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Mini of the Day

Set: Revenge of the Sith

Date Reviewed: June 05, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 1.5
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon



Cost: 35
HP: 60
DEF: 18
ATK: +10
DAM: 40

Order 66; Rigid; Mounted Weapon; Speed 8

This week we have Walking Weapons week. We are going to cover some of the biggest and best shooters in the game. Today's piece is the first of the mammoth guns, even thought it is a mini mammoth. 35 is priced about the same as a solid, unique Jedi, but is it worth it? I'll come back to the 60 HP In a minute. An 18 DEF is the same as some of the lower Jedi and is quite solid on a piece like this. The +10 ATK is also very good, and since its a follower it plays very well with Kit making him a +14. The 40 DAM is astounding! So why isn't this piece seen in play?

Well there are a couple reasons. First of all it is a a very hard to pull VR from a retired set, so finding them is hard enough, but then there is the 60 HP. As stellar as its stats and damage are. Boba and Aurra can take this guy out in a single turn. The 60 HP makes it too fragile in competitive play, but there are a couple things you can do to help this. You can add bodyguards to help it last longer. By using Lando, HoT, you can give it mobile attack so that it cant be hit. It's speed 8 will help here to give it a wider range of movement. If you are using General Kenobi, then you can move an additional 2.

But there is also another answer that i like to use - Yoda, Jedi Master. By using Master Yoda you can do a couple things. Force Valor will make the AT-RT a 20 DEF without cover and a 12 ATK if you do not want to use Kit. Those are solid stats for a non-Jedi piece, especially one that does 40 DAM. Also, with Master Yoda you can bring in Wookiee bodyguards to extend the life of this piece beyond its fragile HP (Wookiee Commandos work the best if you can get them). Also by using the Aerial Clone Captain you can get an extra attack out of it. IF built correctly, it can be powerful piece, but in the end it still suffers from the one thing that single handedly killed the Clone army - Order 66.

The Sith Lord Emperor has execute Order 66. This means that characters with O66 cannot attack him, but this does not change targeting rules. If the emperor is in front, you cant target characters behind him because he is the only legal target. Remove this effect and clones are very good, but people are just too afraid of running into Sith Lord Palps to run too many of these pieces. On the other side, the AT-RT can be in a squad with SL Palps, so that gives it access to Imperial CEs, which can also be a big help.

This is a very good piece given the right support, but it is hard to run it as a big gun for that price only to have it negated by the Emperor.

100pt: WAY too fragile for this format. Its 60 HP makes it all too easy for top shooters to kill it before it can even shoot.

200pt: If built correctly it can be a very good piece in 200, but in the end you still have to worry about Sith Lord Palps. Order 66 has killed clones, but be patient, in a matter of days CotF may make this piece and its clone brethren, not only playable but winnable. ;) If using this piece, you pretty much have to design your squad around it to be effective.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5
Kevin Big Guns week this week, meaning we have some of the heaviest hitting
characters in the game. Up first is the Republic's AT-RT. First lets look
at the stats.

Cost = 35
Hit Points = 60
Defense = 18
Attack = 10
Damage = 40

Special Abilities;
--order 66
--Rigid (can't squeeze)
--Speed 8 (can move 8 squares and attack, or 16 squares without attacking)
--Mounted Weapon (Only allies with Mounted Weapon or adjacent allies with
Gunner can combine fire with this character)

For its cost this isn't a horrible set. The 60 HP for 35 points is a bit
weak but the Defense of 18, 22 in cover, makes up slightly for this short
coming. It still means a triple attacker can make short work of this
character so try to avoid anything with a light saber. Speed 8 may save you
for a few turns from being based but don't count on it to heavily. Also the
larger base means it has more places to be based and less mobility in some
areas. Something to take note of is that this character is a follower and
is non unique, meaning that almost any commander effect works on this guy.
On top of that, it has order 66, meaning that, in a 200 point or greater
game, you can team it up with the emperor and give it access to some of the
best commander effects available. Aside from that, it is also one of the
only characters with access to gunners. The little 8 point clone gunners
can combine fire with it, get enough of them together and you can have the
AT-RT firing with an attack of up to 54 due to its base. This is still
nothing special, since the gunners are easy to pick off and add more points
to the squad. The final highlight of this character is its damage. 40
damage is good no matter how you look at it, so long as it doesn't come back
at you. A single attack of 40 can devastate characters, even more so if you
can get several hits on them. Problem is, with that single attack, the
high cost, and the few hit points, the AT-RT is just a giant target that is
very easy to take down.

For 100 point games, there are several better things I can think of that you
can put in for 35 points. The damage it can do just makes people want to
get rid of it faster, and with the low amount of hit points, they can get
rid of it in a hurry. 1/5

As for 200 point games, there are still few uses for this piece. If your
running an imperial squad you may put it in for show, but in reality, its
just not that useful and there are just so many other pieces that are better
than it. 1.5/5


Hello, mini fans! To start off Big Guns Week (complimentary from SithDragon) we have the AT-RT from the Revenge of the Sith set. The stats are as follows:

AT-RT (Republic)

Cost: 35
HP: 60
DEF: 18
ATK: 10
DMG: 40

Order 66

Rigid (Can't squeeze)

Speed 8 (Can move 8 squares and attack, or 16 without attacking)

Mounted Weapon (Only allies with Mounted Weapon or adjescent allies with Gunner can combine fire with this character)

As you can tell, it has rather weak stats compared to other pieces in the game with a similar point cost, but a sweet 40 DMG to make up for it. With HP of only 60 and DEF of only 18, that means you'll need to protect it if you use it. Also, with an ATK of only 10, most of the time you'll need to combine fire, which can ONLY be done with other characters with Mounted Weapon or Gunner (hence the text). However, the reason someone would want to use this piece is the nifty 40 DMG it packs. However, you need quite a bit of support if you wish to pull that off (or very lucky rolls).

Its effects aren't very pretty, either. It does have Speed 8, which is always good for either outrunning your opponent or making a more aggressive move, so that's a good thing. Also, it has Order 66, which is good if you're using it with your ROTS Palpy, but bad if your opponent has him. The other two effects, Rigid and Mounted Weapon, hurts this piece. Without the ability to squeeze, being a large piece, more crowded maps is not where this thing belongs. As for Mounted Weapon, so much for combining fire with anyone. This means you'll have to use Clone Trooper Gunner and other mounted weapon/gunner pieces to up its attack.

So, in 100 PT and 200 PT, it doesn't exactly shine in either scenario unless you enjoy using a variety of Clone Troopers. There are better things out there.

100 PT: 1.5/5
200 PT: 1.8/5

BTW, if anyone wishes to contact me (because I'm lonely...), the best way to contact me is MasterNinjaDuelist@yahoo.com. I check it when I can, so don't worry about not being heard. Hope to see you around! ^_^

"May the force be with you."

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