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image from Wizards of the Coast

Darth Revan
Set: Force Unleashed

Date Reviewed: Dec. 14, 2007

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

200 pt: 4.50


The Lonesome Stranger
Darth Revan
HP 140
Defense 21
Attack +16
Damage 20

Melee Attack; Triple Attack
Dark Armor
Lightsaber Duelist
Master Tactition
Force 2
Force Renewal 1
Force Corruption
Force Storm
Lightsaber Block
Droids are subject to these effects:Non-Unique followers within 6 squares gain +4 attack. Once per round, after initiative is determined, 1 ally can immediately move up to its speed before any other character activates.

I am torn apart by this miniature...

Pros Triple and Tactician, and of course Corruption. Most people don't like it, but that is on them.
Cons 140 HP, +16 attack and Dark Armor (no effect against lightsabers)

If he is the most expensive legal unit in the game, then how come his stats suck?
21 defense? a low level jedi could beat that, and +16 attack? Obviously there are none too many OR units, and only one of them is rare, but still, it is an embarassment. 140 HP is atrocious if he costs 88 flippin points. Darth Vader is almost half his cost and has 140 HP. Where is the ungodly attack, defense and damage we've come to know and love from our friendly neighborhood Sith Lords? A bonus which really isn't a bonus is that he has Master Tactician. I say this because in my case, my friends know i have Revan. So if i suggest a 200 point game, Sith v OR, they are gonna say no, because of Revan. I never get to use him cause my friends are pansies, but that is irrelavent.

Force Corruption is nice as long as my opponent doesn't make the save. Ironically enough, I did Corrupt Bane once, and he couldn't get rid of it, which is probably why my friends are less than enthusiastic about me using him.

I get the fact that to have MT and Triple and Corruption, and a CE it would jack his cost up, maybe if he didn't have the CE, things might have worked out better.

100 Point: Laughs into Coma
200 Point 4/5
Stilla Darth Revan

Set: Force Unleashed
Faction: Sith
Number: 1/60
Cost: 88
Rarity: VR
Hit Points: 140
Defense: 21
Attack 16
Damage: 20

SA: Unique. Melee Attack; Triple Attack Dark Armor (Whenever this character takes damage, he reduces the damage dealt by 10 with a save of 11. Attacks with lightsabers ignore this special ability.)

Lightsaber Duelist (+4 Defense when attacked by an adjacent enemy with a Force rating)

Master Tactician (You automatically choose who goes first except on a roll of 1)

Force: Force 2. Force Renewal 1

Force Corruption 2 (Force 2, replaces attacks: range 6, non-Droids only; 20 damage, and target is corrupted. Each time the corrupted character activates, it must attempt a save of 11. On a failure, that character takes 20 damage. On a success, that character is no longer corrupted.)

Force Storm 2 (Force 2, replaces attacks: 20 damage to all adjacent characters)

Lightsaber Block (Force 1: When hit by a melee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)

Cmdr: Droids are subject to these effects: Non-Unique followers within 6 squares get +4 Attack. Once per round, after initiative is determined, 1 ally can immediately move up to its Speed before any other character activates.

Hello Fellow Sentient,
Stilla back to review one of the most anticipated character to come out in Star Wars Miniatures. For those of you who are not familiar with him Revan was very important in the video game Knights of the Old Republic. A Jedi who left the order to join in the Mandalorian Wars, Revan single-handedly tipped the balance of the battle for the Old Republic. Seeing as he is a user-customizable character, there was alot of argument over what he "should" be. I think what WotC did with Revan is a very accurate interpretation of him

So what do you get for 88 points? Since he is now the most expensive fig in the game, he'd better have something! He does. 140 hit points can take a pretty good amount of abuse. Add the Dark Armor onto it, and he can be a real beast to take down. Triple attack combined with +16 to hit makes this guy a machine for offense.A 21 for defence is pretty good and is up there with all but the elitist Jedi. Keep in mind that with Lightsaber Dualist, he becomes a +25 against Jedi. 20 Damage is standard.

Master Tactician is an ability that I was hoping that Revan would get. He was an amazing commander who almost single handedly won the Mandalorian Wars. At least now there is another faction with access to MT and not just the Imperials.

For force powers he has 2 force and Renewal 1. His Lightsaber Block will let him stand up to big Jedi like Bane and Vader. At least for a little while. Force Storm is awesome for clearing out those swarm squads. I can't wait to run this guy against an Ewok swarm. His "gimmick" is a unique force power called Corruption. This is where I want to see him in action. The first 20 DAM is automatic with no save. For 2 force points, this wouldn't be that great, but the "corrupted" fig must make a save roll every time it activates or it takes another 20 DAM. This continues until the target makes the save, then the corruption ends. I am still up in the air on this one. I can see it being a pain for some people but when its me who plays him, my target always hits the first save roll. Force 2 for corruption kinda hurts if it doesn't get to do more than 20 damage.

Alot of people will play Revan for his Commander Effect. And they should. He give a +4 attack to any non-unique follower including droids. Now Sith Assault Droids are a +13 which is pretty good. I don't think there are any other CEs in SWM that affect both living and droid characters. But that's only part of it. He allows 1 ally (yes ally) to move its speed after the initiate rolls BEFORE any other character activates. Not only does this give the squad alot more mobility, the 6 square restriction is not in effect here. This helps get a character adjacent to get all of its attacks off. Getting away for adjacent figs is a good option as well. This can get your away from a huge set of attacks if you have been based.

Naturally, Revan works good with his KotOR buddy Malek. Malek grants an additional +2 for followers combining fire Revan boosts the attack of sith troopers by 4 and they can combine fire for +6 for each other gun involved. Pretty sweet.

All in all, this guy is on everybody's want list. His Commander effect(s) are awesome. Combine that with his solid stats and DAM potential and you'll see why he is one of the most sought after figs right now. If you haven't given him a try yet, you're missing out.

Rating - 5. Darth Freekin Revan. Swiss Army Knife. Nuff Said
Sculpt - 5. Looks awesome for CE and combat stance. Bravo.
Sith Dragon
Darth Revan
Cost: 88
HP: 140
DEF: 21
ATK: +16
DAM: 20

Triple; Dark Armor; Lightsaber Duelist; Master Tactician

Force 2, FR1
Lightsaber Block

Force Corruption - (2F) Replaces attacks, range 6, non-droids, 20 DAM and target is corrupted. Each round the character activates it must roll a save 11.  If failed, Character takes 20 DAM.  If made, character is no longer corrupted.

Force Storm 2 - (2F) Replaces attacks.  20 DAM to all adjacent characters.

CE: Droids are subject to these effects: Non-Unique followers within 6 gain +4 ATK.  Once per round, after initiative is determined, 1 ally can move up to its speed before any other characters activate.

Well, the fan boys out there finally got their wish.  We now have Darth Revan!  I wasn't sure what to expect, but after seeing him, i think we received a Revan that is just right.  Powerful, but overly so.

He is a typical Sith Lord in that he is a whopping 88pts.  In the end i think this may hurt him just enough to keep him fair.  his stats are actually pretty low for a Sith Lord.  He only has a 21 DEF, but with LS duelist, Jedi are still going against a 25 DEF.  I think anyone would take that.  The +16 is good as is the 140 HP even though it is lower than the other Sith Lords.  Then again with Dark Armor, Shooters are doing less damage if they hit the 25 DEF.  Triple attack kind of makes up for the gaps in his stats.  In the end his stats are not great, but he has enough there to back them up that they are a bit misleading and actually quite good.

The last ability that he has will really add on some points.  he is the only other person, besides Thrawn that has received master tactician.  He gets auto init win against everyone but Thrawn and the mirror match.  The downside for Revan, but good for the game, is that he is coming out in the same set as the Muuun Tactics broker, so his MT is evened out a bit.  Still, with a triple attack, that auto init can be huge.

Is he worth 88pts just there?  Not quite.  Although i would have to say he is in the upper sixties to lower seventies.  So let's take a look at his force powers.  Force corruption is an interesting ability and can be as good or bad as the opponent's rolls.  I have seen some seriously horrid save rolls in games.  The thought of continuously failing the corruption save makes me shudder.  It is only a guaranteed 20 DAM, but fail a few saves and the character that is failing them can take some serious damage.  An iffy power at best since it replaces his triples and may not work past once, but it could be good for the turn that you base the character instead of attacking him, since its the same damage.

Force Storm 2 is an okay power.  It is good on the RS Emperor because he has no other way to cause damage, but with Revan, it really only comes in handy in a situation where LS Sweep would be handy.  There will be cases where it will be good, but overall, it most likely won't be that effective in most games.

LS Block is good.  I think most any Jedi nowadays should have either block or deflect, so this can help him against other Jedi.

Is he worth 88pts now?  A weak 88 maybe.  Those are some decent force powers, but nothing to game shattering.  He lacks any big force threats like a lot of the other jedi have from this set.

Finally you have his CE that affects droids and living alike.  Non-uniques get a +4 Attack.  Not bad.  It is basically Thrawn again without the defensive boost.  It is the second half that is quite clever.  Basically he can grant any ally Intuition.  This really helps to move people faster across the board, or it can really help single shot (or twin), fragile shooters become more playable.  You assume you win initiative.  You can then use someone like HK-47 (nice theme tie-in as well) to intuition out, shoot with his cunning bonus and then hide again. 

Now you have a very solid 88pt character that is powerful, but not overly so as i stated earlier.  I think just about everyone can be happy with the way this Revan turned out in the end.

100pts: the Jury is still kind of out on Revan.  I havent really seen him play yet, but it looks as if he won't be all that great at 100pts (Bane review coming back to haunt me here).  Revan lacks Rage and any way to move and still do more than 20 DAM.  Against bane he goes neck and neck against Bane, assuming his blocks hit, but he also has 60 HP less, too.  I think Revan needs at least one good helper to be playable.

150pts: Here you can get that helper.  The problem is that at 88 points, adding another character of any serious pointage will really lower your activations.  With Thrawn and the MTB running around in 150, even his MT is not a guarantee.  A good partner here would be someone like HK, Dengar or 4-LOM.  A solid fig that can do some damage, but it won't be too expensive. You will have to go to activation fodder pretty quickly though.

200pts: Here you can utilize his CE better with a much more powerful figure (Malak, Bane, Fett).  The problem is that the opponent has that much more to respond to you with as well.  Revan has enough stuff there to make an impact on the game, but i dont know for sure how solid he will be in the end.  He is solid, but you really need to have the second character of your squad carry his weight in damage output.  If you can accomplish this then you should do well.  In the end, as i have said, Revan is a very balanced figure...powerful, but not overly so.  It will take some smart play to really make the most of him.
"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

"The Bothans rooked us again." Obi-Wan (pink5 Returns Vol2)


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