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Mini of the Day

Bastila Shan
Set: Champions of the Force

Date Reviewed: July 28, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 2.25
200 pt: 4


Sorry, we don't have this card.

Sith Dragon


Bastila Shan
Old Republic
Cost: 46
DEF: 19
ATK: +13
DAM: 20

Triple Attack

Force 4: Battle Meditation (F2) - For the rest of the skirmish, this character gains the following CE: Allies who combine fire grant an additional +2 ATK. Enemies may not combine fire.; Force Valor (F2); Deflect; Sweep

We wrap up KOTOR week with the second most anticipated new effect for a character from this set. Everyone was looking forward to Corran and his melee reach 2, but people were also debating how Bastila's Battle Meditation would work as well.

Once again we have a character that seems a tad over costed for the stats like Malak, but has some very nice abilities to back up the gap in cost. Bastila has average stats for a mid-range republic Jedi. All real good, but nothing terribly great. The 19 DEF is kind of poor on a 46 point character, but otherwise she is solid. A lot of where her cost comes from is the fact that she has triple attack. That accounts for at least another 10 pts. She is also the cheapest triple attacker out right now.

Four force points is a very solid base for force. She has deflect and sweep, making her fairly aggressive fighter, but its her other two abilities that can define her. The first thing to note is that both Battle Meditation and Force Valor give her a CE. Without using those two abilities Bastila remains a follower and subject to whatever future commander effects come out for future characters. This makes her a very versatile character, being able to be ran as either a follower and a commander. Force valor is a the same as it was for Master Yoda. It can be nice to boost your fellow followers +2/+2, but you may not want to use it all the time. Battle meditation I think is a bit watered down from what it should be, but is still a solid force power. It gives a Baron Fel type effect if you like to run swarm soldier armies, making it easier to combine fire, as well as preventing your opponent from combining fire against you. This can be great if you have opponents that also like to run swarm shooters as their main game mechanic may be denied to them. The downside to Battle meditation is that it generally will not stop your opponent from combining fire if they are running droids as they are immune to the CE, but it will stop the Imperials as, once used, it is a CE and not a force power.

100pts: Here she isn't going to fair very well because she does not have the killer stats or the room for her abilities to bring in enough support to work properly. She can be fun, but don't expect too much from a lone Jedi.

200pts: Here she can do some good, but as was the New Republic after Universe, the faction just doesn't have enough solid support released yet to make it a good squad. You can run OR soldiers and some cheaper 5 point characters for a combine fire squad, or team her up with the generic Jedi we reviewed a while back to make a decent Jedi squad. With subsequent sets look for her to get much better. Her abilities are there even if her support is not just yet.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5

Bastila Shan gives me fits. I just can't decide how I feel about her as a miniature. On the one hand, Triple Attack, Lightsaber Deflect, and Lightsaber Sweep say, "I'm a frontline beatstick! Use me to destroy your enemies and we can rule the galaxy as player and piece!" On the other hand, her Commander Effect/Force Powers, and more importantly her modest Defense and Hit Points, say "Keep me away from the action, as I'm a delicate flower who will wilt quickly without proper care."

Herein lies the problem: if you're paying 46 points for a piece, it needs to be doing a fair bit for you. Bastila costs too much too use her just for her command skills, and she's not a good enough combatant to pay 46 points for just combat ability. Consequently, she's essentially forced into the role of backup attacker, a second line piece that handles mop-up duty while providing Force Valor bonuses to more capable (or disposable) primary attackers. Since the Old Republic only has a total of six pieces, those more capable attackers are either Jedi Guardians or Fringe pieces (the dynamic duo of Aurra and Boba leaps to mind). Hopefully the upcoming Bounty Hunters set will give Bastila some more friends to bring to the fight. If not, Bastila costs the same as two Jedi Guardians, who might just be a better choice.

I should make special mention of Battle Meditation. This is one of the most interesting Force Powers they've yet given us. While you can use it just for the extra combined fire bonuses to your squad (and that's perfectly good), it can also wreak havoc for certain opposing builds that may depend on combined fire. Since it's going to be completely useless against many squads (droid-centered or melee-heavy squads, for example), they've gone and made it completely optional, so you don't have to pay the points for it in every battle. Nice. In fact, since her only two Commander Effects are both Force Powers that she can choose not to use, Bastila has the interesting distinction of being the only piece in the game that can be a follower or commander, at the whim of the player. It's not currently very useful, but it's fun trivia, anyway.

Overall rating in 100: 2.5 (there's just no one to team her up with, really)
Overall rating in 200: 3.5 (the more allies to benefit from her crazy CEs, the better)

Zeroph Zeal
Bastilla Shan

Points: 46
Hit Points: 110
Defense: 19
Attack: +13
Damage: 20
Faction: Old Republic

Abilities: Melee Attack, Triple Attack, Unique

Force 4, Battle Meditation, Force Valor, Lightsaber Deflect, Lightsaber Sweep

Bastilla Shan, is simply, the best the Old Republic has in thier arsenal... the only Unique, in fact.
Bastilla costs 46 points. She has 110 Hitpoints which is decent, and is combined with a still-decent 19 defense. +13 defense is yet again, "decent", and 20 damage is "decent." So with decent stats, it would definatly be her abilites that would make you want to play her.

She is a Triple Attacker, which is nice and even unexpected for 46 points. Her Force powers are what makes her a great piece. She has two "Force" commander effects. You can choose one or the other for 2 Force, or do both for all of her force. The first one is the new ability Battle Mediation. This gives all of your units that combine fire grant an additional +2 attack, and the enemy cannot combine fire. This is a great ability, but ONLY USE IT WHEN YOUR OPPONENT RUNS A SQUAD THAT COMBINES FIRE. Old Republic doesn't combine fire often, as right now it is mostly low-costed jedi beatsticks. The only reason to use this abilitiy is if your opponent is running a range squad. The next "Commander Effect." Force Valor isn't new, but it is still a nifty ability. This gives all followers in 6 squares +2 Attack and +2 Defense. This seems more logical in the current Old Republic Army, as you can just send a horde of jedi led by Bastilla onto your enemy.

Now the next two abilities make me want more force points for thsi character. If you use both Force Valor and Battle Meditation, you CANNOT use these abilities, making them worthelss. However, if you only choose one, then you can. Neither of the abilities are ground breaking though, they are however nice. Lightsaber Sweep is useful in those certian situations. (Although with Triple Attack, only when you move) Lightsaber Deflect is just the great defenseive move we all know and love.

100 Points: 2/5 At 100 points, Bastilla IS half your army. With her strengths being commander effects, she cannot be used to her full potential. Furhtermore, Old Republic leaves something to be desired.

200 Points: 4.5/5 Bottom line: If you are running Old Republic, run Bastilla. There is no reason not to run a good "Commander"... the only good OR Commander...
here. Plain and simple.

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