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Mini of the Day

Huge Crab Droid
Set: Bounty Hunters

Date Reviewed: November 07, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 1.6
200 pt: 3.5



Sith Dragon


Huge Crab Droid
Cost: 39
HP: 140
DEF: 17
ATK: +9
DAM: 30


This has to be one of my top sculpts from this set. I just love this sculpt. This thing is a beast, not only in size but in stats. For roughly 40 points you are getting a whopping 140 HP, decent Def, +1 ATK over the norm for droid bases, and a base 30 damage. Using droid CE's it can either double attack at a _+21 for 30 DAM, or run up and smash your opponent for 40 DAM with the same attack if Grievous is still within 6.

It would have been nice to see something like DR on the big one, but this is still a very solid piece. 140 HP means you can forget the BG droids that you need for many of the other smaller droids. It one big downer is that it is a huge, and they are hard to both hide and maneuver. Add in a bit of repair though and this thing can cause some real punishment. That and it looks like a mother spider and a bunch of baby spiders when partnered with the smaller crabs. Other than that, there really isn't much to say about this guy

100pts: Droids just need to much CE help to be effective here. Plus, you don't run huges in 100pts - ever! You can lose by map choice.

150pts: Here you can give it some help. I don't think its going to be a top squad, but if you build it right then there is a good chance that it will at the least be competitive. Same map problems here.

200pts: Here it can be a very good piece. As i said above, being a huge makes it hard to maneuver and hide on the maps for 200, but it can bring in enough help to really dish out some damage. I like this piece. Its not a great piece, but it is a very good piece and is worth running in any CIS droid army.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

The Huge Crab Droid, while not the most inspired piece in the game, is an extremely solid addition to the Separatists. Starting with more hit points than anything in the game at this point cost, the HCD adds an acceptable Defense, an excellent base Damage score, and the often useful Momentum ability. Its Attack rating, while not stellar, is great for a faction that can give up to +12 in bonuses to most of its soldiers.
The key to using any Separatist droid is synergy. You build a squad that includes Battle Droid Officer, Super Battle Droid Commander, Geonosian Overseer, Wat Tambor, and/or one of the commander versions of General Grievous, then go to town with powerful droids. You try not to waste points, so if you’re using something that grants Double Attack to all your droids, you don’t include any droids that already have it. This is where a piece like the Huge Crab Droid shines, as its really just a big bank of hit points and damage output, waiting to be enhanced. Grant it that Double and some Attack bonuses, and it will consistently lay down damage for you, and survive for a good long time with its Vader-like 140 hit points.
The other important use for the HCD is as a blocker. With its Momentum, you have a solid attack on the round you move it to intercept, and its huge base makes it a good choice for keeping enemies away from your support pieces (the aforementioned Wat Tambor, et al). As usual with huge pieces, however, maneuvering can be tricky (depending on map choice), so watch for that.
Like its merely large cousin, the Crab Droid, the Huge Crab Droid is a workhorse for the Separatists. It’s not the sexiest piece in the Separatist arsenal, but it’s a completely worthwhile one.
Overall rating in 100: 1.5 (huge pieces rarely do well in this format)
Overall rating in 200: 3.5 (just plain solid)



Huge Crab Droid
Cost: 39
Hit Points: 140
Defense: 17
Attack: +9
Damage: 30

Special Abilities:
Momentum (If this character has moved this turn, it gets +4 Attack and +10 Damage against adjacent enemies.)

The Good: He’s tough – sort of – has a decent defense and excellent attack for a droid. Support characters will give this bad-boy double attack and more attack bonuses. If this droid came with those abilities built-in, its cost would be more than 39.

The bad: Huge characters are always easy targets. This guy has only one attack, and you’d be surprised at how quickly 140 hit points can get reduced to zero. Have some techs around to patch crabby up when he takes damage.

The Ugly: I can’t help but feel that this droid character could’ve come with another ability that reflected its “Muckraker” nickname. e.g.: clearing up low objects for adjacent characters, charging attack or damage reduction … just a thought. I think I see a Mod-card forming.

100 pt: 1/5 obviously, this droid needs support
150 pt: 2/5 there are squad configurations out there without the big crab that are more effective.
200 pt: 3/5 if you have a sizeable army, a couple of these could be good shields – just make sure to have some techs handy. Wat Tambor comes to mind.
The Fang Huge Crab Droid---Separatist


Hit Points---140





Alright, let’s start with this mini’s hit points. 140. That’s phenomenal for 39 points, it actually has the most hit points for its cost, there’s no other mini that costs 39 or less and has 140 or more hit points. Now onto its defense. When I first saw this mini’s defense I was a bit confused. Why would an enlarged mini (that costs 16 more) have less defense that a shrunken model of itself? Anyway I never understood that, but I guess it can be overlooked due to its fantastic hit points. Its attack score is above its former self, which is disappointing seeing as how it doesn’t have double attack. Personally I like droids, and if you’re going to play this, you should have Battle Droid Officer. Momentum helps give the Crab Droid an extra 4 attack and 0 damage which isn’t bad. But overall, it’s just a slightly beefed up version of its former self.

100pt: 2.5/5 (It takes up too many of your points and doesn’t even get double attack)

150pt: 2.5/5 (Same reason as 100pt, it doesn’t change that much)

200pt: 3.5/5 (Here it can benefit from some decent CE’s and can be put to good use.)

Pose: 3.5/5 It’s a little cool, it looks like it’s about to crush another mini.

May the Force be with you.

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