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Mini of the Day

ISP Speeder
Set: Bounty Hunters

Date Reviewed: October 31, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.2
200 pt: 2.65



Sith Dragon


ISP Speeder (swamp speeder)
HP: 70
DEF: 15
ATK: +9
DAM: 20

Double Attack; Flight; Mounted Weapon; O66; Rigid; Twin Attack

Sorry about the lack of reviews last week folks. I was trying to take some time away, but the ball was dropped so I'm am back, and we are back, this time with Lonely Minis week. These are the sole minis in their factions.

We kick it off with the ISP speeder. So is this new flash speeder any better than its one point cheaper counterpart? Well, lets see. For one more point we are getting -10 HP, -1 DEF, +2 ATK, -10 DAM. Hhhmmm. So far its worse as far as the stats go.

Ability-wise it now gains rigid (another negative), Loses mobile attack, and loses speed 12. Okay, so why in the world are we paying not only one extra point, but also why are we paying so much for a fig that has only 70 HP?!! Well its all in the final two abilities. The ISP has double attack where the Flash only has single, but also the ISP has the new gimmick of the set, twin attack. Well, despite all of the negatives, four attacks are a pretty big plus. Is it worth 42 points? Not really. Why spend that many points on a defenseless 70HP character when you can bring in any number of Jedi with almost double the HP? Answer: 4 attacks or two if you move and shoot.

100pt: Forget it. its crap here.

150pt: Yep still crap. For 1/3 of your army that can be easily taken out in one round, its just too many points for such a fragile fig.

200pt: Here you can play it. Don't expect very good things from it, but it is playable. If you run Kit or Tarfful his attack is a +13, so if you can get init it can unload either on a ton of little guys or their heavy hitter. Four attacks is hard to over look. I have seen this piece played rather well, but in the end its 70 HP that will give your opponent a quick 42 point lead. Play it for fun and enjoy it, but when it comes to tourneys leave this piece on the mantle.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

The ISP Speeder is another great example of what the Bounty Hunters expansion is all about: It's the only Republic piece in the set, continuing the trend that most non-Fringe factions who have any presence in BH have very little presence. It can make a bunch of attacks, but has a pretty mediocre Attack value. It's also Huge and kind of expensive in points, which makes it kind of a practical problem to use well. If it just had Flamethrower 20, it would be the definitive Bounty Hunters piece.
The combination of Twin Attack and Double Attack exists in a total of three pieces: the ISP Speeder, Komari Vosa, and the Droid Starfighter in Walking Mode. Vosa is entirely too fragile to bother with for her points. The Droid Starfighter, on the other hand, while also fragile, has so much faction synergy working for it as to make it completely playable (more on this when we review the thing at some point). The ISP Speeder is sort of in the middle. 70 hit points and 15 Defense are pretty poor for 42 points, especially with such strikes against it as Mounted Weapon and Rigid. On the other hand, Queen Amidala can give it Mobile Attack for its protection, Kit Fisto can raise its effective Attack, and Aerial Clone Trooper Captain can give it two free attacks every round. Alternatively, Order 66 can put it in an Imperial squad, where Veers can give it Accurate Shot, Thrawn can raise its Attack and Defense, and Imperial Officers can give it two free attacks every round.
So that's basic gist: the piece has substantial weaknesses, but it's a non-Unique follower with a nice gimmick going with the big pile of attacks and Flight. The Rigid ability is going to cause you problems, though, especially since it's not any faster than a normal piece (many of the huge pieces in this set are extra fast, but not this one). It's not super-competitive, but if you build around it, it should be reasonably effective.
Overall rating in 100: 1.5 (Rigid huges are trapped on many of the 100-legal maps; use at your own risk)
Overall rating in 200: 3 (perfectly playable with good support, but not extraordinary)

Hey! Check that out! My first review! Thanks to the Pojo crew for letting me review some pieces. Looks like the first piece in what’s been labeled “Lonely Pieces Week” is the ISP Speeder from the new Bounty Hunters set.

ISP Speeder
Cost: 42
HP: 70
Def: 15
Attk: +9
Dam: 20

Double Attack
Mounted Weapon
Twin Attack

Wow. Well. Where to start with this fig. The sculpt is kinda cool. Other than that it’s pretty much, well, useless. With a 15 Defense and 70 Hit Points the speeder won’t last long, and requires that you invest 42 points of your squad in it. That’s the same amount of points that you could invest in say Obi Wan Jedi Master if you’re playing the Republic. To counter it’s horrible defense this figure packs a punch. Twin Attack teamed up with Double Attack means that you’ll be getting off 4 attacks. That’s a possible 80 damage. Unfortunately +9 attack means you’ll be missing a lot of the time. To combine fire you need to bring in some gunners because of mounted weapon meaning this figure can cost you a large part of your squad. Oh, and did I mention it was rigid? And that it has Order 66?

This may be a cool figure to collect, but let’s be honest, if you play it in a tournament you might as well just give the win to your opponent.

In 100: 1/5 (Anything that Bane can take out in one turn in this format isn’t very good at 42 points)
In 200: 1.5/5 (A tad more playable just because there’s bigger things to worry about, but still, 42 points)

Zeroph Zeal
ISP Speeder
10/31/06- HALLOWEEN!

Points: 42
Hitpoints: 70
Defense: 15
Attack: +9
Damage: 20
Faction: Republic

Abilities: Double Attack, Flight, Mounted Weapon, Order 66, Rigid, Twin Attack

After a week off, we come back to review this lovely 31st of October... wait, isn't that...? Oh, yes.

Happy Halloween, mortals.

Erm, just kidding. But seriously, out of all the pieces we could reviewing on Halloween, we get the ISP Speeder? Not even a Sith Witch or something evil and demonic? Oh well, I don't choose the minis, I just review them.

However, apart from the timing, the ISP Speeder is a nifty little piece that I expected to see on the Pojo review list eventually. Being one of the Rare Huges in the set, and a fairly interesting piece as well, it definatly deserves a review.

First, as usual, we take a look at its stats. The first thing we notice is the pricetag: a whopping 42.
While this isn't insane, it did hit the 40 mark which means that this piece BETTER be able to deal out some damage and stay on the field for a moderately long time. Unfortanutly, his stats leave something to be desired. 70 Hitpoints with 15 defense makes him extremely easy to hit and destroy. The only thing that helps him is that he is a Huge, which makes him somewhat harder to hit. (try to figure that one out.) He finishes his stats off with a somewhat decent +9 attack and 20 damage.

42 points for just that is just terrible. Fortanutly, this piece packs quite a few abilities that will give it the advantage in battle (hopefully). The first thing I noticed is that this guy has both Double and Twin Attacks. What does this mean? Good things. Twin Attack is the great new ability that everyone and thier mother in Bounty Hunters has: but that doesn't mean it isn't good. After all, it is quite virtually a Double Attack you can use after moving, but it must be at the same target. What this means for this unit is that this unit has basically QUADRUPLE attack, and even a DOUBLE attack if it decides to move. That's a maximum of 160 damage, folks (80 if all of them hits).
And that's something your opponent will have to worry about. It also has two movement abilities, one positive one negative. It has both Rigid and Flight.
While neither of these abilities tip the scale for this piece's playability too much, they still helpful (in Flight's case) and annoying (in Rigid's case) at times and should be taken into consideration. The ISP also has Mounted Weapon unsurprisingly, meaning you probally won't be able to combine fire with this unit.
Finally, this piece also has Order 66 which really needs no explanation or review, as it usally does nothing except grant him Clone Trooper powerups.

100 points: 1/5 Huge units aren't anything in this format. Furthermore, it just doesn't have the defense to last... 70 hitpoints and 15 defense? 42 points?
Don't think so.

200 points: 2.5/5 Better here. Keep it behind something and start blasting. It can dish out some major damage quickly and could fit into some Clone Squads.

Sculpt: 5/5 Bounty Hunter sculpts pwn.
SWRogue57 ISP Speeder

Cost: 42
HP: 70
Def: 15
Atk: +9
Dam: 20

Flight, Double Attack, Order 66, Mounted Weapon, Rigid, Twin Attack

The Wizards website calls the ISP Speeder “the best anti-infantry vehicle to date for the Republic faction” and they’re right. It easily out shoots the Flash Speeder or the AT-RT.

Pros: Having Double Attack and Twin Attack in one figure is a deadly combination that gives you four attacks on one figure or 2 attacks each on two figures. +9 Attack is not bad. Mounted Weapon forces you to combine fire with a Clone Trooper Gunner to increase your chances of a hit. Luckily they’re only 8 points each. Add a Rodian Hunt Master and your doing a possible 120 points of damage per turn. Now that’s nasty!!

Cons: 15 Defense means it’s gonna need some protection. It can take four 20 point hits (or three 30 point hits) before it dies, but it still needs protection. Give them something else to shoot at while the ISP Speeder does its damage.

100pts: Since it will take up almost half of your points, it’s probably not a good choice here. It’s got thin skin so it gets hit easily. Not enough room to protect it here. 2/5

150pts: Better here. Still needs some protection though. 3/5

200pts: Put him in the back and shoot away. They’ll be forced to either come to him, or run away. 4/5

SW Rogue 57

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