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Mini of the Day

Darth Bane
Set: Champions of the Force

Date Reviewed: June 24, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

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100 pt: 2.80
200 pt: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Sith Dragon



Darth Bane
Cost: 82
HP: 200
DEF: 20
ATK: +16
DAM 30

Double Attack; Jedi Hunter

Force 2

Force Renewal; Lightsaber Assault; Sweep; Throw;Master of the Force 2; Sith Rage; Sith Sorcery.

Darth Bane. They just dint get any bigger than this. And just so as he is the one that created the Sith rule of two, and reshaped what they would become. All of his stats are off the chart, save 1. 200 HP puts him up there with the Reek and AT-AT for HP. His attack is a +16, and his base damage of 30 is the largest base DAM for a Jedi. His defense? Well, I will come back to that.

He only has double attack, but to give this guy a triple would push him into the first `100 pt character simply because nothing could stand against him. Jedi already fear him as he becomes a +20 for 40 DAM with his Jedi hunter. Even with double attack that puts him just 10 points of damage dealt lower than a triple attacker who hits on all three triple attacks with a rage. Bane's crits are just to be feared, plain and simple.

His force powers are even bigger! Force 2 isn't very good, but with force renewal he joins the class of a growing number of characters. But where he steps ahead of all but Yoda, Bane has master of the force 2, so he can spend force points twice per turn. He has almost every offensive force power in the book. Assault, sweep, and throw allows you to customize his strategy accordingly. As i mentioned, he has Sith rage to up his damage output to 40 per hit. He also has Sith sorcery, which is really nothing new and is rarely used. It simply activates all characters within 6, save 11, but the good thing on Bane as it does not replace turn or attacks, so he can still use his powerful offense with it.

100pt: Bane has some serious potential here. He really cant hang toe to toe with Jedi hunter, but he has enough in his arsenal that he can customize his attack to deal with him if you play smart. Time will only tell how good he becomes here.

200pt: Actually Bane is one of the only character that may actually take a dip at 200 pts. At 82 pts, he takes almost half of your team, and with 200 pts every gun that can will be trained on him to take him down as fast as possible. His major downside that keeps him from being insane huge is that he has no defense. His DEF is only 20 and he has no defensive powers, so he needs every one of his 200 HP. After playing him, he seems to go down hard and fast if you cant get up there fast enough. He is fun to play and is good, but without the right support in 200 he is going to have some problems.


Darth Bane? Darth Lame?
Cost: 82
HP: 200
DEF: 20
ATK: +16
DMG: 30

Abilities: Double Attack, Jedi Hunter, Melee, Unique
Force 2: Renewal 1 / Lightsaber Assault, Sweep and Throw / Master of the Force 2/ Sith Rage / Sith Sorcery

The Good:
Bane is the ultimate melee monster and nasty to Jedi (if not to everyone in general). He can dish out tremendous damage at close range, and he can benefit from some Commander Effects.

The Bad: He's a melee monster - if you can keep him at a distance or maintain 2 or three lines of defense, you'll take him out quickly.

The Ugly: When I faced him, his player had already beaten two others. I had barely beaten Darth Vader Jedi Hunter earlier with my droid squad so naturally, I was apprehensive about facing a bigger Jedi. After I read his stats though, I new it was going to be an easy kill. At 100 pts., my opponent's squad was 82% Bane and 18% cannon fodder. My squad consisted of Droids, including a droid officer and two destroyer droids. Bane is easier to hit than Vader (I needed to roll only an 8 or better to hit Bane), and he has no way of blocking incoming attacks and no damage damage reduction (unlike Vader). Of course, I new I had to take him out before he closed to melee. I sacrificed my crab droid to stall Bane (and inflicted 50 damage before he defeated it) while my other droids took out his Dark Jedi master. By the time Bane reached the last destroyer droid, he was dead.

100 pt …. 1/5: at 82 points, he'll have no support, and a player who knows what he's doing and has the right squad will take him out before he can fart.
200 pt … 4.5/5:  Bane is logically better suited for a larger squad where he'll find support. With more targets on the field, he'll be able to close into melee range. Yeah, I don't think I'd want to face him in this format.
Kevin Finally, we have a new face. So far this week i've seen slightly weaker
versions of already existing figures, now, we have darth bane. First, the
joyful stats.

Cost: 82
Hit Points: 200
Defense: 20
Attack: +16
Damage: 30

Special Abilities:
Double Attack, On its turn, this character can make 1 extra attack instead
of moving.
Jedi Hunter, +4 Attack and +10 Damage against enemies with Force ratings.
Melee Attack, This character can attack only adjacent enemies.

Force Powers:
Force: 2
Force Renewal 1, This character gets Force 1 each time it activates.
Light saber Assault Force 1, replaces attacks; Make two attacks.
Light saber Sweep Force 1, replaces attacks: This character can attack every
adjacent enemy once.
Light saber Throw Force 1, replaces attacks: Attack 1 enemy within 6
Master of the Force 2, May spend Force points up to 2 times in a single
Sith Rage Force 1: This character get +10 damage on all its attacks this
Sith Sorcery Force 2, usable only on this character’s turn: Enemy characters
within 6 squares are considered activated this round; save 11.

I am overjoyed to review a character that there isn't a half dozen copies
of. Darth bane is a wrecking machine. with a base attack of 16, 20 ageist
force users, and a base of 30...yes I said 30 damage, 40 ageist force users,
not much is going to survive an attack from him. On top of that, he has
double attack and sith rage, meaning ageist a jedi he can hit for a gruesome
100 damage in a round. Throw in the force renewal, and the ability to spend
force twice in a round, and you have a weapon. But wait, it gets better.
He had light saber assault. Use that and sith rage at the same time and you
can go 6 squares, attack twice, and do 80 damage, 100 vs force users. To
top it all off, he has light saber throw. Meaning he has a 6 square ranged
attack for 30 damage. all I can say is WOW.

Unfortunately...darth bane is only a weapon. A meaty weapon with 200 hit
points, but still a weapon. He has no defensive abilities aside from sith
sorcery, which is hard to use at best, and that defense of 20 makes him at
least possible to hit (unlike vader jedi hunter). If your opponent is brave
enough, he can take this guy out, but he will take heavy losses. The final
problem is the cost. 82 is more then I would spend on almost anything. He
is good, but can you beat a squad with just him?

100 points: Well, like vader jedi hunter, you use him and he is the squad.
Unlike him, he can't stand alone quite as good. With the lack of the
ability to defend himself, and the very high cost, he will pummel the enemy
then fade from existence. You have to be extremely aggressive to mae him
work in a 100 point game, but it can be done. I'd say he is about right for
his point cost. 3/5

200 points: Here he is trouble. You can give him support and he can still
beat everything to a pulp. He is good but not perfect. I would either run
him thru the enemy and tear them up asap or save him till last. Either way,
he will do a lot of damage. 4.5/5

Holy crap. For those of you who don’t know who Darth Bane is supposed to be, he’s the guy who instituted the Sith’s rather limiting “Rule of Two,” the idea that, at any given time, there should be exactly two members of their secret society to overthrow the galaxy. Presumably the reason he did this is because he assumed two guys like him would be able to conquer the galaxy, and if you look at his stats, it’s hard to argue.

Beginning with a stellar +16 Attack, 200 hit points, and an unprecedented 30 base damage for a lightsaber wielder, Bane’s numbers make a solid foundation for a power piece. The Achilles heel here is a mere 20 in Defense. 20 would be respectable on most pieces, but on an 82-pointer, it’s pretty low.

As for abilities, Double Attack would be unforgivable, except for the aforementioned 30 base damage and the as-yet-unmentioned Jedi Hunter. Since each of those two attacks are likely to be for 50 damage (once you factor in the Sith Rage that I haven’t yet brought up), I’m willing to overlook a mere Double Attack. Oh, and did I mention that, with Lightsaber Assault and Master of the Force 2, he can move six squares, activate Sith Rage, and hit a fellow Force-user for 100 points? I didn’t? That’s because it frightens me.

Naturally, this monstrosity also has Force Renewal, because it wouldn’t be fair if he couldn’t do this stuff all through the fight. He’s also got some other lightsaber-related powers, so he has a few options for getting those 50-point hits on you.

The problem with Bane, naturally, is that he’s gigantically expensive at 82 points. Normally, this would make him strictly a piece for 200+ point games, because you get out-activated and shot very quickly with that many points lumped into one piece. The saving grace here, and the reason Bane is playable in 100-point games, is Sith Sorcery. With this insanely good power, Bane doesn’t even have to break his stride or stop killing people, he can use it any point during his turn (as long as he doesn’t interrupt another action). He can move twelve squares and use it, or he can do it at the beginning, middle, or end of a Double Attack. What does this easy-to-use power do? It activates every enemy figure within six squares (save 11). If too many enemies make their save, you can even use Master of the Force to try again (and your enemies won’t be able to use another Force Point to make the save, since it’s still Bane’s turn).

Understand that all of this doesn’t change the fact that putting 82% of your eggs in one basket is still risky, but Bane makes it a better bet than usual.

I say again: holy crap.

Overall rating in 100: 3.5

Overall rating in 200: 3.5

Sorry about the short review today, but all I can say is this: Bane > Jedi Hunter.  That's all there is to it.  Now, I probably would prefer Jedi Hunter in 100 PT battles, seeing as I could run Sith Witch and Probe Droid with him, but Bane is really devestating in the right squad in 200 PT battles.  If you have him, and running Sith, run him.
100 PT: 4.5/5
200 PT: 5/5
"May the force be with you."

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