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Mini of the Day

Darth Maul on Speeder
Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: May 26, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 4.0
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon



Darth Maul on Speeder
Cost: 57
HP: 140
DEF: 21
ATK: +14
DAM: 20

Accelerate; Charging Assault +10; Cleave; Deadly Attack; Double Attack; Melee

Force 3
Lightsaber assault (F1); Sith Rage (F1)

Monday we had a mount that stunk. Wednesday we had a mount that was very good and whose only drawback was the base size. Today we look at what happens when you cross a worthless piece with a piece that is pretty good.

With the exception of costing 2 more points, his stats are the same impressive stats as CS Darth Maul. He also has the crit on 19 and 20 and sith rage. From here, though, we begin to see changes. His triple attack has been reduced to a double, but he has gained a host of powers to make up for the missing attack.

Maul on Speeder can go 24 squares if he doesn't attack, which gives him the ability to either get to a fight quickly, or he can outrun deadly enemies. The downside is that his speeder does not have flight, so he cant disengage without provoking an attack of opportunity, ignore difficult terrain, or ignore characters to move. This has seriously hurt him even though it is accurate to the speeder from the movie.

His cleave has lost its roll, but that would be hard to envision on a speeder anyway, so its not such a big deal.

He has charging assault so if your target is within 12 squares, you can charge him for some serious damage. You can even add sith rage onto it for a 40 DAM hit. If he is within 6 squares or you won init and want to get away from your opponent, you can use lightsaber assault, which will let you get two attacks in and still move. This is perhaps the best power in the game, and he is one of only three characters that have it.

All in all Maul on speeder is a great piece. So why then is he never played? the lack of flight really makes it hard to use his powers more than once without giving up an AoO. he also suffers from the same problem as all the CIS Jedi. They are WAY overcosted for what they can do and have absolutely no mid point support like the Jedi have outside of Asajj Ventress. The best pieces that support him end up creating a squad that leaves you with 4-6 activations due to high point costs.

100pt: Do not run him here. He simply lacks the power and support pieces to be run here. Even if you run him with Asajj or Aurra, he simply outruns them and gets taken out quickly despite his 140 HP. The speed will help him with shooters that are trying to hold their distance.

200pt: Here he at least stands a chance, but as i said, he lacks the right kind of support to be as effective as he could be. He makes a great fun piece and is very powerful in casual games. The sculpt is great and he is Darth Maul after all, but this one has limits. We shall have to see what his new version brings. ;)

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5
Any figure that can start twelve squares away from you and hit you in melee for 40 damage deserves some respect. Darth Maul on Sith Speeder trades some of the raw offensive potential of the original Maul for incredible mobility, and it's a trade worth making.

The general problem with melee beatsticks is that they usually get shot on their way to the fight. This was definitely the problem with the original Darth Maul, who has terrific damage potential (Triple Attack + Sith Rage is completely terrifying), but no defensive abilities at all. Against Boba Fett or Aurra Sing, he's lucky if he manages to get an attack in before he dies. Biker Maul, on the other hand, gives us Accelerate and Charging Assault. Accelerate lets you move more than half the length of the map, so if you're playing the DCI tournament rules involving points for occupying the center of the map, Maul can get there during the first round, and beat the snot out of almost anyone who joins him there with Charging Assault.

Continuing Maul's offensive arsenal we have the always crowd-pleasing Sith Rage, which stacks with Charging Assault's +10 bonus, for the aforementioned 12-square, 40-damage attack. Mmmm... goes down smooth. Obviously Sith Rage is also useable with Double Attack, letting him get in a solid 60 if he gets to stand still.

Deadly Attack is always nice, doubling the chance of a critical, and combines nicely with Cleave, so even if you don't think you're going to knock out the target, you should always try to position Maul so that, in the event of a surprise kill, Cleave can go off and let you keep slicing up enemies.

Lightsaber Assault is normally one of my favorite powers in the game, but it's all but wasted on Speeder Maul. Since the champion of the Sith can spend a Force Point on Sith Rage to move 12 and hit for 40, it's strange that he can also spend a Force Point to move 6 and hit twice for 20 each. The two possible reasons to do this are (a) because you want to hit two different targets, or (b) you want to maximize the chance of a critical (at the expense of another possible miss, depending on the Defense of your target). Your mileage may vary, but I'll usually take the Charging Assault option.

Like his predecessor, Darth Maul on Sith Speeder has no defensive abilities whatsoever. He does pack a very respectable Defense score of 21, and a great Hit Point total of 140, but he'll probably get shot up in short order if you're not very careful with your positioning. The main advantage of this Maul is that, thanks to his enhanced maneuverability, he's got a good chance to do a bunch of damage before he dies. I therefore recommend you treat him as Darth Sidious treated Maul in the movie: a powerful but expendable weapon whose main job is to kill off other powerful characters in an all-out offense.

Overall rating in 100: 3 (difficult to support with only 43 points left)
Overall rating in 200: 4 (kills guys real good)
Vesuvan Darth Maul on Speeder

The last of the Mean Mounts this week and quite easily the meanest one out their. Darth Maul has always been a powerhouse in the Minis Game since his release in Clone Strike and his Universe variant holds true to Maul's legacy of death and destruction. So what is the big change in Maul's new variant? They dropped an attack and made him mobile. The stats are the same at 140 hp, 21 def, +14 attack, and damage 20. The mounted version has a nice set of abilities that his predecessor lacked like: Charging Assault, Deadly Attack and Accelerate. He is also given the great force power Lightsaber Assault. He still has double attack, sith rage and cleave even though it is not rolling cleave. He is able to squeeze so you don't have to worry about them trying to hide. Of all the mounted figures out he is by far the best and of the current Mauls out he is considered by many to be the better, until Champions of the force is released. If you like raw power with speed then look no further. I would love to tell this mini's drawbacks but there are none. Maul is no Vader Jedi Hunter but with his speed and power you can easily build a squad to bring Vader down.


100pts 5/5 at 57 points you still have room for good support

200pts 5/5

300pts 5/5


Darth Maul on Speeder
Cost: 57
HP: 140
DEF: 21
ATT: +14
DAM: 20

Abilities: Accelerate 24 / Charging Assault +10 / Cleave / Deadly Attack / Double Attack / Melee
Force 3: Lightsaber Assault / Sith Rage

D-Maul on da Speeda! The sith know how to ride in style … D-Maul on Speeder is designed with damage in mind. A charging assault does 30 damage and gives him the possibility of an encore attack. Deadly attack in unreliable, but the increased chance of a critical is undeniable (bad poetry). Even after the initial charge, his double attack still makes a cleave follow-up very possible. It’s a good thing this figure doesn’t have Flight, but from my understanding, the speeder model Darth Maul is riding is limited in its vertical capabilities. What’s bad about Darth Maul? … I have no clue?

Ratings by Skirmish Size
100 pt: 4/5 – He’s a bit expensive to build a small squad around … any support would effectively be fodder… although a team-up with Darth Sidious may make for a deadly duo.
200 pt: 5/5 – With plenty support, D-Maul can be a nasty thorn – flanking the enemy while grunts harass them from the opposite end.

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