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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Luke Skywalker, Hero of Yavin
Set: Alliance & Empire

Date Reviewed: Aug 2, 2007

Sith Dragon Luke Skywalker, Hero of Yavin
Cost: 35
HP: 60
DEF: 16
ATK: +8
DAM: 20

Deadly Attack; Double Attack; Flurry Attack; Pilot; Twin Attack

Force 3: Deflect

My one complaint about a lot of the rebels from A&E is that the best ones all seem to be glass cannons. This Luke is no exception, but in his case he has enough gizmos and tricks to make him worth running. 60 HP for a 35 point character is horrid, as is the ATK and DEF. For 35 points, these stats are way too low. You would expect this more of a character that was 10 points cheaper. This Luke doesn't even have Use the Force to overcome his horrid stats either.

So what is good about this Luke? First of all he is a pilot, so Wedge finally has a purpose again. With that, Luke gains evade. Couple that with his lone force power, deflect, and that at least bolsters his defenses a bit. Deadly attack is good because with his normal stats being so low, hes gonna need the help. Couple that with flurry attack and you start to get a nice rush of power. Where they really upped the cost is that this Luke has double attack AND twin attack, so if he can stand still, he is going to be getting four attacks off! Put that with the afore mentioned flurry and deadly, and you can be looking at some serious damage. That is assuming everything else can hit with that paltry +8 ATK.

100pts: If he had Use the Force he might be playable here just because of the sheer damage he can turn out, but lacking that, he is either big enough or beefy enough to last here.

150pts: Here you can start to see some play, but you are going to want either Chewie and/ or Wedge to help overcome the ultra low HP.

200pts: Here you have plenty of room to help fill out the rest of the squad. I don't know that he will ever see tier 1 play, but he can be a lot of fun. Bring in Biggs and Rogue squadron is ready to roll! By itself this piece is just too fragile, but with all of the nice help out there, the rebels are finally getting some depth in play.

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