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Mini of the Day

Ayy Vida
Set: Bounty Hunter

Date Reviewed: October 17, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt:
200 pt:



Sith Dragon


Ayy Vida
Cost: 19
HP: 50
DEF: 16
ATK: + 11
DAM: 10

Cunning Attack; Paralysis; Poison +20; Stealth

Talk about obscure. If anyone is wondering about where this fig comes from, she is in a 3 second clip in the Outlander club from epII. It would have been nice to see slots of these obscure characters go to someone more meaningful, say a OR or NR slot, but oh well.

Okay, in game terms, this piece isn't too bad. Most 18-19 pt characters you are going to see getting regular play are 30-40 HP so the fact she has 50 is very good. Her DEF is average for the cost and her attack is a point or two above the curve. Her damage isn't very good by itself, but she has plenty of help here. If she gets her cunning off, then she is a +15 for 20 DAM, and if that wasn't good enough if your opponent fails their save the get another 20 tacked on. A +15 for 40 DAM is incredible for 19 pts.

100pts: I dint think there is enough room to make a lot of use for her. Any success would rely on getting at least two of the 40 DAM hits off, which isn't going to happen.

150pts: Here she may see some play, primarily in a Nom squad. IF you can get a 40 DAM blow off and then blow up for 20, then you have a 19 pt character that just did 60 DAM before dying. That's not too shabby.

200pts: Here she can be in about any squad, but will work best again in either a Nom squad or Thrawn squad for the cunning and immunity. I am not overly impressed with her as there is a lot of luck involved with her. She may get a 40DAM hit in or 0-10 DAM in before dying. Its hard to say. For 19 points she is cheap enough to experiment with, but in the end she will be most effective in a Nom Bomb squad.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5
SWRogue57 Ayy Vida

Cost: 19
HP: 50
Def: 16
Atk: +11
Dam: 10

Melee Attack, Cunning Attack, Stealth, Paralysis, Poison +20

Ayy, Ayy, Ayy!!! Twi’lek’s have been the best looking aliens in the Star Wars universe for years, and Ayy Vida is no exception. But don’t let this beauty fool you. She is more than meets the eye.

Pros: Let’s start with her stats. 50 HP and 16 Def run on the high side for 19 pt figures. Her base attack of +11 is very high for her price. So far, so good. Stealth will help her to sneak up on her pray without getting picked off in the process. Just beware of Accurate Shot. She also has a possibility of doing 40 Dam on a single hit (+10 Base Dam, +10 Cunning Attack, +20 Poison). And if you hit, there’s a chance for Paralysis. With an attack of +15 on an inactivated figure, the chance of landing either Paralysis, Poison, or both is very good.

Cons: 16 Def is decent for her point cost, but be careful who she faces. 50 HP go by fast when put up against someone with an Atk that’s as big as your Def. Keep her hidden with Stealth until you can make the most of her Atk. If you send her in too fast, she’ll get eaten alive.

100pts: She will do well here if used properly. 3/5

150pts: 150pt tournaments are popping up more and more. There is more strategy available here than 100pt, and more room for CEs. AyyVida is a perfect follower for a Bith Black Sun Vigo or a Wequay Leader. Many other commanders come to mind as well. 4/5

200pts: This format is perfect for Stealthy figures. Drop some decent CEs on her and see what she can do. Gen Windu, Yoda, Thrawn…etc. 5/5
The night life on Coruscant is apparently deeply, deeply dangerous. Besides obvious threats like shapeshifting bounty hunters and weak-minded death stick merchants there looms the ever-present threat of poisonous exotic dancers. Ayy Vida is one such toxin.

For 19 points, Vida is a steal. While she is a melee piece, she does have Stealth to help her get close to the target (and Stealth itself can be enhanced in a few ways these days). She has a respectable +11 Attack, with Cunning Attack to help her boost it further, and both the benefits of Cunning and Poison +20 to compensate for her low Damage score. Oh, and her 50 hit points put her solidly in the high end for durability at her price range.

Yes sir; female miniatures in negligible clothing have come a long way since Princess Leia, Captive. Consider Vida in a squad with Nom Anor, Rodian Black Sun Vigo, or Bith Black Sun Vigo to get the most out of her Stealth. Properly enhanced, she can sneak around the side of the map to do some commander assassination. This is key, because she has better combat stats than most pieces in her price range, and virtually any support piece. Ayy Vida won't go toe-to-toe with Lord Vader, but she can beat the tar out of Wat Tambor, and has a good chance against Grand Admiral Thrawn. She also comes in under the magical 20-point mark, allowing her to be brought into your squad with Lobot's Fringe Reinforcements or the aforementioned Rodian Vigo's Fringe Reserves.

While not the centerpiece of your squad, Ayy Vida makes a solid backup combatant. She can also do exactly what her job description implies, and sneak around the back to assassinate someone important to your opponent's squad. Hire her for an evening and try her out.

Overall rating in 100: 2 (she's not ideally suited to this format, which generally lacks the support pieces she's good for killing)
Overall rating in 200: 4 (the 200-point squad without some support pieces is a rarity, and she'll probably have no trouble justifying her cost here)
Loyal Follower Ayy Vida

Cost: 19 Pts.

Hit Points: 50

Defense: 16

Attack: +11

Damage: 10

Special Abilities:

Cunning Attack

Melee Attack


Poison +20



Ok, so I’ll be honest. Before “Bounty Hunters” came out I had no clue who Ayy Vida was. Apparently, like most Twi’lek, she’s just another club dancer. So what made this dancer so special that she got her own figure? Well, let’s start with her stats.


She starts out with 50 hit points, which for a 19 point piece is respectable. It’ll take most characters an extra attack to take her out because of that 10 HP above 40. Her 16 Defense is nothing special, but not bad for her point cost. The +11 Attack value is above-average for a piece of her cost and makes her fairly accurate against most support/grunt pieces. The 10 Damage for 19 points is bad though. Plain and simple. This Twi’lek’s tough, but she’s no Aayla Secura.


This is where she starts to shine a bit. Cunning Attack is always a handy ability to have when you win initiative and really need an extra 10 damage to take down a character. If she does indeed go first she’s a +15 for 20 damage. Not bad for someone who spends most her time working at a club. Poison +20 means that if she’s adjacent to the character you’re attacking (which you will be because of Melee Attack) she does an extra 20 damage with a save 11. And to add insult to injury she has paralysis, which can be devastating for bigger characters without Force points (and even those force users with bad rolls can get annoyed real quick). So if played right this 19 pt figure can be a +15 for 40 damage AND activate an opponent! Yeah, you have to deal with the fact that she’s a melee character, but that’s not so bad because of her stealth.

All in all this is a fairly solid piece. She’s a Twi’lek with no Bodyguard and potential at huge offense. She’s a cheaper (and in my opinion better) than Vornskr and should see some casual play. What makes her special is that she’s a 19 point fringe character that is always a threat on the board. If your opponent concentrates on her that’s fine because it was a small investment and your bigger pieces won’t get hit as often. If she’s ignored then she come back to haunt some people. Is she broken? No. But for 19 points would you expect her to be?


In 100: 2.5/5 (She’s a gamble at 20% of your squad)

In 200: 4.5/5 (With bigger pieces to be afraid of she can be sneaky and effective here), free access to millions of high-quality videos from across the web, free AOL Mail and more.

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