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Mini of the Day

Jabba the Hutt
Set: Rebel Storm

Date Reviewed: October 03, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt:
200 pt:


 Cost: 50
 Hit Points: 80
 Defense: 17
 Attack: +7
 Damage: 10
 Special Abilities:
 Fringe Reinforcements 30
 Melee Attack
 Speed 2
 Commander Effect:
 Bounty Hunter followers get +2 Attack.

Sith Dragon


Jabba the Hutt
Cost 50
HP: 80
DEF: 17
ATK: +7
DAM: 10

Reinforcements 30
Speed 2

CE: Bounty Hunter followers gain +2 ATK.

Well since we are starting the set with lots of bounty hunters, we might as well review the ol' slug himself. Do you have your papers ready? Lots of them? Good! He makes an excellent paper weight. Actually he fails here too because he isn't heavy enough. The poor gravitically challenged snail cant win for losing.

Anyway, His stats are not half bad. The 80 HP is good. The 17 DEF is adequate for a non Jedi. +7 is meh, but passable. The 10 DAM sucks. His problem is that he costs 50 points. For that much you should have stats that are the size of a world devastator, but alas no. The bright side is that he has R30, which basically a 20 point character, but even at 20pts he is still lacking a purpose. Couple this with melee and speed 2 and this guy is not only going nowhere fast, but isn't even making it to the party!

He has one last little tidbit. His CE gives bounty hunter followers +2 attack. This isn't very good, but it can actually be a bit of a help when bounty hunters are attacking non-uniques with decent defenses.

100pts: Hes mean. Hes bad. Hes ugly! He is also never going to see play here....EVER!

200pts: Okay, here he sucks too, but you can actually build a decent fun squad with him. The best strategy here is to team Jabba up with Lobot. Between the two of them you get 50 pts of reinforcements (30 & 20. Not a one shot 50). The plus here is that your opponent can hack through these 50 points and will have yet to have scored a single victory point against you. This will work even better in a timed format. He will work best with the smaller bounty hunters, but that +2 can go a long ways towards helping even Boba or Jango against non-uniques in cover. While he may not win you much he is fun to dust off every once in awhile just to say 'Hey, I played a Jabba squad'. Then you can go back to you regularly scheduled squad building.

On a side note since i missed the Bib review. They passed on a real chance to make Jabba playable. They could have had Bib give him reinforcements +10 or 20 or something. ANYTHING to make him more playable, but in the end...another blown opportunity.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

Ah, Jabba the Hutt. Perhaps the least playable piece from Rebel Storm that still sees regular use, because it seems like he really could be good (and because he's a cool representation of a memorable villain from the movies).

Let's start with the good news: Jabba is the original Reinforcements piece, and still has the most options for that ability in the game, with his unsurpassed 30 points of Fringe pieces to choose after seeing the opposing squad. This can be a tremendous advantage, without a doubt. Does the enemy have a lot of Accurate Shot? Grab some bodyguards. Does the enemy have no Accurate Shot? Grab some Gonks. Droids? Jawas. Jedi? Vornskr. The list goes on, and unlike many pieces, who frequently lose value when a new set comes out, Jabba actually gets better with every set, as they all give him new options for his Reinforcements. The other good news is a decent Commander Effect, giving all Bounty Hunters a +2 to their Attack ratings. It's not an incredible bonus, but it doesn't have a range limit, so he can be sitting in a locked room somewhere and still grant it to the guys on the front lines.

Oh, and as a final piece of good news, Reinforcements don't count for points defeated for your opponent. They'll have to kill Jabba himself in order to score his 50 points, and the 30 in Reinforcements is calculated into him.

Which brings us inevitably to the bad news: Jabba costs 50 points, a price point made famous by the original Boba Fett (and the idea that they're the same value to your squad is laughable). Even counting him as a net 20 points after his Reinforcements are taken into account, a 20-point Melee character who does 10 damage and has Speed 2 isn't going to be much help to you. He does have a great (for a 20-point character) hit point total of 80, but it's pretty lousy for a 50-pointer.

So the secret to playing Jabba is to go ahead and keep him in that locked room, denying your opponent his 50 points, and forcing them to fight through his minions while he grants his +2 to Attack to everyone on his squad with the Bounty Hunter ability. The other secret is that a new set, themed around bounty hunters, was just released, and a number of the pieces in it become cheaper when used with Jabba. It also contains 39 new Fringe pieces, and some of those are bound to work well with him. So here's my challenge to you: use Jabba, find the new tournament-dominating build that involves him, and let me know about it, because I really like him and want to get more use out of the big slug.

Overall rating in 100: 1.5 (until you prove me wrong)
Overall rating in 200: 2 (again, until someone unlocks the secret awesome built into him)



Jabba the Hutt
Cost: 50
Hit Points: 80
Defense: 17
Attack: +7
Damage: 10

Special Abilities:
Fringe Reinforcements 30
Melee Attack
Speed 2

Commander Effect:
Bounty Hunter followers get +2 Attack.

The Good: Errr... well the bounty hunters get another bonus .... oooo .... oooo... and some fringe cannon fodder cost 1 less with rapport. Who am I kiddin...
The bad: He sucks ... even with fringe reinforcements, you're still effectively paying 20 points for a +2 bonus attack just for bounty hunters. If this bonus applied to all Non-Unique Fringers, then he'd be worth his weight (knee-slapper).
The Ugly: Don't let the 80 HP and Defense fool you ... he's never going to see combat moving around at 2 squares per activation. The reinforcement ability is supposed to give you a tactical edge, but at a cost of 50, there's really no benefit. Spend 50 points on Thrawn and Mas Amedda ... and a couple of grunts.

1/1 in all formats.

Zeroph Zeal
Jabba the Hutt

Points: 50
Hitpoints: 80
Defense: 17
Attack: +7
Damage: 10
Faction: Fringe

Abilities: Fringe Reinforcements 30, Melee Attack, Speed 2, Unique

Commander Effect: Bounty Hunters get +2 attack.

Jabba is a rather old piece that hasn't seen much competitve play... and for good reason. However, Bounty Hunters features new pieces that have synergy with this guy, is he worth playing now?

First the stats. With Fringe Reinforcements 30, he is actually only 20 points. For that 20, you get a solid 80, and a mediocre 17 defense, +7 attack, and a bad 10 damage. Combined with Speed 2, which is HORRIBLE, combined with Melee Attack... Jabba is clearly not a fighter but a in-the-back commander. But is Jabba worth even that?

Besides his Reinforcements, Melee Attack and Speed 2, Jabba has no abilities. He does, however, have a commander effect. It's a quite simple commander effect that gives all Bounty Hunters +2 attack. This is okay, but not really the boost that you look for in a commander. This thing can't even "negate" cover. Had it been +4 attack, he MIGHT see some uses... but as it stands now, even 20 points for a sub-par commander isn't worth it.

And that's how he was looked upon up until Bounty Hunters... where a whole lot of untis have Rapport with him. However, if anyone has read my previous reviews, you know how much I love rapport. /sarcasm It however, can be decent with Jabba. Run 20 untis that have Rapport with him, and he's a free piece. Then again, you probally won't have enough room for many Bounty Hunters after that... making him really a "why..?" kind of character. Goodie.

100 points: 1/5 Commanders suck here, expessially bad ones.

200 points: 2/5 It's possible, and his playability has increased sinse his initial release, but I still don't think he's practical.

Sculpt: 5/5 LOL! Jabba likes drugs.

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