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Mini of the Day

Homing Spider Droid
Set: Bounty Hunters

Date Reviewed: November 09, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.2
200 pt: 3.75



Sith Dragon


Commerce Guild Homing Spider Droid
Cost: 32
HP: 70
DEF: 14
ATK: +9
DAM: 30

Accurate shot; Penetration 20; Speed 8

This piece is an absolute enigma. For 32 points its a pretty typical droid, but some of the stats don't quite make sense in this package. 70 HP and 14 DEF are pretty low for 32pts, but its about on par with droids who have notoriously bad HP and DEF. The +9 is good for droids as it gives it a Max boosted attack of +21 as well as the standard double form either Grievous or the Overseer. The 30 DAM is a major plus.

Finally we get a droid with accurate shot! This is an ability that you have to be careful with because if droids got it field wide, then they would become a very sick army.

The last two abilities are what really don't make sense. Penetration 20 is an amazing ability to have as it can pummel and overpower every DR character in the game, (BUT MONKEY time) BUT there are no characters in the game right now that have DR 20 except for the AT-AT, which both not legal and about worthless to play even if you could. This, however, begs the question....could any upcoming sets or scenario packs bring us a character that has DR 20?

And then you have speed 8. What good dos it do on this piece. It cant mobile. You don't want it charging character with the horrid DEF and HP, and in the end in the movies these things were very slow movers. I guess you can run away faster if you have to. Since huges have a hard time on difficult terrain, it helps, but as i said...why?

100/150: Forget it way too fragile

200: Here it can be played, but you will want plenty of repair and bodyguards to help it out. The accurate shot for 30 DAM can be big, but so can the pasting its going to take without the right backup. Its no Viper (but what is?) but it can be a fun piece to play.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve been looking for the Commerce Guild Homing Spider Droid to appear in the game since they released the Dwarf Spider Droid way back in Clone Strike. I wanted to know: is it a miniature version of a spider droid, or is it a droid version of the rare Brazilian Dwarf Spider? Squinting modifiers are a harsh mistress.

Anyway, the big spider droid is here now, and it’s pretty cool. First and foremost, it at long last brings Accurate Shot to the Separatists, and on a character that can (with the right support) shoot at a +21 twice in a turn for 30 damage each. What’s more, they’re a bargain at 32 points, so you might even run two of them (the problems of juggling two Huge pieces are slightly offset by the CGHSD’s Speed 8 ability).

As a small bonus to the big damage Accuracy of the Spider Droid, we get Penetration 20, meaning that even the AT-AT (only piece in the game with Damage Reduction better than 10) takes the full force of every attack. Penetration won’t come up in every game, but you’ll be very grateful for it when it does. Interestingly, a Spider Droid can take down an AT-ST in four attacks, which is reasonably impressive despite the fact that the AT-ST can kill it back in two, because the AT-ST usually lacks Accurate Shot, so might just be shooting at Ugnaughts.

As alluded to above, the Homing Spider isn’t terribly durable, but it does have the good fortune of being in the same faction as the Bodyguard Droid and Wat Tambor. Take advantage of its above-average speed to hide the thing when you need to.

The major strength of the Separatists is that their best units can be heavily modified with bonuses, allowing you to get a lot more for your points than you otherwise would. The Homing Spider gives you a Speed 8, 30 damage, Accurate Shooting cannon that you can throw Double and up to +12 Attack onto. Build around it and it should do right by you.

Overall rating in 100: 2 (huges suffer on the 100-point maps)
Overall rating in 200: 4.5 (every competitive squad should have Accurate Shot)



Homing Spider Droid
Cost: 32
Hit Points: 70
Defense: 14
Attack: +9
Damage: 30

Special Abilities:
Accurate Shot
Penetration 20
Speed 8

The Good: Accurate Shot … just what the droid army was missing. True, the Neimodian soldier has it, but the separatist organics fall short of their droid counterparts in support. Penetration may come in handy if you face off with armored units, and the extra speed doesn’t hurt. Despite it’s array of abilities, it’s lack of certain abilities like double attack and careful shot, means it will benefit from droid commander effects … always nice to get extra abilities at no extra cost. +9 Attack is decent for a droid, and it becomes +13 with the droid officer.

The bad: Huge characters are always easy targets.

The Ugly: The sculpt seems a bit off-scale. Homie is dwarfed by the Hailfire droid from the Universe pack.

100 pt: 1/5 huge droids need support ... huge expensive droids need more.
150+ pt: 3/5 penetration doesn’t always come into play, but with support – this sniper can do some major damage. Geonosian Overseer and Officer can make Homie a +13 double attacker with accurate shot.
wookie lover 11 Homing Spider Droid BH#2

Faction: Sep
Cost: 32
HP: 70
Defense: 14
Attack: +9
Damage: 30

SA: Accurate Shot, Droid, Penetration 20, and Speed 8

The spider droid is an interesting mini, so I will start with the pros. Accurate shot it good. Speed 8 and the ability to squeeze help make up for being huge, so I like that. +9 and 30 damage are good for only 32 points. Sadly, it only 70 HP and 14 defense, which means that Wat would be nice, and that you have to be careful with it. On the other hand it has access to all the Droid CE’s. This can make it +21, double attacking for 30 damage.

The amazing thing about the piece is penetration. This allows you too attack DR pieces for full damage. The Vulture has 10, but this guy apparently likes fighting tanks, and gets penatration 20, allowing him to even hit an AT-AT for 30 damage a hit, something only bane can also lay claim to, and he has to use Sith Rage. Despite that, most tanks can hold through his damage, and then beat the crap outta him. (AT-ST for one.)

100:1 NO HUGES IN 100

200: 4 great, if used right. Then you can just slaughter all tanks with SC, an SBDC, and a BDO. Still, he is really weak!!!

Against an AT-AT: With the nessecary points available, can pound an AT-AT. An Spider droid squad would kill an AT-AT.
The Fang Homing Spider Droid---Separatist

Hit Points---70

Accurate Shot
Penetration 20
Speed 8

Alright, spider walkers. I loved these things in the movies, but here they can shine a bit. Its hit points are dismal at 70, and its defense doesn’t help it much. It lacks DR so it’ll be taken down quickly. It has a tolerable attack and an acceptable damage seeing as how it lacks double or twin attack. So why do I love this mini so much? Three reasons: Droid, Accurate Shot, and Penetration 20. If you know me (and none of you do), I adore droids.

4-LOM, X-1 Viper, Dark Troopers, Guri, Probe Droid, Destroyer Droid, Octuptarra Droid, Medical Droid, the list goes on. Accurate Shot needs no explaining, but with a damage output of 30, it can dismantle Medical Droids, R2-D2, etc with ease. Penetration 20 is a bit of a weird ability, but it can help you deal with AT-STs, AT-AT’s, etc. Speed 8 is good, but nothing to over celebrate at. You normally have to build to support it, repair droids, bodyguards, etc---other minis to keep it alive. But if you have it, I’d play it in 200pt squads. I’d like to see it get DR though.

100pt: 2/5 (too fragile for 1/3 of your points)

150pt: 2/5 (it will just get taken down too quickly and can’t deal the damage needed to compete here, especially without twin or double attack)

200pt: 3.5/5 (Here it can use Accurate Shot to the best, and penetration 20. Also, it can benefit from GGSC, which you should have, to give it double attack)

Pose: 1.5/5 It’s just too cramped in this pose, I’d have liked to see the orb/‘head’ part suspended higher, oh well.

May the Force be with you.

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