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Mini of the Day

Princess Leia, Captive
Set: Rebel Storm

Date Reviewed: June 16, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 3.0
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sorry, we don't have this card.


A pretty regular topic on Wizards of the Coast’s message boards for Star Wars Minis is “Who do you think is the most useless piece in the game?” My usual answer is the Klatooinian Enforcer, but it’s a pretty tight race with Princess Leia, Captive. My internal argument goes something like this:

“The Klatooinian is the most useless piece, because with a +1 Attack rating, his odds of doing anything useful other than combining fire with other pieces are almost infinitesimally slim. There are several better pieces in his point range that can do everything he can and more, making him by definition the worst piece.”

“But,” I argue back with myself, “Princess Leia, Captive can’t even combine fire, restricted as she is by Melee Attack. Furthermore, not only are there several better pieces in her point range, by using her you prevent yourself from using one of her other versions, who are both solid figures. The Klatooinian has many sins, but at least he doesn’t negatively affect how you can spend the rest of your points.”

“Aha!” I always retort against this argument, “So’s your face!”

Buoyed by this unassailable logic, the Klatooinian Enforcer holds on to his tarnished crown as Worst Piece in the Game, but by a pretty narrow margin.

As my delusional head-voice says, this Leia is hampered by Melee Attack (which she doesn’t share with either of her other versions). She also has an abysmal Defense of 13. Rounding it out, she doesn’t have a Commander Effect, while both of her “sisters” have pretty good ones. Compared to Senator Leia, she’s trading these drawbacks for +20 hit points and an extra Force Point. Compared to Rebel Hero Leia, she, uh, costs one point less. Seriously, that’s it. The Rebel Heroine has the same or better numbers in every category, a good Commander Effect, and no melee restriction, for one more point.

Klatooinian Enforcer is looking better and better...

Overall rating in 100: 1
Overall rating in 200: 1


Princess Leia, Captive
Cost: 13
HP: 60
Def: 13
Atk: +7
Dmg: 10

Force: 2

The Good: 60 hit points for 13 points (I had to put something here) She’s only good for special scenarios or casual play when special rules are used.
The Bad: With such a low defense and sad damage potential, her 60 hit points might as well be 20 hit points.
The Ugly: A leather bikini doesn’t provide much armor.

1 in all formats (There are better Fringer characters available … like the gonk droid)


Princess Leia, Captive (Rebel Storm)
Faction: Rebel
Cost: 13
HP: 60
DEF: 13
ATK: 7
DMG: 10

Melee Attack
Force 2

Finishing off "Rebel Scum" week, we have Luke's twin for the finale. Once again, I would like to compare her to the other Leia, and then I can give my two cents. Here's the senator:

Princess Leia, Senator (Rebel Storm)
Faction: Rebel
Cost: 13
HP: 40
DEF: 15
ATK: 7
DMG: 10

Force 1
Commander Effect (Each follower that ends its move within 6 squares may move an additional 2).

So, when comparing the two, Captive Leia has this:
Cost: Same
HP: +20
DEF: -2
ATK: Same
DMG: Same
+Melee Attack
+1 Force

However, Captive Leia doesn't have a Commander Effect AND she has melee attack, which means no shooting allowed.

In a nutshell, this thing on its own is somewhat nothing but crap. Its more of a collective... until Champions of the Force came out. Thanks to CotF, we have Jacen Solo, which works well with her. Here's what happens: She is allowed to be in the same squad with him, right? She also has force points, right? Well, let her die (sounds evil, doesn't it?), and then use Jacen's "Unleash the Force 60" which will deal 60 DAMAGE to anyone within 6 squares of him! That can take out many droids, troopers, even some weaker or injured jedis! Which one you want to use, though, is entirely up to you.

In 100 PT or 200 PT, she sucks horribly in the Rebel picks. However, use her with Jaina and Jacen Solo and then you have something. So, here are the ratings:

100 PT (via Rebel): 1.2/5
100 PT (via New Rebel): 4.7/5 if used right

200 PT (via Rebel): 1.3/5
200 PT (via New Rebel): 4.7/5 if used right

"May the force be with you."

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