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Mini of the Day

Weequay Thug
Set: Bounty Hunter

Date Reviewed: November 22, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.5
200 pt: 4.75



wookie lover 11 Weequay Thug: BH #51

SA: Gunner, Rapport (with Weequay Leader)

Now there used to be two gunners in the game: Chewie, RH, and the CTG. In BH, two more were added: BoShek and the WT. Both are FRINGE!!! This gives the Imp’s gunners without including Sith Lord. Now, the gunner is really cheap, and will be the most commonly used gunner, for it’s cheapness, it is only 5-6 pts. Now the rapport kinda sucks, because why play something that enhances melee, when you are obviously playing MW??

Now as a troop, I would say it sucks, but as I said, it makes the AT-ST just sick, and can help A LOT of other pieces. If you are playing mounted weapon, and aren’t using droids (If you are, include the Droid Support pieces (BDO, SBDO, G, SC)) then RUN IT!! It can help so much!! The ratings are:

100 pts: just don’t run it, as you should never run huges in 100, and as a troop, it sucks so bad. 1/5

200 pts: if you are running MW pieces, and need some cheap combiners for you MWs, then RUN IT!! 5/5 In Mounted Weapon squads (1/5 Without Mounted Weapon pieces)

Wookielover 11
The Fang Weequay Thug --- Fringe


Hit Points---10

Rapport (with Jabba)

I don’t know why on earth we’re reviewing this mini, but here goes. Well, this mini is the mini with the least cost and hit points that Pojo’s has ever reviewed.

This is a grunt. I could stop there, but I won’t. His hit points are expected, and the defense, attack and damage are all what you’d expect in a grunt of his cost. However, he does have Gunner, which is the focal point of this mini. This is one of 4 minis with Gunner, and the only non-Unique fringe mini with Gunner, so this can be huge. I could go in detail about which minis are good for combining fire, but the list is virtually endless. Rapport will never be used (unless in something like...350pt, or above squads). So this mini will be better in 200pt, as it will combine fire, but it’s just...a grunt.

100pt: 2 (don’t play grunts like him here)

150pt: 3.5 (Gunner can be further utilized, and he makes for a decent grunt here.

200pt: 4.5 (Gunner is extraordinary, and his combining fire can be huge here)

Pose: 3, Nothing special. Enough said.

May the Force be with you.

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