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Mini of the Day

Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter
Set: Bouny Hunters #37/60

Date Reviewed: September 08, 2006

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.50
200 pt: 4.50



Sith Dragon


Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter
Cost: 56
HP: 120
DEF: 19
ATK: +10
DAM: 20

Flight; Bounty Hunter +4; Double Attack; Flamethrower 20; Missiles 20; Jedi Hunter; Sniper.

Here we go!  One of the signature pieces for the set!  And what a piece.  He is 9 pts more expensive than his older self.  the rest of his stats have stayed the same except that his attack has dropped by 3 pts.  But when we hit the extras, the new Jango shines over the old.  Where the old only had flight, bounty hunter and double attack, the new one has an arsenal of weapons we would expect from Fett Armor.  To attack from across the board you now have missiles, if your opponent is coming after you, you have the hot gimmick of the set in flamethrower, and as an added bonus - he gets jedi hunter because they lopped his head off.  AND as if all of that wasn't enough, he also gets sniper, which makes it much harder to hide someone in the back of the squad.  It is basically a simple man's accurate shot, which is what Jango is 'a simple man trying to make his way through the universe.'

Now is he worth the extra 9pts over the old Jango? yes.  Is he outclassed by the old Jango? I don't think so.  At his price tag he is hard to throw into an army for support.  He pretty much has to be one of your center pieces you are building around.  The only gimmick the new one has that truly sells me over the old version is the sniper.  While not as good as accurate shot, it is a great ability that is almost on equal simply because of the super stealth squads running around.  And agaisnt squads that like to hide behind vipers and things, it is actually better. 

If you run seperatists then i would use the old Jango, simply because Seps cant afford to keep upping the costs on their main characters and be any good.  However, for those that don't know or haven't noticed, this Fett is fringe!  So he can be run with any squad.  Although once you start, i am not sure the 6pt over old Boba is worth it, but it will hinge greatly on the metagame in your local area.

100pts: Here he may be the piece that can dethrone Bane as king of the rock.  Run him with Han RH and you can almost kill Bane in a single turn if you win init.  Jango would be a +18 for 40 DAM, so he would do 80 and Han would do 30 fo ra total of 110.  Bane is half dead in one turn and there is no guarantee that Bane is even in striking distance yet.  You can also take out hte bodyguards if they run them by using the missiles or flamethrower.  I can see Jango doing some real damage at the 100pt scene.

200pts: Here he is yet another great fig.  I don't see him being groundbreaking or really adding anything major to the game, but he will be good with whatever team you use him with.  He is a great utility piece that can handle almost any situation.


Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter

Cost: 56

HP: 120

Def: 19

Att: +10

Dmg: 20


Unique, Flight, Bounty Hunter +4, Double Attack, Flamethrower 20, Jedi Hunter, Missiles 20, Sniper


Damn. Jango has moved up in the world. From his humble origins as the poor man's Boba Fett, identical in nearly all respects but missing Accurate Shot, we now have a Jango that will see some real play.

First of all, his numbers are pretty good. +10 Attack is a little low, but since he has both Bounty Hunter and Jedi Hunter, he'll actually be shooting at a +18 against most of the really high Defenses in the game, which is outstanding. Like his predecessor, he has Double Attack and Flight, meaning that he can stand still and double his damage output or use the terrain to his advantage to keep enemy Jedi at a distance (and he's immune to attacks of opportunity if they do manage to base him).

While Jango still lacks Accurate Shot, he does have an interesting new combination of existing abilities. Bear in mind that this is not official (and won't be until Wizards of the Coast weighs in on it), but I believe the combination of Sniper and Missiles/Flamethrower means that he can target the middle of a group with these area affect abilities, potentially catching a lot more targets (obviously contingent on there not being any terrain-based cover for that middle target). The threat of this will affect how your opponent is willing to set up, and if they make a mistake, it could be an expensive one.

But whether or not you manage to catch your opponent with his area effect pants down, you'll probably not regret fielding a 56-point character that can reliably do 60 damage per round to any Force-user.

Overall rating in 100: 3.5

Overall rating in 200: 4



Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter
Cost: 56
Hit Points: 120
Defense: 19
Attack: +10
Damage: 20

Bounty Hunter 4
Double Attack
Flame Thrower 20
Jedi Hunter
Missiles 20

The Good: Where do I start … It’s too bad this version of Jango Fett wasn’t the one who faced off with Mace Windu. The outcome may have been different. Jango BH is packed with a selection of hurt. He has a gadget for any offensive situation … long-range area effect with a 50/50 hit probability, short-range area effect – pain guaranteed, range attack that is +18 to hit unique Jedi characters and inflicts 60 damage to the fore-mentioned sods with double attack. Accurate shot would have made this guy sick beyond belief, but sniper keeps Jango from “war-god” status.

The Bad: Is he worth 56 points … yes … so I guess that’s not bad.

The Ugly: It’s too bad Jango is not considered “Mandolarian.” It would have been interesting to see him with mobile attack (the Mando Commander). But there’s always Lando.

100 pt: 3/5 – He’s costly, but he’s an army in his own.
200 pt: 5/5 – Any beatstick benefits from cannon fodder

Zeroph Zeal
Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter

Points: 56
Hit points: 120
Defense: 19
Attack: +10
Damage: 20

Abilities: Unique, Flight, Bounty Hunter +4, Double Attack, Flamethrower 20, Jedi Hunter, Missiles 20, Sniper

WOW! That's a lot of abilities! I sure didn't expect this, folks. Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter surely is an amazing piece. This guy beats out his Sepretist counsin in almost every way, for a mere 9 points. And on top of that, this guy is fringe. What's not to love?

The closet thing we've had to this piece is his son, the original Boba Fett. I'm going to first compare the two, here we go. If you run this over Boba Fett, this is what you get:

+6 points
+10 Hitpoints
-1 Defense
-2 Attack
+0 Damage
- Accurate Shot
+ Flamethrower 20
+ Jedi Hunter
+ Missles 20
+ Sniper

In my opinion, Jango puts his son to shame. For a mere 6 points, you have gained four abilities, only losing Accurate Shot (which is somewhat replaced by Sniper anyway.) and around the same stats. Is Flamethrower, Jedi Hunter, Missiles 20 and Sniper worth 6 points, even at the expense of Accurate Shot? Heck yes!

Let's brake down the abilities, shall we? In case you missed the memo, Bounty Hunter was always a great ability. Let's face it. There is nearly always an Unique enemy on your opponent's squad. Weather it be Thrawn, or Aurra, or Vader, or some other random characters, Unique characterse are all over competitive play. Bounty Hunter raises Jango's attack to +14 when attacking these fellers. Not too shabby at all and is needed since Jango has only a mediocre +10 attack to begin with. To make that even better, he also has the ever-popular Jedi Hunter. Attacking a Vader or Aurra or any Jedi character or character with a Force raiting (yes, even Han Solo- Rebel Hero and General Grevious) becomes a +18 Attack with 30 damage.

And don't forget about Double Attack. Now that's solid! While Jango lacks Accurate Shot, Sniper certainly makes up for it. Sniper is somewhat looked over as abilities go, but if you have used a character with Sniper, to know its good. Sometimes opponents will try to hide some of their commanders or other important units behind other pieces, generally to protect them. Jango Fett ruins that. True, Accurate Shot is the better ability, but if Jango did have Accurate Shot, this piece would be broken.

Now to get into Missles and Flamethrower. Anyone who knows me personally (which I don't believe any of you do, so I'll just tell you), you'll know that Missiles is my absolute favorite ability in the game. Sure, its not the greatest. But I just love to throw in a Dark Trooper Phase III into my squad just to use it. Now I'll think I'll throw in this Jango instead. While 20 damage isn't stupendous, it can help getting ride of many troopers at a time. If your opponent's army consists of alot of little guys, it can certainly be useful if your opponent forgets to spread them out a bit, which is easier said than done. Jango also has Flamethrower, which is a more stable Missles, which the only downside being that he has to be within 6 squares of the target. Still, guaranteed 20 damage to up to 9 units (with the good player averaging around 3-4), it is more than better than his normal attacks in some situations. Finally, Flight is a great ability, plain and simple. It may not seem like much, but it sure does save a lot of movement in the actual game, which is a good thing.

The conclusion? My prediction says that the original Boba Fett is out, and Jango Fett, BH is in. (Of course, I say this with the bias of not knowing what the new Boba Fett has in store, too.) It's fringe, it kills stuff, and hey, he's Jango Fett!

100 points: 4/5 I definitely like this piece here. With Jedi Hunter, (allowing +18 double attack with 30
damage) he can surely pick apart Banes and Vaders that you see dominating here. That, and being only 56 points hes only half your army as opposed to all of it.

200 points: 4/5 Deadly here too. Whatever play Boba Fett saw, I believe Jango will take away. Just be careful about his o-kay 120 hit points and 19 defense.
In 200 points, they can go down very quickly.

Sculpt: 4/5 A little overdone in my humble opinion, but he still looks amazing.
Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter
Faction: Fringe
Cost: 56
HP: 120
DEF: 19
ATK: 10
DMG: 20
Bounty Hunters +4
Double Attack
Flamethrower 20
Jedi Hunter
Missiles 20
... And just when you thought Boba from Rebel Storm was sweet...
For starters, I'm happy to say that he's Fringe and not Seperatist.  After all, IMO, Seperatist lacks the support that it needs for anything outside of Droids.  That means this guy can be thrown into any squads, and make it look good.  Now onto business.
From the Clone Strike Jango, his bounty costs has went up 9 points for factional use, but leaving the Seperatist and learning a few new tricks, I would too.  120 HP, isn't too hot, as well as 19 DEF and 10 ATK.  Jango from Clone Strike had 19 DEF at 47 points, and had two more attack as well!  Stat-wise, nothing shines.  However, Jango isn't all stats, now is he?
Unique, Flight and Bounty Hunter was easily predicted, as the CS Jango also had this.  Double Attack is nice, except I really wanted to see Jango with Twin Attack.  However, why complain?  He's Fringe, so General Windu can help with that.  Also, we have Flamethrower 20, which everyone saw coming.  After all, he wouldn't be creating a wall of fire for kicks and giggles, now would he (he gets that from the hunt)?  Missiles 20 gives him more range compared to Flamethrower, but that "Save 11" makes the use of that iffy.  Sniper, meh.  I wanted to see Accurate Shot, but I guess he can't have it all.  One of the greatest things about this piece, however, is Jedi Hunter.  Therefore, when battling jedis such as General Windu and Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master (Bane and Vader, also), you'll be slamming them with 30 damage per swing with 18 ATK!!!  I call that nice.
In 100 PT, he's pricy, but he'd fit nicely.  For me, I'll stick to Aurra Sing, as she fits better in my squad of choice.  In 200, if you need a shooter, try him.  You'll be satisified.  After all, Jedi Hunter, Flamethrower 20 AND Missiles 20?  How could you say no to that?
In 100: 3.4/5
In 200: 4.7/5
14 days until Bounty Hunters.  ^_^

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