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Mini of the Day

Nute Gunray
Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: September 04, 2006

Nute Gunray
HP: 30
DEF: 12
ATK: +0
DAM: 0

Separatist Reinforcements 20/Separatist Reserves 20

CE: Allies get -2 ATK and gain speed 4

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1
200 pt: 1

Sith Dragon Nute Gunray
HP: 30
DEF: 12
ATK: +0
DAM: 0

Separatist Reinforcements 20/Separatist Reserves 20

CE: Allies get -2 ATK and gain speed 4

In a word - CRAP. Its kool they made him so you can do themed battles, but other than that, shove him down to the bottom of your common box. He has no stats to speak of, and while he will only cost you 10 pts in the end due to Reinforcements, he isn't even worth that. The only reason you would ever want to stick him in a squad is for the Reserves 20, but the chances of rolling a 1 in 5-7 rolls is so low that it isn't worth it. It stacks nicely with San, but at least San has some strategic value. Nute's strategic value is quite literally a negative. Your allies lose 2 ATK points and gain speed 4. If you should decide you want to run this guy, you will need to run him with droids as they can ignore his CE. Nute is even worse for another reason. Since he gives reserves 20, your opponent will get points for killing the figures he brings in, unlike with reinforcements.

100/200 pts: Don't bother. This guy is just not worth the 10 points it costs to field him.

It took a while for the designers of Star Wars Miniatures to get around to Nute Gunray. He certainly could have appeared in Clone Strike, being one of the very few villains to appear in all three prequels. He also could have appeared in Revenge of the Sith, alongside his cohorts in the CIS, but was passed over again. For some reason, it took until Universe for Wizards of the Coast to see the obvious battlefield value of an incompetent, cowardly, self-aggrandizing rich guy. Thank goodness they eventually saw the light.

In all seriousness, I love the Nute Gunray piece as a representation of my favorite evil loser. His twin Reinforcements and Reserves abilities simulate the idea that you keep the guy around for his vast wealth, and his boneheaded Commander Effect simulates the idea that only robots and monsters aren't driven to distraction by what an idiot he is.

The first thing most people notice on looking at the Commander Effect for Nute Gunray is that it stinks on ice. -2 Attack and Speed 4 makes for a crappy, crappy army, and definitely not worth it just for the Reinforcements and Reserves he can bring to the table. The mitigating factor here is that, as a Commander Effect, neither Droids nor Savages are subject to it, which accurately simulates how Nute Gunray conquered the peaceful planet of Naboo with an army of Gundarks and Rancors. You can also use droids with him, which is probably a good thing, because the Separatists have tons.

For 30 points, however, Nute Gunray is a terrible option, suitable only for theme squads and non-competitive games. As you build your all-droid squad, you'll have to think to yourself, "Do I want to include Nute Gunray, or another Destroyer Droid?" Even if you decide that the ability to tailor your squad a bit is worth it (and you very well might), Wat Tambor is a better option. You'll also find that if you want to include General Grievous or a Geonosian Overseer for the all-important Double Attack they can grant a droid army, that they suffer from Nute's unbelievable incompetence. As much as I wish Gunray was a competitive piece, he's a complete disaster. Field him at your own risk.

Overall rating in 100: 1
Overall rating in 200: 1.5

Zeroph Zeal
Nute Gunray

Points: 30
Hitpoints: 30
Defense: 12
Attack: +0
Damage: 0

Abilities: Unique, Sepretist Reserves 20, Sepretist Reinforcements 20

Commander Effect: Allies get -2 Attack and gain Speed 4.

I just got back from Florida, woohoo! And what do I find myself in? Sepretist Commanders Week... and I'm afraid that none of the pieces we are reviewing this week have seen much competitive play. This piece is no exception, for a few noted reasons.

His Commander Effect is among one of the worst in the
game: it actually hurts you. It is a fact that Nute Gunray was meant to be used in an all Droid army, as to avoid your allies of attaining this pitiful commander effect. I would actually be all fine and good with this if Cyborgs, such as General Grevious, were also excluded from this effect. Sometimes, General Grevious is the only real beatstick in a Droid-based army. This also hinders the use of other "Sepritist Commanders" we are reviewing this week, not that it would make much of a difference anyway.

His 30 cost is high, but it is more like a mere 10 because of of the Reinforcements. But even for 10 points, is Nute Gunray worth having? When you roll a critical miss for initative, he can be nice adding a small 20-point sum of figures into your army, but is this really worth it? It certianly isn't for his stats, which stands at a sub-par 30 hitpoints, 12 defense and absolutely no way to attack. If you ask me, this piece is really pitiful. Oh, goodie. I have a 5% chance to add 20 points of Sepretists into my squad, and even if that does happen I still lose initative! Bah. You can do better.

I really don't have anything else to say about this piece except for don't use it. Zeal out.

100 points: 1.5/5 Don't use it. Please.

200 points: 1/5 It's even weaker here because 20 points really isn't that much of a sum. Once again.
Don't... don't... Please don't... use this piece.

Sculpt: 3/5 A fair representation of Nute Gunray, even if Nute wasn't my all-time favorite character in the movies, he still looks kinda cool.

Nute Gunray
Faction: Seperatist
Cost: 30

HP: 30
DEF: 12
ATK: 0
DMG: 0

Seperatist Reinforcements 20
Seperatist Reserves 20

Commander Effect: Allies get -2 ATK and gain Speed 4.

We start off Seperatist Leaders week with the highly-unlikely-to-be-ever-played Nute Gunray. After all, who would want to play a character that hurts you due to the Commander Effect?

For starters, his stats. Sucks all the way. Don't let him get into the battle! Not much else to say.

For his effects, he's got the reinforcements and the reserves for the Seperatist. The question is: is it worth 30 points? The chance of getting reserves off is only 5%, so most of the time he's just taking up 10 points that could be spent on something better (Super Battle Droid, BDO, Geonosian Soldier, etc.). As for his Commander Effect, horrible. If you even dare wish to use him, use droids, as they aren't subject to this effect.

In 100 PT, never EVER run him. Matches are too quick to get the reserves off, as well as droids don't stand a chance in 100 PT against Vader and Bane. In 200 PT, perhaps in Droids if you feel like wasting 10 points, but I don't. So, here's the ratings:

100 PT: 1/5 (My first 1, too)
200 PT: 1.2/5 (With droids)

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