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Mini of the Day

Set: Rebel Storm

Date Reviewed: October 19, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1
200 pt: 1.5



Zeroph Zeal

Points: 17
Hitpoints: 40
Defense: 17
Attack: +7
Damage: 20
Faction: Fringe

Abilities: Bounty Hunter +4, Double Claw Attack, Unique

First things first, I'd like to apologize for not reviewing the last two MOTDs. This is mostly because as school started up, my life has been becomming more and more hectic. With that said, please excuse me missing a few reviews every now and then.

On to Bossk... the old Rebel storm one. Not much can be said about him. Unlike Boba Fett and 4-LOM, Bossk never really saw much play and its really obvious to know why. While he really isn't a bad piece to say the least, he certianlly isn't a good, solid, or a piece that could dish out a large ammount of damage. At best, he's a 17 point backup piece, which isn't bad, just not good either.

40 hitpoints is terrible, even for 17 points. 17 defense is average, as is the 20 damage, but +7 attack is even on the low side. Add that to his Bounty Hunter to make him a +11 against Uniques, but it still doesn't look too great, does it?

The only thing that seperates himself from other bounty hunters is Double Claw Attack which is basically a Double Attack that can only be used on adjacent enemies. Best case senario is that your opponent moves his Vader or Bane up to you and somehow doesn't kill Bossk (this is assuming your opponent
sucks) so you can make two +11 attacks, with a grand total of 40 damage (usually 20, or even 0 against

Please, pass this guy up. He didn't make a big difference during Rebel Storm, he sure as heck won't make a big difference here, either.

100 points: 1/5 Ew.

200 points: 1.5/5 Yay, a little more support. Almost every piece is better in 200 than 100. What else is new?

Sculpt: 2.5/5 While it isn't bad at all, it certianlly is the best sculpt ever.

Back in the Rebel Storm days, the bounty hunters were pretty hot stuff. There was King Boba, the mighty IG-88, the extremely efficient 4-LOM, the almost as efficient Dengar, and the amusingly inexpensive Greedo. They were all quite useable back then, though some have fallen by the wayside nowadays. Bossk was always on the wayside, though. His shtick to distinguish him from the others is that he gets two attacks if he's next to you, but even before Twin Attack and Damage scores of 30+ it was pretty easy to kill this guy long before he got close. Given that Dengar was two points cheaper and had a slightly higher Attack rating, it was never really a contest.

There's a new Bossk in town (reviewed tomorrow). He's completely superior to this one, and I'm still not sure he's playable (more on that tomorrow). Don't bother with this guy unless you're really pushing a theme.

Overall rating in 100: 1.5

Overall rating in 200: 1.5

SWRogue57 Bossk (Rebel Storm)

Cost: 17
HP: 40
Def: 17
Atk: +7
Dam: 20

Unique, Bounty Hunter +4, Double Claw Attack

With the release of the new set, most bounty hunters now have 2 or three versions. This version of Bossk pales in comparison to the BH version, but we’ll get to that tomorrow. Today is RS Bossk’s day so here we go.

Pros: Overall, he’s not a bad bounty hunter. Against Uniques, he’s Atk is +11 which is pretty good. Double Claw Attack isn’t quite as good as Double Attack, but its good if you can get adjacent. Just be careful, with only 40 HP he won’t last too long. He is a follower though, so look for CEs that will help him. If you’re gonna run this guy, give him something to work with.

Cons: Low HP and mediocre Atk. 2 hits and he’s out and chances are, he won’t do much damage before that happens. If you use him, protect him.

100pts: Not good for this format. His cost is good, but he lacks the punch that a 100pt squad needs. 2/5

150pts: He’ll be better here. Just find a commander who can give him some help and he may do well.3/5

200pts: Same as 150. Give him some help and set him loose 3/5
Loyal Follower Bossk

Cost: 17

Hit Points: 40

Defense: 17

Attack: +7

Damage: 20


Bounty Hunter +4

Double Claw Attack


I remember watching Episode 5 a long time ago when I was a kid and liking this guy a lot. He does nothing but stand there with a bunch of other bounty hunters and take a speech from Vader, but how cool is a lizard with a gun right? Unfortunately in the minis game he isn't anything special. His hit points for the point cost is pretty standard. Defense is decent enough to where grunts are gonna have a hard time hitting him if he's in cover and such, but beatsticks will take him out easy. His attack is lower most would like at +7 but turns into an ok +11 against uniques. Double Claw Attack is just a poor man's Double Attack in that not only do you have to stand still to use it, but you also have to be adjacent to the enemy. Bossk is mostly useful to take out some of the smaller, pesky commanders and some grunts. Even then he'd struggle a bit because of no accurate shot. All in all Boba Fett, Young Mercenary is a much better option for the 17 points if you just HAVE to put in a small bounty hunter. That Accurate Shot goes a long way. And if you just HAVE to play a bounty hunter from Rebel Storm then go with Dengar. For 2 points less you gain +1 Attack and lose Double Claw Attack which is probably gonna be worth the trade off.

In 100: He's not really worth playing here unless you need a filler and can't find any better way to spend 17 points. 1.5/5

In 200: Still not all that playable here since he'll get taken out pretty easily. He could last longer, but probably won't do much anyway. 2/5

(For fun, if you decide to play a Jabba team, you could do what I do and bring him in along with Greedo for 29 points. Not really worth it, but it looks cool, and let's be honest...if you're playing Jabba you aren't really expecting to win anyway.)

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