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Mini of the Day

Obi-Wan On Boga
Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: April 4, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 3.85
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon



p; Obi-Wan on Boga
Cost: 41
HP: 130
DEF: 21
ATK: +15
DAM: 20

Double Attack; Speed 8; Wall Climber - ignores difficult terrain, enemy characters, low obstacles, and pits so long as the square he is in and moving into are adjacent to a wall.

Force 5
Force Heal 20; Deflect

Today we are doing the best of the mounted figs this week. I loved Boga in the movie and love her as a piece. The cost is one less than Master Kenobi. You get 10 more HP, which is actually very big as it takes one more hit to kill over the 120 HP. The attack and defense are nice and beefy as well.

Boga is basically a speed and disruption piece. Not only does she have speed 8, but as long as she is next to a wall, she essentially has flight while moving. Pretty sweet to get around your enemies front line, or to get away from an enemy without provoking an attack of opportunity.

Like all the other versions of Kenobi, Boga has heal and deflect. A very nice combo when used right. Deflect will keep her safe if you can get your save, and if you get a break in the action, you can heal up a bit - or heal others.

Boga is a big and amazing piece, but there in lies the biggest problem with her - her size. Being a huge means it is very easy to get hosed on maps older than the Attack on Endor maps. Boga can squeeze to get through two wide doors, but if a character sets up in an area that is only 3x3, There is no way for Bog to reach the enemy. This is why most people choose Master Kenobi over Boga. That and Master Kenobi's lightsaber assault is huge.

However, Boga does have one advantage over all other Kenobis. Kenobi on Boga is a follower. Boga can be a 23 DEF and +17 ATK when used with Master Yoda's force valor, or become a +19 ATK if used with Tarfful.

100pt: Boga isn't a very good choice here as there are just too many holes where shooters can curl up in and shoot from where Boga can never reach.

200pt: Here it can be a gamble as well, but usually you can give Boga enough help to counter any holes that an enemy might dig into. Her speed is incredible. All you have to do is decide if her awesome powers outweigh her size. She and Obi are very solid piece to run.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5
One of the great things about Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Miniatures is that pretty much any piece based on him is really, really good. The weakest is the Rebel Obi-Wan, but if you're making a Rebel squad and you want to include a good beatstick, you can't really afford to be choosy.

The Republic player that wants to use Obi-Wan, however, he's got some tough decisions to make. General Kenobi has a terrific Commander Effect and is the cheapest Kenobi around, but a touch fragile. He's more of a commander than a standalone piece, so you should know if that's the Kenobi you want. Otherwise, you have some tough decisions to make between Obi-Wan, Jedi Master, and Obi-Wan on Boga. Let's look at why this can be a tough call.

Numbers-wise, Bogi-Wan runs one point cheaper than the Jedi Master, but one point is not a deal-breaker. Defense, Attack, and Damage are all at a dead heat, with the lizard-rider having a slight advantage in Hit Points.

In terms of abilities, both have Melee Attack, Double Attack, five Force Points, Force Heal 20, and Lightsaber Deflect. I told you this was going to be tough.
The things that actually distinguish Obi-Wan on Boga are Speed 8, Wall Climber and a Huge base. Huge size is a double-edged sword, since finding a place to put all nine squares of your base can be tough, but getting cover is much easier (oddly enough, due to the strangeness of the cover rules, a Large or Huge creature is much harder to get a clear line of sight on). A Huge piece can also be used to block up an entire hallway, denying most opposing figures the ability get past to your support (and it doesn't hurt if your impromptu wall has a nice 21 Defense and 130 Hit Points). As for the mobility disadvantages of Huge-ness, Speed 8 and Wall Climber help out nicely. Being fast is always a perk, and Wall Climber lets you act like you have Flight if someone has left some Huge piece in the middle of a hallway so you can't get past.

The things that hurt the mounted version of Obi-Wan compared to the Master version are the Commander Effect and Lightsaber Assault. Like many things that are interesting, the CE's loss is a double-edged sword. If you don't have Anakin in your squad, you won't miss it at all, and the Boga version of Obi-Wan is a follower, which makes him eligible for more Commander Effects himself (many is the time I've wished that I could use General Kenobi in the same squad as the Boga version, letting Boga go yet faster).

The one thing that really is unfortunate about not using the Jedi Master Obi-Wan is losing Lightsaber Assault. This is one of the great powers in the game, because it solves one of the fundamental problems in beatstick battles. Let's say that you each have a beatstick Jedi type with Double Attack and roughly similar numbers. If you move up to base contact with the other guy, you'll hit him once, then he'll get to hit you twice. Barring any clever retreat and/or support plans, you'll probably then both take two attacks per round until one of you dies. But if you were the guy who moved up into base contact, you're an attack behind from when you first moved up and only got one in. Lightsaber Assault lets you get in both attacks from the start, which means you've got a greater ability to decide when and where the fight should take place (ideally somewhere where you can help out your guy with some ranged support or something, because you don't really want a fair fight, do you?).

So there's the dilemma: Lightsaber Assault, or a Huge but very mobile piece? In most squads, the answer is probably Lightsaber Assault, but for some builds, you may really want the Boga. In any case, you can't go too far wrong; you're including an Obi-Wan Kenobi piece, and they're all pretty great.

Overall rating in 100: 4
Overall rating in 200: 4
Vesuvan Obi-Wan On Boga

Ok, today is a step up from the flat tire we had on monday, Obi-Wan on Boga. The stats are what you would expect for a Jedi: 130 hit points, 21 defense, +15 attack, 20 damage pretty standard for a Jedi of any sort. Being mounted he is given that extra speed and mobility you would expect with Speed 8 and Wall Climber to get to those difficult to kill support pieces. He also has Double Attack more would be nice but at 41points anything else would be overkill. He has an impressive 5 force points top off with Heal 20 and Lightsaber Defect as force powers. The one thing that this Obi has over the other republic Obis is his lack of a commander effect. This allows him to be the subject of other command effects such as Tarfful's +4 attack to adjacent enemies or CS Yoda's reroll. Him being huge open's up his attack window allowing him to make full use of that double attack. This is also one of his weaknesses. Overall this is a solid mini that has some real potenial. On a side note I took Obi and Tarfful to 200pts tournament and left many oppoents shock to +19 attack moving 8 spaces.


100pts 3/5

200pts 4/5

300pts 4/5
The General


Obi-wan on Boga

Obi-wan on Boga is a good mini. Lets start with the stats, Boga has some pretty high hit points 130, a great defense 21, a great attack +15, and average damage 20. With the high stats Boga is already hard to hit but with his abilities it makes it hard to stop. Boga has Double Attack, Melee Attack, Speed 8, and Wall Climber. Speed 8 makes Boga incredibly fast but what really helps is Wall Climber, with it as long as Boga's base is touching a wall he ignores low objects, difficult terrain, pits and the like. This makes Boga very mobile for a huge character. Having a jedi on board also grants Boga two force powers and 5 force points. The powers, Force Heal 20 and Lightsaber Deflect simply add to Bogas survivability.

Boga can serve as both a shield to soak up attacks with his stats and force powers but with his mobility can be used to quickly strike at an important piece. Boga also counts as follower allowing him to take advantage of many commander effects making Boga one of the the most versatile pieces out there.

100 pt: 4/5

200 pt: 4/5


Obi-wan on Boga
Cost: 41
HP: 130
DEF: 21
ATT: +15
DAM: 20

Abilities: Double Attack / Melee Attack / Speed 8 / Wall Climber
Force 5: Force Heal / Lightsaber Deflect

Obi-Boga costs 41 points – 1 point less than Obi-wan Jedi Master. Obi-Boga has 10 more hitpoints, same DEF/ATT & damage scores and a couple of interesting abilities. On Boga, Obi-wan gains Wall-climber – a somewhat circumstantial ability that requires an adjacent wall. The fact that you can ignore enemies while moving, however, makes it a valuable ability to have in a melee. The extra speed is also a plus. Retreating without attacks of opportunity in order to use force heal can increase this character’s longevity. Obi-wan retains most of his force abilities (the most important ones), and 5 force points ensures that he’ll have plenty of opportunities to use them.

The downside is the huge size. Obi-Boga’s size makes it quite often a clear target. But considering his defense of 21, you can probably look past the minor flaw.

Ratings by Skirmish Size
100 pt: 3/5 – Obi-Boga is probably a better choice than the medium-sized Obi-Wans, and the extra speed may help close the distance between you and your enemy in a smaller game without risking overwhelming attacks.
200 pt: 3/5 – Obi-Boga is more vulnerable than its smaller counterparts in a larger game, but if the map is kind, you’ll be able to take advantage of the wall climber ability.

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