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Mini of the Day

Gamorrean Thug
Set: Bounty Hunters

Date Reviewed: September 15, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2
200 pt: 2.6


Sith Dragon


Gamorrean Thug
Cost: 14
HP: 30
DEF: 12
ATK: +2
DAM: 30
Rapport with Jabba

Today we look at a piece that is going to be sought after simply to make pig armies with the one from RS. Since it is a common look to pull a lot of these. The question will be whether it sits with your Ugs or with your Arcona's.

Stat-wise it is actually pretty good. 30 HP on a character that only costs 14 points is really good. Of course the DEF is horrid and the attack is non-existent, but the DAM stat pops out like a super nova! 30 DAM is incredible. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but think of all the other characters around this level. The only cheaper figs that can do 30 DAM base all have heavy weapon and cant move.

Is this the greatest fig in the world? no. But the 30 base DAM is pretty good, especially if you use mobile, and some command boosters like Thrawn/Kit/Tarfful will only help. He can be a nice heavy gun for squads that are lacking in characters right now.

100pts: the +2 isn't going to help him do well here. Every point counts and there are generally better options.

200pts: While it will be mostly in fun armies, he can be a good piece if you think hard enough on how to best use him. Add in his cousin from RS and you can have a real fun squad. Build for him and you might be surprised on his sturdiness. Against fellow grunts he should wipe the floor.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

The Gamorrean Thug continues the trend materializing in Bounty Hunters of pieces with high potential damage output and low Attack values. Apparently the fringe scum of the galaxy is willing to pay for the shiny, expensive boomsticks, but not for the shooting lessons that would make them really effective.

Used en masse, as this common piece is certainly intended to be, the Thug is probably moderately effective. 30 damage at range (without being hampered by Heavy Weapon, as most other 30 damage grunts have been) is pretty good, but remember to combine fire. Seriously, COMBINE FIRE. There's no way that this guy is hitting anything with a better defense than an Atgar Turret without help, so be sure to include scrubs to combine fire. Also, while 30 hit points is pretty good for a scrub, 12 Defense is pretty lousy for anyone. The scrub you bring for combining fire should probably be a Bespin Guard or Stormtrooper, so you can have a better Defense sitting in front of him. You might also consider Baron Fel, Bastila Shan, or Darth Malak as a commander, since you're going to be doing so much combining fire.

Oh, and there's his one special ability, Rapport with Jabba the Hutt. I gather that a bunch of pieces in Bounty Hunters get one point cheaper with Jabba. I'm not sure there's a way to make him really playable in a competitive environment, but at least it's fun to have game mechanics encouraging theme squads.

Overall rating in 100: 2.5
Overall rating in 200: 3
Vesuvan Gamorrean Thug
Cost: 14
Hit Points: 30
Defense: 12
Attack: +2
Damage: 30

Abilities: Rapport – Jabba the Hutt

The Good: The pigs get rapport with Jabba … I’ve been playing the Rebel Storm Gamorreans with Rapport in casual games. It makes sense. This guy is a solid grunt for Fringer squads … 30 damage, and he doesn’t have Heavy Weapon (which would make this guy overpriced if not useless.)

The Bad: Did you see the attack score? Might still be 1 or 2 points too pricey.

The Ugly: I don’t recall seeing Gamorreans with guns, but I know it’s possible. This figure just seems a bit out of place. Wizards could’ve been a bit more creative. What about a Gamorrean Thug with two axes or a guard captain with a CE.

100 pt: 2/5 – A useful grunt, but a low attack and moderate cost restricts it to larger squads.
200 pt: 3/5 – He’ll lend support here

Creativity: 1/5 Ehh…

Gamorrean Thug

Faction: Fringe
Cost: 14
HP: 30
DEF: 12
ATK: 2
DMG: 30


Well, this is an interesting Friday Review. I was hoping for something more... unique, but a non-unique like this should get a review, nonetheless.

For starters, he's Fringe and 14 points, which means he can worm his way into many squads as a filler. That's good, since most squads won't exactly hit 200, as they may be off a few good points. His stats are a heavy offense, as 30 HP is decent, 12 DEF will make him get hit by nearly everything, 2 ATK is bad, but what makes this piggy so sweet is the 30 DMG it inflicts if it hits. Sure the ATK is weak, but we have something called "Combiine Fire". As for his effects, Rapport with Jabba the Hutt is nice, but its great to see no "Melee Attack" or "Heavy Weapon", since that was one of the things I expected to see after seeing the nice DMG.

In 100 or 200 he's a filler. Not gonna have a squad around him (but may support a Jabba squad), but he's a filler option, just like Ewoks, Jawas, Quarren Assassins, etc. If you can fit him and have nothing else to throw in to support your squad, by all means.

In 100: 2.5/5
In 200: 2.5/5


Zeroph Zeal
Gamorrean Thug

Points: 14
Hitpoints: 30
Defense: 12
Attack: +2
Damage: 30

Abilities: Rapport (Jabba)

I really don't like this piece either, but it deserves a fair review.

First let's take a look at the stats. The stats are pretty pitiful for 14 points save for one. 30 hitpoints is about the low norm for this cost, 12 defense is normal, +2 Attack is HORRIBLE... and its stats are saved by an impressive 30 damage. Too bad with a mere +2 attack, it will NEVER HIT.

It seems the piece also lacks any abilities except for Rapport. The only Jabba we have is a Jabba that boosts Bounty Hunters, and is a pretty pitiful piece as a whole. And you can cut this piece's cost to 13 by running him... But still, is 13 points really acceptable for this unit? We may get a new Jabba in this set that may help these guys, but I'll just say this ability is useless... for now. (And note, Rapport usually is useless except for Queen Amidala, IMHO.)

Sorry for another short review, reviewing pieces that really don't have much to review annoys me... =/

100 points: 1/5 Dont play this piece.... even with Jabba. There are simply better pieces you can be running. This thing won't ever hit.

200 points: 1/5 Pretty much the same here. I don't see a need for this piece, but perhaps I'm missing something.

Sculpt: 3/5 Hehe, the pig guys. Cool.

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