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Mini of the Day

Bodyguard Droid
Set: Revenge of the Sith

Date Reviewed: April 18, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 3.0
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon



Bodyguard Droid
Cost: 20
HP: 60
ATK: +8
DAM: 20

Bodyguard; Droid; Lightsaber Resistance (+2 DEF against adjacent force rated characters); Melee

The bodyguard is one of the best bodyguards in the game. Not only is it there to protect key pieces, but unlike the Twi'lek, this guy can pack a punch.

His 60 HP is decent as it can absorb a pounding, but what makes it even better is that Wat and the Iktochi tech can repair this guy, naking him last well past his 60 HP. His 20 point cost also allows Wat to bring one in as a reinforcement if needed.

His defense is a very good 18, but when attacked by an adjacent character with a force rating it goes to a 20 which puts it in the upper echelons of the Jedi defenses.

His attack starts as a +8, but if runnign a droid centered squad, a battle droid officer makes him a +12. If he is with in 6 of Supreme Commander Grievous he get another +4 and double attack. If he is attacking and has a Super Battle Droid Commander within 6 he gets yet another +4. Meet all of these conditions and you have a +20 double attacker on your hands. Not bad for a bodyguard.

This guy can be best used in droid squads for the reasons mentioned above, but he can also be run with Seperatist Sith characters to give them longer lives as most lack any sort of defensive powers, other than Dooku/Tyranus having block.

100 pt: Seperatists generally don't do well in 100 pt games, either as Sith or droid, but if you have the room this is not a bad piece as it can be both bodyguard and attacker.

200pt: Here it is very easy to fit at least one if not two or three in a squad depending on whats called for. You will want at least one in any CIS squad you run. They work the best with Supreme commander Grievous. For 20 pts this character is very solid.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

Shortly after Episode III came out, my wife (Mrs. Ten-Eyed Man) came out of the shower singing, “I wish I was a guard for General Grievous\That is what I’d truly like to be\’Cause if I was a guard for General Grievous\I’d be the coolest droid in the movie.” Truer words have rarely been sung to a hot dog jingle. The Bodyguard Droid is a terrific piece, befitting the way cool Jedi-fighting, staff-spinning, head-not-needing droids from the movie.

For 20 points, you get 60 more hit points to plug into the character of your choice, which is exactly double both the cost and the extra hit points for the Twi’lek Bodyguard (reviewed Monday). However, Bodyguard Droids go on to also double the Damage statistic of the alien pole dancer, as well as the Attack value (the Defense, while not doubled, is a healthy 3 points higher). Lightsaber Resistance pushes the Defense a little higher against the premier melee combatants of the game, which is a nice bonus.

This is all very well and good, but the ability that really makes the Bodyguard Droid incredible is the other really obvious one in his name: Droid. As a non-Unique droid for the Separatists, the coolest droid in the movie can reap handsome rewards like Double Attack, Careful Shot (useable on melee attacks despite the name), a total of +8 Attack from Fire Control and Supreme Commander Grievous, and the Repair 20 ability of Wat Tambor. Faction synergy just oozes off these guys. Supported correctly, a couple of them can be attacking twice per round at a +20 to hit (Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter may only need a ‘4’ to hit them, but they would only need a ‘3’ to hit him) (in your helmeted face, Vader!).

Finally, no discussion of the Bodyguard Droid would be complete without mentioning the Destroyer Droid. This is where the Separatists can really make use of that Bodyguard ability, because, as we know from the Destroyer Droid review a few weeks ago, the only problem with those guys is their low Hit Points. If you can plug in an extra 60 (which will still get all the benefits of Shields 2) (huzzah!), you’re doing well. If those extra 60 hit points can also fight, benefitting from the same stat boosts that you wanted for the Destroyer already, so much the better.

All in all, the Bodyguard Droid is a great buy. They can be used to defend other pieces, or they can be a key part of your own offense, using their eponymous ability to spread the damage between them and keep any one from getting eliminated.

Overall rating in 100: 4
Overall rating in 200: 4.5
Vesuvan Bodyguard Droid Review

As far as bodyguards go there are few that can hold their own in melee. This is one of them. The main drawback of this one is that for a body guard it has very little hit points. However it is a droid so is subject to many good droid only commander effects. If you run Grievous Jedi Hunter he is almost a must to make Grievous the threat he was meant to be.

100pts. 1.5/5
200pts. 2/5
300pts. 2/5
The General


Bodyguard Droid

My first review in a while. The bodyguard droid is an excellent bodyguard (go figure). 60 HP and 18 defense means it can holdout for awhile against regular troops. +8 is a great attack for 20 pts and 20 damage finishes it off. For abilities it has guess what Bodyguard, Droid, and Lightsaber Resistance which adds 2 defense when attacked by a jedi. If that was all it had this piece would be broken, but it also has Melee Attack. Because of Melee Attack and Droid it renders the bodyguard droid completely immune to the two things it will most likely be guarding, the Gonk Droid and Med Droid.

The bodoyguard droid is better suited to guarding minis out in the middle of the battle like Sly Moore. This not to say he shouldn't guard med or gonk droids, his high HP and Defense let him do so easily.

100 pts: 3/5

200 pts: 4/5


Bodyguard Droid
Cost: 20
HP: 60
DEF: 18
ATT: +8
DAM: 20

Abilities: Melee Attack / Bodyguard / Droid / Lightsaber Resistance

At 20 points, this droid character costs twice as much as the previous body guard mentioned this week (the Twi’lek). But look at what you get for 20 points … twice the hit points, a higher defense and double the attack bonus & damage. This droid is a formidable bodyguard indeed .… Its lightsaber resistance gives it a couple extra points on defense against jedi as well. The drawback is that it’s not Fringe. You can play him only with the Separatists, but that’s not so bad. He’ll qualify for all those juicy commander effects and droid bonuses, and he’ll be invaluable at keeping your commanders safe on the battlefield.

Ratings by Skirmish Size
100 pt: 1.5/5 – At 20 points, you won’t have an open slot for this character in a small skirmish.
200 pt: 4/5 – A Sep army will benefit from a Bodyguard Droid without a doubt. He’ll extend the lifespan of any commander vital to your strategy.


Hey everyone, I'm Justin T., or Skilanky64. Let me start by introducing myself to you guys. I've been gaming for ages, ever since early Pokemon, and my resume includes playing Magic, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Wars Minis, Heroclix, and currently Vs (and Minis). I love gaming and I love to write about games. But without further ado, lets begin!

Bodyguard Droid

20 Points
60 HP
18 Def
+8 Atk
20 Damage

Faction- Seperatist

Special Abilities:
Lightsaber Resistance
Melee Attack

He's a great piece for the 20 points, practically he's a Jedi! I've actually created really fun squads using only Grievous and Bodyguard Droids, and even great squads such as a full seperatist squad. I really love this piece, and he's really good. You could use him in any good Seperatist Line-up, put a couple in with Maul, or Sidious, or even as a grunt piece in a hybrid Aurra Sing/Boba Fett Line-up ^_^. Lets see how he stacks up in point values.

100 pt- 5/10
200 pt- 7/10
300 pt- 9/10
400 pt- 5/10 (for this many points, you could put in much better pieces)

100 pt- 5

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