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Mini of the Day

Admiral Ackbar
Set: Universe

Date Reviewed: April 8, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: -
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3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

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Sith Dragon



Admiral Ackbar
Cost: 21
HP: 70
DEF: 14
ATK: +4
DAM: 10

It's a Trap - Enemies within 6 squares lose stealth; Recon - Roll twice for initiative, choosing either roll, once per round if any character in the squad with recon has line of sight to an enemy.

CE: Followers within 6 squares gain +4 ATK against an enemy who has activated this round.

This week we are going to look at three of the best the rebels have to offer, starting with Admiral Ackbar. Ackbar's stats are pretty bad. He has a hefty 70 HP for his cost, but from there it is down hill. Attack, Defense and damage are all down hill from there. However, you are not going to play Ackbar for his attack numbers.

Ackbar is first and foremost an Admiral, meaning he is there to command not fight. 'Its a trap' Is the most efficient way to negate stealth squads including that of the Nom Bomb squad. Recon is nice provided your opponent doesn't have accurate shot as you can hide Ackbar behind the rest of your squad then you get two chances to roll for initiative.

But why he is really good is that he gives followers a +4 ATK against characters who have activated. This allows for some rather beefy characters. Dash Rendar turns into a +14 for 30 DAM. Aurra and Boba become that much bigger, and it helps fellow rebels Luke and Obi-Wan, among others. When played opposite Han Solo, Rebel Hero, the rebels either attack for a lot of damage or attack with really solid attacks.

The rebels right now have the best synergy in the game with Ackbar being a solid reason for this. You are going to want to keep him safe for as long as possible, but When the fighting becomes intense at the end of the game, his high HP will allow him to step out for the Recon ability. If they do not have accurate shooters, then he can step out for the whole game provided you are not running a mobile attack squad.

100pt: You wont see much of Ackbar here, as you need to be able to hit big and he just doesn't have the room to pull in the best support here. Running characters with Advantageous/Cunning/Opportunist can be dangerous, especially effects that require your opponent to go first late in the game when the game is on the line.

200pt: Here Ackbar can have enough followers that he is almost a must for the rebels. Squads can do fine without him, but why turn down an easily obtained +4 ATK? He wont attack much, but he can combine fire if needed, so his 21 points is worth it and not too pricey for such good effects. He can be hard to pull or find, but generally his price isn't too steep. Obtaining him should not be too hard. Running rebels, I would suggest running him if you can get him.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5
Xoulrath Admiral Ackbar. Certainly the most popular fish-head I know off, outside of Flipper (who isn't really a fish), but I digress. To the point. A great commander and addition to the Rebel faction. Although his 21 point cost allows him to be placed into a 100 point game with adequate support, he is far better off in 200; where he can be used with other Rebel heroes and commanders to the fullest.

His stats are not anything to boast about: 70 HP's, 14 Defense, +4 Attack, and 10 Damage. His abilities start to make him interesting: Recon for initiative assisstance, and "It's a Trap!", which allows Ackbar to negate the Stealth ability of any figures within 6 squares of Ackbar. While useful in and of itself, it is a great counter to any Nom squad you may run across.

To top off what is a decent character, and a real boost to the Rebel faction, he was also given a CE that gives followers within 6 squares +4 Attack against activated figures your opponent controls (for that round, of course).

That is Ackbar in a nutshell. Not quite the Master Tactician Thrawn is, he makes due with lesser Abilities and a very nice, but situational, CE at a reasonable price. His CE may be situational, but in a 200 point game (which is where Ackbar will spend most of his time), there will always be activated figures to get the boost against. He also boasts a mere 10 HP's fewer than Thrawn who costs 16 points more, though his Defense is four lower, and Thrawn can actually hit something more than the broadside of the Millenium Falcon. Ackbar is better off combining fire, than trying to hit anything with his pathetic Attack. With that said, Ackbar has some great help from the fact he can give his bonus to all followers, not just the non-Uniques that Thrawn can boost.

Bottom line: He is just like most commanders in the game; better off in 200, where he can truly get support to benefit from his CE and Abilities. He doesn't fare too poorly in a 100 that is movie-themed (Han, Luke, Chewie, Nien), but it certainly isn't tournament worthy. A good piece that any Rebel player should have.

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