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Obi-Wan Force Ghost

Date Reviewed: Aug 7, 2007

Sith Dragon Obi-Wan Force Ghost
Cost: 8
HP: 0
DEF: 0
ATK: 0
DAM: 0

Speed 2
Light Spirit Ignores all terrain. Cannot open doors. Cannot attack or be damaged, and does not count as a legal target. Does not provide cover. At the start of the skirmish, choose a Unique allied character with a Force rating. That ally gains Force Renewal 1 and Mettle [If this character spends 1 Force point to reroll, add +4 to the result] while within four squares of this character. This character is defeated if the chosen ally is defeated. An enemy within six squares can spend 1 Force point to defeat this character; save 11. This effect replaces that enemy's attacks.)

The best 8 points since Mas Amedda!  Obi, force ghost has breathed some new life into rebel teams.  He has no stats to speak of, but has one heck of an ability.   Simply put, you pick one character with a force rating and as long as they are within range of Obi, they gain force renewal and mettle.  In a way this is a hard review.  There are so many options with this piece i could write a five page report and still not have covered them all.  Top choices often tend to be Champion Luke, Yavin Luke, Any of the Hans with a force rating but especially Han Scoundrel.  Obi has now made this mediocre piece very playable.

Also, an item of note, is the absence of the word rebel in his effect.  Obi can be tagged onto the likes of Aurra and Komari if you should so choose.  For Aurra anyway that is a major boon!

The downside to this piece is that Obi only has speed four and the character that he is attached to has to be within four squares to use either effect, so plan your Obi movements carefully.  The perk is that Obi can't be killed unless an opponent wants to close within 6 and replace their attacks for something that isn't even guaranteed.  Not getting attacks from a force user within 6 is generally going to mean trouble from the rest of the squad.  The good thing is that pits, walls, difficult terrain, enemy characters, etc cannot slow him down.  There can also be an advantage to placing him in a place that makes your opponents move a few extra squares because he is sitting in the spot they need to be in to attack.

100pts:  At only 8 points and combined with the general low cost of the rebel characters, he can find his way here.  His help to Scoundrel Han and Champion Luke is enough that he is worth it.

150/200pts: Here he fits in beautifully.  Just figure out which major character you want to use him with and then practice with him to get the moves right.  He is a great figure and should be in any rebel squad that is not using RS obi, the land speeder, or has a force user, which i don't see happening with rebels.

Due to vacations and Gencon this will be our only review this week, and there will be no reviews next week.  We will be back on the 21st with more minis and i will have an overview of Gencon's happenings.

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