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Mini of the Day

image from Wizards of the Coast

Stormtrooper Commander
Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: April 27, 2007

Sith Dragon Stormtrooper Commander
Cost: 15
HP: 40
DEF: 18
ATK: +8
DAM: 10

Double Attack

CE: At the end of its turn, this character can choose 1 adjacent non-unique follower. That follower gets +10 damage until the end of this character's next turn, or until this character is defeated.

Today's figure is a pretty simple figure that people love to use a few of when running an imperial non-unique style army. For 15 points, the SC's stats are pretty good. 40 HP is very solid as it the 18 DEF. While the +8 isn't the greatest, you won't be using him as an offensive piece, despite the double attack.

His CE is where this character gets abused. The SC will be hiding with Thrawn. The piece that gets his +10 DAM only need be adjacent during the SC's turn. After that, the piece can be swapped out to where it will do the most good, offensively. When played correctly, the SC should be granting his +10 DAM to two figures a round.

100pts: This style of play doesn't lend itself very well to using him here. I suppose at 15 points you can find a way to fit him in, but it will be hard to flush out the rest of the squad with any decent amount of power.

150/200pts: Here he can see play at either format. Obviously you can get some more use out of him at 200 point level, but even at 150, Thrawn can help make good use of his CE. If you enjoy running any type of non-uniques with imperials, this guy is worth trying.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

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