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Mini of the Day

Emperor Palpatine
Set: Rebel Storm

Date Reviewed: June 02, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Rating: 4.3
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Sith Dragon



Emperor Palpatine
Cost: 40
HP: 130
DEF: 20
ATK: +0
DAM: 0

Force 4

Force lightning (F2); Force Renewal 1; Force Storm (F2 - Replace attacks, 20 DAM to all adjacent characters)

CE: Characters in you squad can spend emperor Palatine's force points.

This is perhaps the nastiest piece in the game, fitting since he is the source of evil in the movies. He has a solid 130 HP, so he can take a beating and his 20 DEF is very solid. He cannot attack or combine fire, but with force powers like his - who cares!

He has force 4 and force renewal 1, so not only does he have a solid start, but he should be up to 6-8 FP by the time the real battle starts. Being lightning week he has force lightning, same as the Sith Witch. This really makes teams scatter their characters so the Emperor cant chain his destruction through your squad. He also has Force storm. You wont use this very often as you would rather not let multiple characters base him, but he can do 20 Dam to every adjacent character.

What makes him the nastiest piece in the game besides the lightning is his CE. ALL characters in your squad (save savage and droids), can use his force points. You AT-ST rolls a horrid number against a character you need to hit? No problem. Use the emperor's force points to reroll it. Your vornskr is 8 away from an unactivated Jedi? Spend his force point to move the two extra squares and attack! Then you have the sickest squad in the game only stoppable by Thrawn (and is the one time I am Happy for Thrawn's existence as this squad is unstoppable. Thrawn makes it impotent so it is hardly played any more) You use Wednesday's Sith witches with Thrawn (for init only) and the Emperor for an almost unlimited supply of force lightning. It cant be stopped or bodyguarded, and that range of 6 can close in a hurry. Power squads with AT-STs, Han, Aurra, Boba stand a chance as they can mow down the witches fast enough if they don't miss, but if the map is melee friendly they could have a problem.

100pt: You wont see him much here, as he needs more room for his CE to be effective and get the necessary support. But he is viable even though he can fall quickly to the accurate shooters.

200pt: Here he shines for all his evil glory. Everyone can reroll their attacks or move farther without the penalty that force points can provide against Jedi hate pieces. Thrawn has run this lightning squads out of competitive play because they die fast and hard without their lightning. But his other friend in Vader from RotS. Vader gets limitless force chokes for 20 DAM and then Palps fries them. I have taken a Jedi Hunter out before he could even attack. He may be hard to get as those that have him don't want to part with him, but in my opinion this character is almost as big a must as Thrawn in an imperial squad. He just brings too many bonuses to the squad to be ignored.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

Today's review is the scariest piece in the game that will get beaten to death every single time by one Yuuzhan Vong Warrior. The Rebel Storm Emperor Palpatine is one of the most interesting pieces in the game, in part because he's a 40-point piece with zeroes in both Attack and Damage.
The reason to field Palpatine, of course, is that he's the Dark Lord of the Sith, and consequently has some pretty cool Force powers and one terrific Commander Effect.

Force Renewal is one of the Big Powers in this game (along with Accurate Shot and Override). With most Jedi-types, you have a few Force Points, you do some cool stuff with them, and then you're mortal again. If you've got Force Renewal, however, you can reasonably count on having FPs available for the entire fight, no matter how long it goes. This eases any sense of urgency you might have to get in there and make those points matter, while simultaneously giving you a reason to put off the confrontation a little. After all, the more times Palpatine activates before he starts spending Force Points, the more he'll accumulate. Depending on your play style, this might seem like a great advantage or the least fun ever. Both viewpoints are valid.

Force Lightning is a great double-edged sword. It's guaranteed to hit and do a solid 30 damage, but if the Emperor is going mano a mano with a beatstick, he fries himself as well. Try to stay on the offensive with Palpatine, and see if you can nail clusters of enemies, rather than getting based. As discussed in the Nightsister Sith Witch review, Force Lightning is terrific against Bodyguard and Tow Cable-based tactics.

Finally, there's Palpatine's forgotten power: the noble Force Storm. I have never seen this power used in a tournament, though I've counted at least three occasions when it was clearly the player's best option. While it does only 20 damage, it hits everyone adjacent to the Emperor, and it has no possibility of hurting him. Brilliant, but easily overlooked and forgotten.

As good as these abilities are, if this was all Emperor Palpatine had to offer, he'd never get played (at least not at 40 points). Fortunately, he's got one heck of a Commander Effect. It turns out that when he leads them into battle, the Emperor can grant all of his Stormtroopers and AT-STs and black-masked sidekicks the use of his Force Points. With this sort of backup, the low Attack values common to Imperial grunts are less of a hindrance, since they can reroll their attacks, or they can get a speed boost from Move Faster. Naturally, Imperial Force-users can also benefit from this, since they no longer have just one or two uses of their best ability; they have as many as you care to give them.

As befits the guy who tricked a galaxy into making him its absolute ruler, Emperor Palpatine is a great piece whose presence on the battlefield can be felt everywhere your troops are. He does fall apart against Force Immunity, however, so be prepared for that fact and bring other pieces that can kill Thrawn and the Vong.

Overall rating in 100: 4 (at this point level, Palpatine is best used as a Force battery for Vader or a handful of Sith Witches and/or Dark Side Marauders)
Overall rating in 200: 4.5 (here you have more freedom to bring a mixture of troop types; only Droids and Savages won't benefit from Palpatine's presence)


Cost: 40
Hit Points: 130
Defense: 20
Attack: +0
Damage: 0

Abilities: Unique
Commander Effect: Share Force Points
Force: 4 • Force Renewal • Force Lightning • Force Storm

The Good: Palpi starts off with 4 force points and has renewal (sweet). His force powers aren’t going to see much action in the early stages of the skirmish. Let the points build up while his underlings use their force powers and siphon points from him when they’ve exhausted theirs. Let the enemy come to you. Use your pawns to weaken them, then use your close-range abilities to guarantee damage. Palpi is a nice piece to use with force characters with limited points but extraordinary power, such as Sith Witches with lightning.
The Bad: He can’t fight
The Ugly: You don’t want to spend too many of his force points until you’ve used his commander effects as much as possible. That means you’re effectively playing a skirmish minus 40 points in strength for the first 2-3 rounds.

100 pt … 2/5 … Not enough to build support … Palpi’s Commander Effect goes to waste, and the fact that he’s a 40-point non-combatant doesn’t digest very well in a 100 pt skirmish.
200 pt … 4/5 … Here is where Palpi shines! You’ll have enough points for support and maximizing his commander effects.
ninjaduelist Emperor Palpatine Review

Hey everybody, and happy Friday (not that it matters anymore b/c of summer vacation)!

Since I'm new to the crew, I might as heck introduce myself. My real name is Robert, I'm from Iowa (don't laugh!), and I have been playing miniatures for some time now. I have seen all 6 episodes, like drinking generic tea (not really), and work on the side making below minimum wage (sad, isn't it?). But enough about me, here's the review!

To finish off our lightning week, we bring you Emperor Palpatine from Rebel Storm:

Emperor Palpatine

Cost: 40
HP: 130
DEF: 20
ATK: 0
DMG: 0

Force 4
Force Lightning
Force Renewal
Force Storm

Commander Effect (Palpy shares force points, in a nutshell)

So, as you can see, he can be quite a handful for your opponent if used in the right team. His HP is very good for a 40 PT piece, a decent amount of defense to protect himself from some shooters, but he doesn't have any ATK or DMG. We don't use him for is attack, though, now do we?

The true reason to run Emperor Palpatine is with his force powers and commander effect. He has Force 4, which allows him a more solid start than Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter.. He has Force Lightning, which what brings him to this week's theme, which one of two ways Emperor Palpatine deals his own damage. Without Force Renewal 1, this piece would have lost alot of its use, since it relies on its force power, as well as other force characters (Nightsister Sith Witch, Darth Vader JH, etc.) on your squad. The Force Storm is nice when Palpatine happens to get teamed up by a bunch of jedi, but we can only hope it never comes to it. Personally, try to stick with Force Lightning and keep Emperor Palpatine away from adjacent enemies.

Lastly, the commander effect. The commander effect reads: "Characters in your squad can spend Emperor Palpatine's Force Points". This is why he is such a generous (yet evil) team member for Imperial squads. He shocks with his lighning while allowing his comrades (Nightsister Sith Witches) to follow. With Force Renewal 1 to keep feeding the team, he is a force to be reckoned with!

Speaking of squads, use him in the 200 if you can, and 100 only if you intend to run a bunch of Sith Witches. Good either way, but more fun in 200 PT.

That is why, my fellow players, I give you these ratings:

100 PT Team: 4/5 (If using Nightsister Sith Witches)

200 PT Team: 4.8/10

"May the force be with you."

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