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Mini of the Day

Dengar, Bounty Hunter
Set: Bounty Hunters

Date Reviewed: October 06, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.65
200 pt: 2.75



Cost: 30
HP: 50
Def: 17
Atk: +9
Dam: 30

Bounty Hunter +4, Deadeye, Deadly Attack, Grenades 20

Sith Dragon


Dengar, Bounty Hunter
Cost: 30 (+15)
HP: 50 (+10)
DEF: 17 (same)
ATK: +9 (+1)
DAM: 30 (+10)
BH +4; Deadeye; Deadly Attack; Grenades 20

Today we look at the new Dengar. Now worth two of his former self, this guy can really pack a punch. For 15 more points you get a LOT more offense, but not more defense. Since they doubled his cost it would have been nice to see his HP go more than 10pts higher, but no go. His defense is also the same which doesn't help with his cost. However, the new mangled swoop rider gets another attack bonus as well as 10 more DAM! An 8/9 is nothing to write home about, but when you add his BH+4 he becomes a respectable +13. More importantly they not only upped his base damage to 30, but gave him deadeye to boot! Now you have a +13 for 40 DAM! Not bad for 30pts. The deadly attack is nice, but with only one attack the chances of him hitting it will be few and far between. The grenades 20 can be very nice when playing swarms or Jedi with steep defenses.

100pts: Nope again. He just cant do enough to help here.

200pts: Here he can be very good with that 40 DAM, but you have to be careful. He is a follower so can get many CEs that are out there, most noticeably Gen Windu's for an extra attack. However the term that describes most power hitters in this set is 'glass cannons'. Glass cannon pieces are the pieces that have huge DAM outputs, but are very fragile and wont hold the field long. If you can take away your opponents focus from Dengar, he can be very good if those 40s are hitting, so build around him accordingly. The thing i like is that he does not obsolete the old Dengar, not that he was that popular to begin with, but the price differences give them two completely separate niches. One or two good punches and the new Dengar can more than make up for his cost.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

Zeroph Zeal
Dengar, Bounty Hunter

Points: 30
Hitpoints: 50
Defense: 17
Attack: +9
Damage: 30
Faction: Fringe

Abilities: Bounty Hunter +4, Deadeye, Deadly Attack, Grenades 20, Unique

And now we look at the revised Dengar. So much as changed. First, let's compare him to his Rebel Storm

Points: +15
Hitpoints: +10
Defense: +0
Attack: +1
Damage: +10
+Deadly Attack
+Grenades 20

The first thing we notice is that the cost is doubled.
So, the question becomes, is paying double worth this piece? I'd say it is.

50 hitpoints is bad for 30 points, though. This much is known. While the extra 10 really does help, it fails in comparison to other simularly costed pieces, who can take many hits, while Dengar can only take 3 from the average jedi. +9 attack is decent, and 30 damage is great.

But, that's not all Dengar gained. He learned some new tricks as well. Deadly Attack is a great ability, but with the lack of attacks it isn't really too great on him. But deadeye makes the deal sweet. A +13 40 damage attacker is very sweet after all, expessially when a critical hit can do 70 (which its chances are aided by Deadly Attack, of course.).

But this unit does have shortcomings. One is its already mentioned hitpoints. I guess Pirate Star Wars guys aren't supposed to have many hitpoints, as both 40 and 50 are horrible for thier costs. Another thing is the lack of Double/Twin attack. This piece would be so much more playable with them. Without them, 40 damage is pretty normal as far as max. damage goes (including both attacks.) and with a pretty low attack of +9 (even with +13 against uniques) I don't really see all too much point to playing it.

100 points: 2/5 Slightly better than hits Rebel Storm counterpart. Still not worth playing, though.

200 points: 2.5/5 Same thing here. He can be decent as a back up shooter, though. Just keep him out of trouble because the 50 hitpoints won't last too long.

Sculpt: 1/5 I don't like this sculpt. If you have seen the real version instead of a picture you know what I mean. What the hell are you shooting at?
SWRogue57 Dengar, Bounty Hunter

Cost: 30
HP: 50
Def: 17
Atk: +9
Dam: 30

Bounty Hunter +4, Deadeye, Deadly Attack, Grenades 20

This is the only usable Dengar in the game. RS Dengar is no more. If used right, this version can be a serious threat. Just make sure you protect him. His offense is good, but his defense needs some help. His HPs are still very low, so he needs some protection.

Pros: He comes with has a base damage of 30 which is nice. And Deadly Attack doubles his chances of a critical hit. Then there’s Deadeye. All that will make your opponent think twice about entering his line of sight. Pair him up with a Chagrian Mercenary Commander who adds +20 on crits. With a roll of 19 or 20, Dengar hits for 90pts. That will alter your defenses strategy very quickly. And don’t forget about Grenades 20. You may not need to use it, but it’s nice to have.

Cons: 50 HP. He needs some protection. Keep him in cover and away from the frontlines. Beware of Acc. Shot.

100pts: Probably not worth 1/3 of your squad with so few HPs, but he can still dish out some damage.

200pts: This is where he will shine. With some cover and other characters to lead the way, Dengar should be able to sit back and pick off a few people. Imagine how dangerous he could be with an Extra Attack from General Windu.
wookie lover 11 Dengar, Bounty Hunter
Set: Bounty Hunters

HP: 50
DEF: 17

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Unique, Bounty Hunter +4, Deadeye, Deadly Attack, Grenades 20

Dengar, the new version, as I said yesterday, he just overshadows the RS version, but he is double the point cost for +10 HP, +1 attack, and +10 damage, good, but maybe not worth it, but bounty hunter +4, deadeye, deadly attack and grenades 20 make up for the microscopic stat boost kinda. He can be +13 attack for 40 damage, scoring 2x as much crest as normal, and grenading the 20 HP grunts. I still think, though that he is meant for a more passive squad, as the suicidal punch. With the obvious strategy to blast the heck outta the enemy before they kill Dengar, because 50 HP is pitiful for a 30 pt character, so a bodyguard/medic is needed to keep Dengar an active piece through the game, or you could try to get his points in dead enemies, and then let him die.

His other bad thing is that for 7 more points you can Aurra, and she is much better, and most factions offer good alternatives, but he is playable, but cover is essential, and because he is a heavy hitter, you want to remember grenades, or the grunts are going to be picking him off while he kills them 1 at a time. He is okay, but just overshadowed by the like of Aurra, or faction specific uniques, (Asajj, Wedge, or the non-unique jedi/sith come to mind, plus a horde of cheaper shooters that you can pair up that might actually be better for certain squads, and together may cost the same.)

100 pts: 2/5 nearly 1/3 of your squad is to much to lose, which is what will happen without support, and why base a squad around Dengar?

200 pts: 2.75/5 He is better, cause of support, but still I find him lacking for the cost, either maybe a 25 point price tag or better stats. MORE HP!! That’s what this character needs.

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