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Mini of the Day

Mas Ameda
Set: Champions of the Force

Date Reviewed: June 27, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 4
200 pt: 5


Sith Dragon



Mas Ameda
Cost: 8
HP: 30
DEF: 14
ATK: +3
DAM: 10

Affinity (Empire); Booming Voice; Cunning attack; Melee

This week is 'wow week' simply because these are three characters that are single handedly changing the face of the game.

The first is Mas Ameda. Why he has republic loyalties when Sly Moore was fringe is beyond me, but he also has affinity, which allows him to be played in imperial squads. I would have preferred him to have affinity to the Emperor, simply because he is a piece the empire really didn't need. He just made some sick commander effects even more powerful, and the Empire doesn't need any more help.

His stats are not very good in a fight, but for his cost they are actually pretty good. Should he need to make an attack he has cunning attack to help boost his stats, but you are going to want to keep this guy buried in the deepest corners of the board.

His effect is what makes him a bit under costed in my opinion, especially for the Empire. Booming Voice - Allies CE effects that normally limited to 6 squares have unlimited range. Gone are the days of clustering around a commander so your character can get gain his CE. A character can now be anywhere on the board. The only restriction is that, because the range is unlimited and not lost completely, you need to be able to trace a line from the CE to the target. If the commander gets closed into a room, then the CE will not work, but with the release of the ugnaught, that should not be a problem.

This new effect allows Gen Windu to give extra attack to any character on the board, Thrawn to swap board wide, the Vigo to protect field wide, veers to give accurate shot all across the board, and the list goes on.

100pt: I don't see him being played here, but only costing 8 pts he can fit if you play smart. The best build for him here will most likely be imperial.

200pt: Here he is a game breaker for the reasons i mentioned above. You no longer have to cluster around your commanders. Thrawn just became all the sicker because of this, but the republic will get some nice help as well. Just be very careful to keep him out of sight so he doesn't get picked off. In 200 point games he is a must if you have any commanders with a range 6 CE.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5
Vesuvan Mas Amedda

Hello, I know it has been awhile but now I am back. We start off Wow! with what could be the first banned mini in the game. When I pulled Mas Amedda from the booster and read his card I thought that this had to be a typo because they couldn't and wouldn't make such a powerful mini for only 8 points. Eight points is filler in most squads and Mas is staple. I won't go over the whole mini but cover the two points that could cause this to be the first banned mini. First he has Booming Voice. Which can remove the range on commander effects. NOTE you still must draw line of sight to the commander. With the powerful commanders that were released with cotf he can turn a meger squad of grunts to one army of cheap mini jedi. Now for the second, Affinity Imperial. Did they stop and think when they added this power. The empire has some of the best commanders in the game, Thrawn and Veers for starters and now the new Vader. Stormies now don't have to be crowed around commanders so area damage which was one of the few things that could stop Thrawn are now useless. If you would like an idea of how powerful he is here is a little story for you. I put Mas in a 100 point squad with Sev and other republic grunts and commanders. This squad then ripped Vader JH to shreads and drank coffee while doing it. Then he was placed in a squad with Thrawn and stormies. They chewed on Yoda and the Jedi friends network leaving nothing but a Jedi padawan who exploded when he took a crit for 80 damage. If you don't have a Mas and play the Empire or Republic get one now.


100 4/5 good but more support is better
200 5/5 Fear with Thrawn
300 ?/5 Haven't seen yet


Mas Amedda
HP: 30
DEF: 14
ATK: +3
DMG: 10
Cost: 8

Special Abilities:
Affinity: This character may be included in Imperial squads.
Booming Voice: Allies commander effects normally limited to 6 squares have unlimited range.
Cunning Attack
Melee Attack

The Good: For only 8 points you can bring a whole new dimension to your Imperial squad with Booming Voice. The ability is amazing if your squads rely on commander effects with range limitations.
The Bad: None
The Ugly: None

An essential piece for imperial squads and other range limited commanders.

100 pt: 3.5
200 pt: 5 ... here, his Booming Voice really lends its support


Mas Amedda (CotF)

Faction: Republic, but can be in Imperial, too.
Cost: 8
HP: 30
DEF: 14
ATK: 3
DMG: 10

Affinity (Can be in Imperial Squads)
Booming Voice
Cunning Attack
Melee Attack

Hello, and welcome to a new week with some of the new Champions of the Force pieces. Starting things off, we have the useful character known as Mas Amedda.

Starting with his stats, for 8 points, he does pretty well for himself. 30 HP is the same as a Probe Droid, which is good, 14 DEF that allows him to... well, its just good for 8 points, 3 ATK isn't gonna smack at much as well as 10 DMG, but he isn't out here for offense. These stats, however, aren't the reason we run him.

For starters, he is unique (obviously). He has Affinity, which allows him in Imperial squads (hello, Thrawn!), as well as Cunning Attack and Melee Attack. He isn't gonna attack too much, so the CA and MA isn't a big deal. Here's the thing, though: WE RUN HIM FOR BOOMING VOICE!! This nasty little effects states that the boundary of 6 squares of CE is now infinite! So, with Thrawn or with General Windu, he is a must.

In 100 PT or 200 PT, he rocks! So, if you use a bunch of CE or you use Thrawn/Windu, run him. Don't argue with me, just run him.

100 PT: 5/5 (If used right.)
200 PT: 5/5 (If used right.)

"May the force be with you."
Kevin This week were reviewing some of the republics new characters. First up we have Mas Amedda. First up, the stats.

cost: 8
Hit Points: 30
Defense: 14
Attack: +3
Damage: 10

Special Abilities:
Affinity, This character may be included in Imperial squads.
Booming Voice, Allies commander effects normally limited to 6 squares have unlimited range.
Cunning Attack, This character gets +4 Attack and +10 Damage against an enemy who has not activated this round.
Melee Attack, This character can attack only adjacent enemies.

Let the cries of broken begin. For a cost of 8 points, Mas Amedda is dirt cheap, the issue is, well, he's dirt cheap. 30 hit points for under 10 cost is always very good. 3 to one or better for hit to cost is always nice.
The 14 defense is horrible, but for the cost, it can be tolerated. The attack of three with melee attack for 10 damage is also pathetic, but once again, for the cost, and in comparison to others of the cost, it is acceptable. So why the cry's of broken? Lets begin.

First lets fix the attack and damage. The cunning attack gives him 7 attack and 20 damage, which is much more respectable. Now for 8 points that's pretty good as is. Maybe without melee it would be good. So, for combat, Mas Amedda is not to bad, for his cost anyway. I could stop here and give him a decent score, but there are two more effects I need to address. First there is affinity. He can go in either a republic or imperial squad.
Making him more useful. The second, booming voice, is where the term "broken" comes in. With one skill, effects that, quite simply, weren't meant to affect the whole field, now do. Use him with the new windu and every follower (including Mas) gets an extra attack, how about the clone trooper sergeant giving all the new troops crits on 19 or 20? Or why not kits +4 ageist wounded enemies anywhere? Then there is CS yoda, use him and everybody can reroll failed saves anywhere. Best of all, because he can be on an imperial team, every commander effect that the imperials have now translate across the map as well. Want to swap darth vader with that tusken that is right next to the enemy, go for it. Want every no unique follower in your squad to have accurate shot? With veers, we can do that too. How about any character being able to attack an extra time? Well, with the imperial officer you can give one no unique anywhere another shot at the enemy. I could write an entire strategy guide about just this figure because of how much he changes the tactics of the game (and just might), so i'll cut to the chase.

100 points: For 8 points, you should have no problem adding him in, and if your using a commander, you really should. Just keep the commander of choice and Mas hidden, and you are set. 4/5 (most commanders cost a bit, adding 8 to a single ones cost isn't always worth it in 100)

200 points: Ok, to put it bluntly, there is no reason this person shouldn't be in any squad he can be in unless you are not using commander effects.

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