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Mini of the Day

Han Solo, Rebel Hero
Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: May 10, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 5.0
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon Han Solo, Rebel Hero
Cost: 35
HP: 90
DEF: 19
ATK: +11
DAM: 20

Accurate shot; Cunning Attack; Mobile Attack
Force 1
CE: Followers within 6 squares gain Advantageous Attack

Han Solo, Rebel Hero is one of the best figs in the game right now for a number of reasons. He has a nice 90 HP so he can take some pops and keep going. The 19 DEF is good. The +11 attack is not real good, but it can be modified by his abilities. His single force point is supposed to represent his luck, but I think they could have found a better mechanic for this as he is now susceptible to anti-Jedi effects like Jedi Hunter. The 20 DAM is solid.

His accurate shot is good, not only to pick off support pieces, but for his other ability. When he attacks a character that has not activated, Han becomes a +15 for 30 damage. It can make opponents think whether they want to activate a big character early to save them from Han's damage, or to risk it so they can move a piece they need to move.

Mobile attack is an awesome ability that we talked about back with Lando. It is a frustrating ability that makes your opponent come to you while you hit and fade. This will help Han protect his 90 HP from your opponent's accurate shooters.

It is his CE, combined with Ackbar, that makes the rebels so dangerous right now. Characters will either get +10 DAM from Han or +4 ATK form Ackbar. Either way everyone just became much more dangerous. Aurra can now shoot for 30 DAM (40 against Jedi!) and Boba can double attack for 30 a pop.

100pt: Han is a very big character in the 100pt scene, and you will find him teamed up with several characters form Chewie to Aurra to Boba and more. While Jedi Hunter Vader is pretty much the piece to beat at this level, Han and Co. can give every team a run for their money.

200pt: Here you can add in Ackbar to offset Han's Advantageous attack so your squad is very well balanced if you add in the right followers. Old Ben can double for 30 DAM if he gets to go first. Han turns the rebels into a force to be reckoned with. Since Han has accurate shot you don't even need to lead with him unless you need to take down a big piece in a hurry. He also works well with his buddy Lando as they can both mobile attack (one early, one late), frustrating your enemy.

When running rebels at any level, Han Solo, Rebel Hero is a must!

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5
Han Solo, Rebel Hero took one of the best figures from Rebel Storm and made him better. Back in Rebel Storm days, Han was a tournament mainstay, offering 20 damage, Cunning Attack, and Accurate Shot (allowing him to get the most out of Cunning Attack by targeting figures that hadn't activated yet). He also had a Force Point, allowing for a critical re-roll and (sometimes more importantly) to be the recipient of Obi-Wan's Force Spirit. Yep, RS Han Solo had it all, and is almost completely obsolete now.
For a mere seven additional points, Han Solo, Rebel Hero does everything his predecessor did, but adds two points of Defense, three(!) points of Attack, ten Hit Points, Mobile Attack(!), and a pretty cool Commander Effect that allows followers to hit for an additional ten points if they're shooting someone who hasn't activated yet. Seven points.
In all fairness, there is one thing that the RS Han has on the new one, which is the double-edged sword of being a follower (followers are subject to more Commander Effects than guys with Commander Effects of their own). The 28-point Han, backed up by Admiral Ackbar and Princess Leia, Senator, is a reasonable substitute for the Rebel Hero, but let's not kid ourselves; the new Han is better, and a lot better, at that.
For better or worse, WOTC took one of the competitive pieces for the Rebels and replaced it with the competitive piece for the Rebels. Accept no substitutes, every Rebel squad should use this guy.
Overall rating in 100: 5
Overall rating in 200: 5
vornargith Han Solo, Rebel Hero
Cost: 35
HP: 90
DEF: 19
ATT: +11
DAM: 20

Abilities: Unique/Accurate Shot/Cunning Attack / Mobile Attack
Force: 1
Commander Effect: Followers within 6 get Advantageous attack (+10 Damage)

Solo, Rebel Hero is a well rounded character for the cost of 35… decent attack and defense, his hit points will keep him alive and his damage is pretty standard for a Unique attacker. At first glance, you’ll probably say “It’s too bad he only has one attack,” but if you look at the abilities he does have, you’ll contently see why.

He’s an accurate shot – just about mandatory for your main ranged attacker. His Cunning Attack has the potential of boosting his attack to +15 and damage to 30. Solo’s Mobile Attack will enable any smart player to snipe and hide.

Solo’s force give him a reroll. But it also makes him vulnerable to Jedi Hunters. The new Yoda of Dagobah in the Champions of the Force will give Solo more rerolls by using Yoda’s force points, which may be more appealing in the larger 200 pt. skirmish. We’ll see …

His commander effect is best used on grunts with decent attack scores. When combined with other commander effects, Han Solo can greatly increase the damage potential of a well-built grunt squad.

Ratings by Skirmish Size
100 pt: 2.5/5 : his full potential lies in a larger skirmish where others can benefit from his protective sniping and CE
200 pt: 4/5

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