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Mini of the Day

Set: Rebel Storm

Date Reviewed: May 15, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 3.5
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

The Twi’lek Pole Dancer, as she’s affectionately known, has been a mainstay piece for as long as the game has existed. The reason is simple: she’s the only Fringe piece with the Bodyguard ability. When the game first came out, she was the only piece with the Bodyguard ability at all, which made her very popular indeed. If your strategy depended on Princess Leia, Senator, you could do a lot worse than giving her an extra 30 hit points.

Times change, especially in collectible strategy games. There are now a number of bodyguards to choose from, including Chewbacca, Rebel Hero (the finest bodyguard in the game); the Bodyguard Droid (reviewed later this week); and Aayla Secura (another female Twi’lek who guards bodies; weird). There are even a handful of Commander Effects that grant Bodyguard to other pieces (Yoda, Jedi Master; Padme Amidala; and Captain Typho), so it’s not so rare an ability any more.

But if you’re paying careful attention, you’ll notice that there’s a major faction that went completely unrepresented in the list above. Apparently there are no Imperials willing to just lay down their lives for whoever is standing nearby at the time. Oh, sure, there are the Noghri (who have Thrawn’s Bodyguard) and the Royal Guard (who have Emperor’s Bodyguard), but, generally speaking, Imperials are self-centered bastards. Consequently, the Twi’lek Bodyguard can easily find a home in Imperial squads. Want to throw another 30 hit points on Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter? Well, that makes you a bad person, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing it (save guilt). Need someone to take care of Tarkin or your Probe Droid? Look no further than the the exotic dancer with a heart of gold.
There are also the “minor” factions, of course: the New Republic and the Yuuzhan Vong, soon to be joined by the Old Republic and the Sith. With these factions having so few pieces, they probably won’t have many Bodyguard characters either for a while, in which case the Twi’lek can help them out, too.

The long and the short is that Bodyguard is a very useful ability. The Twi’lek Bodyguard doesn’t offer anything else, so if you’re playing a faction that offers better Bodyguards, use them, but she can fill a valuable role for those factions that don’t.

Overall rating in 100: 3.5
Overall rating in 200: 3.5


Twi’lek Bodyguard
Cost: 10
HP: 30
DEF: 15
ATT: +4
DAM: 10

Abilities: Melee Attack / Bodyguard

Not the most reliable bodyguard, but if you want to maybe keep an attack or two from hitting your commander, she’ll work out for a reasonable cost. Make sure you’re spending those points for the bodyguard ability, and don’t expect her to see a lot of combat. A ranged attack would round out this character immensely, but her cost would also go up a few points. Twi’lek bodyguard is also useful in countering accurate shot enemies looking to take out your main character. She’ll protect your commander for at least a round … maybe two. If one of your characters is vital to your strategy, including one of these wouldn't be a bad idea.

Ratings by Skirmish Size
100 pt: 1/5 – She’s taking up space here … and a waste of an activation just to follow one of your characters around.
200 pt: 2.5/5 – She’ll take a hit or two and help your commanders avoid accurate shot for a while.
Sith Dragon Twi'lek Bodyguard
Cost: 10
HP: 30
DEF: 15
ATK: +4
DAM: 10

We kick off bodyguard week with one of the best low cost utility pieces in the game. 30 HP is pretty good for a 10pt melee character with no real attack threat. Her 15 DEF is really good, but everything else is pretty bad, but that really isn't important because she is not an attacker.

This Twi'lek is run for just one purpose - to keep things alive for bodyguard. It can add HP to an important commander or keep tech pieces such as Gonks and med droids alive. Bodyguards like her are nice with med droids because you can pick and choose where to place damage, so the med droid can keep healing her or the piece being guarded as it chooses. Another bonus to Her is that if Lobot is in your squad you can bring in two of her if your opponents squad warrants more bodyguards.

The one thing you want to be careful to watch out for is that damage from grenades, lightning, and missiles cannot be bodyguarded. This is the weakness to using bodyguards.

100pt: You wont see her often here, but if you have a solid built it can help round out your squad to give your characters just that much more life.

200pt: Here it is much easier to fit a couple in, and as I stated, she is great for Lobot's reinforcements if needed. Normally she will be found more in tech squads then power squads, but if you have a handful of points at the end and are not sure what to do with it, try her out and see if she fits your squad.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

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