an actual rebel then, he has some nice synergy with characters like Yoda of Dagobah, Princess Leia, among others. Droid mark is a nice ability, but the one problem is that neither the rebels, nor republic have any good droids that you would want to help draw fire. An interesting ability, but generally not going to be too overpowering unless you happen to be running a Viper anyway.

His force powers are an awesome set of powers. He only has three force points, so unless you are using Yoda of Dagobah or one of the Jedi with Force Spirit, you had better use them wisely. In today's game any Jedi without an uber offensive force arsenal had better have either block or deflect. Kazdan has both! Surprise Move is one of the best force powers a Jedi can have. It is better than master speed because all you have to do is be within 6 of your target. If you win initiative you can charge in and still get your double attack off. If you don't win the initiative, you don't have to be already based to a nasty triple attacker. It also can be used to penetrate Thrawn's force bubble unlike Lightsaber Assault. It is this reason that i usually play Cs Qui-Gon over Master Qui-Gon unless i want the Anticipation or force spirit.

Add all of this up and you get an extremely solid Jedi that i would gladly pay in the mid 40s for under the new recosting of Jedi. However Kazdan has one last ability that i am really split about. Immediate Droid Reserves 30 is a mixed blessing. With four numbers to get 30pts of droids is pretty awesome at first glance. Rebels have recon with Ackbar or the generic tauntaun. The Republic has Recon as well as anticipation, giving you four rolls at initiative if you have Vos and JM Jinn. There is one problem with this. While the reserves can be brought in from any faction, the rebels and Republic have no droids of their own to synergize with any reserves brought in through Kazdan, so the reserves have to pretty much synergize with themselves. Hit IDR30 a couple times and it really isn't a problem, but only getting one leaves you with some hard choices. Droids are notoriously low on both defense and HP. They can be easy points for your opponent if you are playing DCI tournaments. Bring in something like a destroyer droid and lose the following initiative, and the new Boba (among other pieces) can swing at it for big damage. If you make all four saves, you are still looking at 20 DAM. Fail at least two saves and you just handed your opponent 30pts.

On the plus side, since they can be from any faction, you can get Dark troopers mixed with battle droid officers and probe droids for more recon. You can bring in bodyguard droids form the separatists. The perk to all of this is that they do not start in the start zone like most reserves. They can start right next to Kazdan, making them much more useful. Granted, you really do not want to run into Vader's lightsaber throw 5 before you have a chance to move.

In the end i am split on this ability. It no doubt jacked up his price, but since the reserves cost points anyway, you are giving your opponent a lot of easy points due to the nature of droids. However in the right circumstances, the extra offensive help can be very nice at the right time.

100pts - Not here. He dies too fast to the Jedi of the game like Bane and JH Vader. Even if you get a butt load of reserves, all Bane has to do is hack through the droids to hit 100 and he wins.

150pts - You kind of hit the same problem here. 150pts is still pretty low and it is very easy to surrender the 150 pts through droid reserves and gambit with only minor losses to your core squad. It is also hard to get the necessary help for Kazdan since he alone is a third of your squad and really lacks any type of offensive punch.

200pts - Here is where you are going to want to play him if you do. He can get the help he needs, through extra initiative rolls or added offense. It is also a lot harder to lose a game because you surrendered 200pts. I really wish they would have costed him lower and had him be a normal Jedi. He has some very nice stats as well as a killer force package, but at 55pts and droid abilities in factions that do not have any good droids to synergize with, it makes him very hard to use. Kill em all format, he rocks. DCI I think you are going to either be losing a very expensive Jedi that isn't worth his 55pts, or losing a lot of points in droids. Try him out and see what you think.
Stilla Kazdan Paratus
Set: Force Unleashed
Faction: Republic
Number: 2/60

Cost: 55
Hit Points: 110
Attack: 12
Defense: 18
Damage: 20

Special: Unique. Melee Attack; Double Attack

Affinity (May be in a Rebel squad)

Droid Mark (When this character activates, you may choose an allied Droid character within 6 squares. Until the start of the next round, that character gains Draw Fire [If an enemy targets an ally within 6 squares of this character, you may force that enemy to target this character instead if it can; save 11])

Immediate Droid Reserves 30 (If you roll exactly 5, 10, 15, or 20 for initiative, you can add up to 30 points of non-Unique Droid characters from any faction to your squad, adjacent to this character, immediately before your first activation of the round)

Force: Force 3

Lightsaber Block (Force 1: When hit by a melee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)

Lightsaber Deflect (Force 1: When hit by a non melee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)

Surprise Move (Force 1; Once per round, after initiative is determined, this character can immediately move up to his Speed before any other character activates)

Hello again fellow sentients! Stilla here again to review one of the strangest Jedi I have ever seen. My brief search on the web for info on this guy's race, background info and significance to the Star Wars universe turned up nothing. As this is a set based on The Force Unleashed, I guess we'll have to wait and see. In any event, his multiple arms and his unique set of abilities leave me wanting to know more.

First off his stats: 110 hitpoints is a little fragile for my tastes but his Abilities will make this last alot longer than you think. +12 attack isn't that great but should be sufficient to handle grunts and "clean up duty" at the end of a match. Double attack is always decent, but not stellar. 20 damage is the norm for lightsaber users. Defence of 18 kinda sucks for a Jedi but you don't play this guy as a beatstick.

It is his abilities that make this guy worth running. Lets get the obvious out of the way: Deflect and Block are almost a requirement for Jedi nowadays. Having one or the other is the norm, but having both is a big plus. Surprise move lets you move after the initiative roll before anyone else activates. This is good to get out of the line of fire and to move into base contact to get off your Double Attack. It can also be used as a poor man's mobile attack. if you win init, move him to base contact with an enemy. Use an attack and then move 6 squares back into cover. Be careful about the Attacks of Opportunity if you use this. This is usually better for shooters, but you get the idea. All in all, You probably won't attack with this guy much.

Immediate Droid Reserves 30 lets you add up to 30 points of non-unique droids from any faction to your squad. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how powerful this ability can be. My first thought was "ROLL IN THE DESTROYERS!!!" I am primarily a Separatist player and LOVE these things. You'll only get 1 per instance, but you'll probably get more than 1 opportunity to bring in reserves. After that, look to the Separatists to contribute a Battle Droid Officer, Super Battle Droid Commander or Geonosian Overseer. That is one route. I can see a Probe Droid working to help with Recon. Recon lets you roll twice for initiative and a better chance for the reserves. Pair him with Recon figs or anything that lets you re-roll initiative. Qui Gon, JM will work, as will Quinlan, Infiltrator. You get the idea.

All of these droids running around bring us to his last ability: Droid Mark. This lets you designate 1 droid ally (even uniques) within 6 squares to get "Draw Fire" until the start of the next round. This effectively makes a "shield" to hide behind. If an opponent tries to target a fig within 6 of the "droid marked" character, you can force them to target the droid. Pair the marked droid with a bodyguard, and you have a "bubble" that is a safe zone as long as the droid remains alive or until the start of the next round. I have used this ability with Wat Tambor and it works very well, provided that you keep within the "bubble."

Only time will tell how this guy's strategy develops. He's a mediocre fighter with a few tricks up his many sleeves. There are tons of combinations of droids that can be made as there is no faction restriction. Try this guy out if you like to play droids. I, for one, would like to see a Destroyer Droid and Mace Windu fighting back to back. But, those are just dreams. A wise man once said: "Your focus determines you reality." Think of the best combination of random droids you can, and make it happen!

Rating: 3.5 - Droids and living figs are hard to mix well.
Sculpt: 3 - Cool, but nothing to write home about.


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