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image from Wizards of the Coast

Luke Skywalker, Champion of the Force

Date Reviewed: August 31, 2007

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3
150 pt: 4.25

Sith Dragon Luke Skywalker, Champion of the Force
Cost: 49
HP: 110
DEF: 20
ATK: + 13
DAM: 20

Double Attack; Flurry Attack

Force 2

Force renewal 1; Use the Force; Deflect; Force Alter; Force Leap; Jedi Mind Trick; Knights Speed.

Today we get the Luke most have been waiting for. While i havent tried it, I dare say that this Luke would Lay out Master Skywalker pretty easily all for 25 points less. For 49 points, his stats are actually on the low side. His HP, DEF, and ATK should all be a few points higher, but his powers make up for the few points he is missing.

While he only has double attack and flurry for regular abilities, his force powers are jacked through the roof. He has force renewal, so the two starting force points are no biggie. Deflect is something you always want to see on a melee figure, and force alter and force leap mean you can avoid close crits from Boba, while being able to move away from triple attackers. Jedi mind trick is also nice, but is a bit more unreliable, but could be a better choice against non-force users like Boba.

However, Luke's big trick is his use the force combined with his flurry attack. This really pumps up his damage output. Now he is a triple attacker for only 49 points. That is cheap!

100pts: Again, I would not rule out this Luke. So much of the 100pt format depends on the one key init. Whoever wins it wins the game. If Luke gets it, then he can definitely clean some clocks.

150/200: Here he can shine with all of the new rebel help. Princess Leia can give him the extra attack. Force spirit from either yoda or Ben can allow him to use the force twice in a turn. The Hans can either give him more damage, greater speed, or initiative help. And lastly, Chewie can give him more HP. This Luke can be crazy good, but he isn't so good that you can be reckless with him.
Hit Points 110
Def 20
Attack +13
Dam 20

Special abilities
Unque, Double attack, Melee attack, Flurry Attack

Force 2
Renewal 1, Force Alter, Force Leap, Jedi mind trick Knight speed, lightsaber deflect, Use the Force

Alright so this is the Rebel beatstick they have been needing. for 49 points you get amazing synergy within the piece itself. The combo between Use the force and Flurry attack is just awesome. He can move 6 and then deal an automatic 40 damage to someone and then get another attack, with a 2nd chance of critting and earning another attack. Or he can stand still and get 3 attacks against someone.

Now on to his force powers, he has quite the list. He has 2 defensive abilites(Alter, deflect) 2 movement abilities(Leap Knight speed), 1 activating ability(Mind Trick) and one offensive.(Use the force). So he can a huge array of force powers to pick from so hes gonna be the best friend on Yoda especially since his Usae the Force ability costs a whopping 3 force to use.

He is deffinatly going to be the best playing in 200 and 150 point games where he can benefit from forcebatteries such as Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda of Dagobah. Someother really good people with him would be Princess leia for that extra attack and Han Stormie for his movement boosting commander effect.

When Luke is poayed with Obi Wan you deffnatly want to make use of that Force Spirit 8 hes got. Allowing Luke to Use the Force twice in a turn dealing 80 auto damage.

100 2/5 theres no support for him
150/200 4/5 Here he shines because of the support he can get. Just pick one rebel to run him with and can unleash heeck.
Darth Liserak Luke COTF

Cost 49
HP 110
Def 20
Atk 13
Dam 20

Double attack
Flurry attack

Force 2
Force renewal 1
Force alter
Force leap
Jedi mind trick
knight speed
lightsaber deflect
Use the force

This is a really good piece for the rebel faction. It is nice that they finally get a good beat stick. He can run up to you with a double attack (this is including use the force.) or triple attack when you get there. All with a critical hit in there. That is a nice package. he also has some good defence with the force renewal 1 and lightsaber deflect. That is a nice combination with any figure. Only a few characters have that for his cost.
He a a slurry of other force powers to fit almost any situation. him mixed with a charigan mercenary commander and obi wan kenobi can be devastating.

100 4/5 He is cheap and you can get more support in.

150/200 4.5/5 He gets even more support although he will be the target of a lot of firepower.

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