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Aurra Sing
Set: Clone Strike

Date Reviewed: May 3, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 5.0
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon



Aurra Sing
Cost: 37
HP: 130
DEF: 21
ATK: +11
DAM: 20

Accurate Shot; Careful Shot; Jedi Hunter

Force 2: Lightsaber Sweep (F1)

Today we come to perhaps the best character in the game. Aurra Sing is one of the few characters that have absolutely no downsides to her. She is fringe, so she can fit into any squad you build. Okay, Droids may be a bit of a stretch, but even there it could work. The other thing she has going for her is that she only costs 37 points, making her cheap enough to not cost you too dearly to fit her in, unlike Boba Fett at 50. Another thing she has over Boba is 20 more HP and one more defense point, making her harder to kill than Boba.

Her attack is both better and worse. Where she benefits is that she doesn't rely on uniques to get her attack up like bounty hunters do. She simply needs to stand still to get the +4 from her careful shot. Here she trails Boba by a single point, BUT against characters with force ratings she gains an extra +4 from her jedi hunter. Since Jedi have the highest defenses in the game, this makes her a +19 ATK. In short she isn't going to miss much, as long as she can sit there. The other plus is that Jedi will also suffer an extra +10 DAM from jedi hunter causing 30 DAM total. Gonk her up and it is a Jedi's worst nightmare.

Aurra of course has accurate shot. This makes her able to shoot anyone on the board, so like Boba, she can pick off support pieces or make sure that the opponent's beat stick is in sad shape by the time it moves in. Aurra is a follower. She can benefit from all CE's for followers, and gain boosts to her ATK as well as DAM, making her that much more lethal.

Aurra also has two force, being a fallen Jedi. This gives her the ability to reroll bad attacks or move two extra squares during her movement. She also has something not all jedi have - a force power. Most people prefer to use Aurra to sit back and blast away, but she can also be a good point when the army build requires it. She has the HP and DEF to survive leading an assault. Once she can base a few characters, she can use her sweep to get multiple attacks off. This can make her very deadly against Jedi who have to base her to hit.

The only downside is that she is a clone strike piece, and is very expensive to obtain, but well worth it.

100/200 pt: She is the same in either - down right awesome! You will see her in most every build for those that have her. She is long range support for
those that need it, or point leader for armies that need protecting. Her lone enemy is the Viper droid. She may end up shooting herself, but her force points are good for rerolls on the failed saves. While Boba may take Aurra down head-to-head, Aurra has the versatility to fit into more armies. She earns her 37 points with ease.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5


We are talking about Accurate Shooters this week, and we discussed perhaps the best overall character in the game, Boba Fett, on Monday. Today, we will look at another character who makes a strong an argument as Fett for that title: Aurra Sing.

We'll get to the nitty gritty of what makes Sing so darn good and get it out of the way: 37 points, 130 HP's, 21 Defense, Accurate Shot, and Jedi Hunter. She has an Attack and Damage stat, of course, which are +11 and 20, respectively. She also has one more Ability, Careful Shot +4; in addition, she has two Force points to use on rerolls, movement, or her lone Force power: Lightsaber Sweep. It is the combination of her cost, and the first stats/Abilities I mentioned that truly make her so dominating. Everything else is just a bonus.

At 37 points, she can fit into a large number of squads, at the 100 and 200 point level, while leaving plenty of room for support; and she needn't be the focus of the squad.

Jedi Hunter allows her to hit Force users with a +15 Attack for 30 Damage. That can be boosted to +19 if Careful Shot +4, which gives a +4 bonus to Attack if you do not move, is taken advantage of. Accurate Shot keeps those Jedi /Sith (or "lucky" figures like Han) from hiding behind a wall of fodder, since sAS allows her to ignore the legal targetting rules.

Her Lightsaber Sweep is great for fending off a tag team of Jedi/Sith, most of whom have the Melee Attack restriction. To deal damage, they will have to base her. Since moving in such a situation results in much damage, Sing can make use of Jedi Hunter, Careful Shot +4, and Lightsaber Sweep; allowing her to attack each adjacent Force user once, to the tune of 30 Damage, easily applied by virtue of a +19 Attack.

Her HP's and Defense are a huge advantage over what Fett brings to the table (although his stats, Abilities, and sheer damage potential make him every bit worth the cost), allowing you to play her a bit more aggresively, when you nay be backing off with Fett. A one point boost to Defense may not seem like much, but it is huge.

Consider this: If Aurra fires at Fett in cover, using Careful Shot +4, she needs a 9 to hit. Fett firing at Aurra also needs a 9 to hit, despite having a +16 Attack against her (she has only a +15 utilizing Careful against Fett). Granted, Aurra has to stick her neck out, risking 40 Damage, and stay put to do so, otherwise she needs a roll of 13 to pop Fett in cover. Her point cost and stout HP's allow her to do just that. She can take the risk for a couple of reasons Fett can't. Force points allow her to reroll a miss, Fett can not lay claim to such a feat. She could fire after Fett has, and assuming she hits Fett ( and he hits with Double), they are both sitting at 90 HP's, courtesy of that 20 HP boost she has. Yet Sing has an extra 13 points of support. Which goes a long way in a squad. This game isn't figure versus figure, where barring extreme luck, Sing will lose to Fett in a shootout. It is about finding th e right balance of characters for the cost, which Sing allows you to do easier than Fett.

More so than anything else, Sing may have surpassed Fett as the number one gun, due to Han, Rebel Hero. His CE allows her to deal +10 Damage against unactivated figures. Her Accurate Shot lets her dictate whom she plans to shoot, and Force users really need to watch out, as she will pound them to the ground with the aftershock of her now 40 Damage.

In addition to Han, you can also bring in Lobot, and you have what many consider to be the best squad in the 100 point game. Lobot gives the necessary Override needed in a tournamet setting to deal with R2; yet, he also gives Reinforcements 20 which allows you to tailor the squad to your needs. If you see Vader, JH across the table, bring in a Gonk to effectively give Sing Double Attack, and watch your opponent cry. It is Sing's low point cost that allows a combination like this to even be possible.

Which brings us right back to square one. Sing is a powerhouse due to her low cost of 37 points, she is Fringe and can be put into any squad, is subject to CE's, and her high Defense and HP's are more akin to a Jedi restricted by Melee Attack; than a non-Melee who attacks from across the board.

She doesn't have the best sculpt around, but it isn't horrible, though the painting isn't the best on most (if not all, and this is a Clone Strike problem all around). If you don't own this figure yet, well, good luck finding her for less than about $50 US. She is certainly worth it; if you play hardcore, cutthroat tournaments, or are huge into the EU, and collect all that is Star Wars. For those of you who want one, hope the price drops a bit with the very limited re-release. Don't hold your breath, though, as some "collector" pieces may experience a small drop; I expect the prices to hold steady, and then continue to rise, for the "must have" competitive pieces.

Aurra Sing

If you read my review on Boba Fett, you know that I’m a little puzzled by the “ultimate badass of the galaxy” status that the fan community has thrust on him, but since it happened, it makes sense that his miniature is among the most powerful in the game.

Why then, is Aurra Sing, who appears for approximately three seconds in one movie and is never heard from again, another of the most powerful pieces in the game? I suppose this is a question for the philosophers. I’ll settle for reviewing her.

Anyway, check this out: imagine for a moment that there was a Jedi character in this game with an excellent Defense of 21, very good Hit Points of 130, and a respectable attack of +11 to go with the standard Jedi Damage score of 20. She’s got Lightsaber Sweep as well, and a crazy ability that gives her +4 Attack and +10 Damage against most of the other high-end figures in the game. Oh, and if she holds still, she gets another +4 to Attack, virtually guaranteeing a hit on any of the aforementioned high-end figures. Sounds all right, right? So if she had a cost of, say, 37 points, that would be cool?

Yeah, cool.

The problem is, she can shoot, too. And not in that mamby-pamby, I’m-Kyle-Katarn-and-carry-a-peashooter-that-does-10-at-range-next-to-my-lightsaber way, either. She does her full 20 (30 against Force-users) at range.

Wow, she’s pretty good.

It gets worse. She’s also got Accurate Shot.

Oh, come on! For 37 points? Along with her Jedi Hunter, Careful Shot, I-never-miss-you-ever numbers and abilities, she can choose her target? And this woman was on screen for 3 seconds in one movie that also contained Jar Jar Binks?

I’m afraid so. Add this level of awesome playability to the fact that she’s from the legendarily sold out Clone Strike expansion, and you can start to see why eBay seems to have her around $70 these days.

Geez. I could almost get a case of Universe for that.



Strange-but-true anecdote, by the way: The very first Clone Strike pack I opened contained Aurra Sing, but mine didn’t have any arms. I eventually got her traded into WOTC for a new one, but for a while she made a pretty pathetic sight on the battlefield, running around and killing people left and right with her torso powers.

Overall rating in 100: 5

Overall rating in 200: 5



Aurra Sing
Cost: 37
HP: 130
DEF: 21
ATT: +11
DAM: 20

Abilities: Accurate Shot / Careful Shot / Jedi Hunter
Force 2: Lightsaber Sweep

This is one miniature I don’t have, and given the going price to acquire it – I’ll never get my hands on it. Her stats are amazing considering how much she costs. She costs just as much as IG-88 and has 50 more hit points and Jedi-killer abilities. Accurate shot makes her deadly as it is … her lightsaber sweep tips her over the edge. If any figure is broken in the game, it’s Aurra Sing. At 37 points, you won’t get a better character (45 seems like a more realistic cost). If a ban list ever comes up, she’ll be the first on it, unless her cost gets an errata.

Downside: I’m not dishing out $70 for any miniature … ever. Anyone who is willing to spend that amount on one mini seriously needs to reevaluate their priorities.

Rating by Skirmish Size
100 pt … 5/5: At 37 points, you’ll have plenty of points left over to complete your squad.
200 pt … 5/5: Her abilities and low-cost should guarantee a place for her in your army.

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