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Mini of the Day

Bossk, Bounty Hunter
Set: Bounty Hunters

Date Reviewed: October 20, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.5
200 pt: 3




Bossk, Bounty Hunter is less a sequel to the original Bossk than the completed draft of the character. Rebel Storm Bossk was extra dangerous up in melee, but had no special way of closing, and was too fragile to reliably get there by the usual means.

Enter Bossk, Bounty Hunter, who adds more hit points and Regeneration to help with the fragility, Momentum to give additional incentive to close, and Rend to make the close attacks that much more dangerous. He also has Flamethrower 20, because the first 100 bounty hunters through the gates on the release date for this expansion got Flamethrower 20.

So the new Bossk, at only eight points more, is substantially better than the old, and can be considered a complete replacement for him. Even vastly improved, though, he's only okay, due mostly to the low hit points that typify the Bounty Hunters set. His damage output potential is very good for the cost, however, so if you've got the means to get him into a good position, he might be worth your points. As a Fringe follower, he can benefit from many good support pieces. Good team-ups include Tarfful or Admiral Ackbar to help his Attack rating, R2-D2, Astromech Droid or Grand Admiral Thrawn to get him in position, or any Bodyguard to help him survive his travels.

Overall rating in 100: 2.5
Overall rating in 200: 3 (in either case, he's reasonable, but just not overwhelming)
SWRogue57 Bossk, Bounty Hunter

Cost: 25
HP: 60
Def: 17
Atk: +8
Dam: 20

Unique, Bounty Hunter +4, Double Claw Attack, Rend +10, Momentum, Regeneration 10, Flamethrower 20

Finally!!! A playable Bossk!!! This is the Bossk that we always wanted to see. That one from Rebel Storm had nothing to offer, but the 2006 model has all the bells and whistles.

Pros: Let’s take a look at all the upgrades. Bossk has moved from 40 to 60 HP. Nothing impressive here. His Def stayed the same but his Atk increased by +1. His Dam is still 20, but he comes with many other upgrades to help out his stats. Bounty Hunter +4 is standard. Double Claw Attack returns, but is aided by Rend +10. Not a bad way to get and extra 10 Dam. Momentum and Flamethrower are nice additions as well. Basically, Bossk can dish out damage in many different ways. When he’s adjacent, he’s possibly doing 50 Dam per turn with BH, DCA, and Rend, and Regenerating 10 HP. If he has to move to get adjacent, he’s attacking at +16 against Uniques doing 30 Dam with Momentum and getting and extra +4 attack. And I love Flamethrower. Hits every time.

Cons: HP is still a little low for me, but Regeneration helps a little with that. I wish his base attack was a little higher.

100pts: He can do well here as support for a Beatstick. He has enough offense to do some decent damage. 3/5

150pts: This is a good format for some bounty hunter themed squads. Imagine the new Jango, Boba, and Bossk, burning up everything in sight. 4/5

200pts: Another good choice for him. Put him together with a client who can hire him and throw in a good CE or 2. Imagine DCA with Deadeye and Mighty Swing. Hmmm? 5/5

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