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Mini of the Day

Corran Horn
Set: Champions of the Force

Date Reviewed: July 21, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 3.25
200 pt: 2.75


Sorry, we don't have this card image.

Sith Dragon


Corran Horn
New Republic
Cost: 39
HP: 120
DEF: 20
ATK: +13
DAM: 20
Double Attack; Melee Reach 2

Force 3: Absorb energy (F2) - When hit by a non-melee attack This character takes no damage, save 11. Remove damage from this character equal to the prevented damage.; Jedi Mind Trick (F1) - Usable only on this character's turn. Non-droid enemy is considered activated this round and cannot make attacks of opportunity this turn save 11.

Corran Horn is perhaps the most anticipated Jedi of the New Republic, and has been my favorite of the new Jedi since i read I, Jedi, The creators of this game did him proud as he represents everything he was in the books, and is the first true beat stick of the Jedi.

He costs 39 points, which can be a bit high for a Jedi, but he has the stats as well as the powers to back up that cost. His HP, ATK, and DEF are all very good for a Jedi, and he also has double attack. THE biggest gimmick people that knew him were looking for was his melee reach 2. For those that don't know about him, he has a dual phase lightsaber that can double in length, so that's where this comes from. It allows him to run up to characters with triple plus attacks and stop one square short and attack, so he doesn't have to fear getting out attacked if you lose init. It also allows you to stand behind someone like Luke and have two people attacking an enemy, while only presenting one target for them to swing back on.

He has 3-4 force points depending on if you are running Luke or not, and here he has another gimmick that is uniquely him. His absorb energy can be huge if you can hit your save(s). With Luke he can pull this trick twice. It allows you to negate a non-melee attack and instead gain its energy. Save this for a crit or a big attack and if you hit it, it takes a half dead Corran and returns him to near health! Jedi mind trick is also a nice ability as not only does it activate the character, but it prevents an attack of opportunity as well. The best way to make use of this is to make your first attack and see if you want to risk staying put, or you want to bug out. Since it doesn't replace attacks or turn, you can then use this to hopefully activate the character and move away (probably just one square as you can then double attack from a two squares away next round). Corran would be really sick if the New Republic ever get any sort of force battery

100pt/200pt: In either format you are going to want to run Corran, he is just that good for the new republic right now. Even after the new republic gets a deeper character base, Corran will be one of the last Jedi to NOT see play. He is just too solid a character, and Absorb Energy totally outstrips deflect as a defensive power against ranged units.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5


Corran Horn
Cost: 39
Hit Points: 120
Defense: 20
Attack: +13
Damage: 20

Special Abilities:
  • Double Attack
  • Melee Attack
  • Melee Reach 2
  • Unique

Force Powers:
Force: 3
  • Absorb Energy: Force 2, When hit by a non-melee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11. Remove damage from this character equal to the prevented damage.
  • Jedi Mind Trick: Force 1, usable only on this character's turn, range 2, target non-droid enemy is considered activated this round and cannot make attacks of opportunity this turn, save 11

Corsec's finest wraps up the New Republic week. Corran not only is a fine addition to the New Republic, but he also introduces a new and interesting force ability to the game… Absorb Energy.

The Good: The man from Corsec is a solid melee combatant. His 20 defense and 13 attack makes him an effective (if not extraordinary) Jedi character. His Ability, Absorb Energy is interesting. After he’s taken a beating, put him in the line of heavy fire and hope he heals. You can then use the spare force point to mind trick an opponent.

The Bad: His cost may be a bit high considering his abilities are one-shot and have a 50% chance of failing … and you can’t use a force point to reroll since he can’t use the force more than once per turn.

The Ugly: Absorb Energy uses 2 force points and only has a 50% chance of being successful. If you paired Corran with Master Lukeskywalker, he’d have enough Force points to use the ability twice, but that’s not gonna happen in a 100 pt. game, and some might be a bit squeamish about spending 113 pts. For two characters even in a larger skirmish. The ability would be worth the two points if its effects were guaranteed without having to save or if Corran had an extra force point to allow him to use it more than once.

100 pt: 3
200 pt: 3 (With Luke Skywalker Jedi Master)

The force ability, Absorb Energy, is attractive … but paying 39 points for a single 50/50 roll is too chancy for my tastes. In casual play we removed the saving throw and added 1 point to his cost. He was more user-friendly and didn’t upset the gameplay.

Zeroph Zeal
Corran Horn

Points: 39
Hit Points: 120
Defense: 20
Attack: +13
Damage: 20

Abilities: Double Attack, Melee Attack, Melee Reach 2, Unique

Force 3, Absorb Energy, Jedi Mind Trick

The last two reviews, I talked about pieces that will convert the New Republic army in competitive play.
Corran Horn, simply, won't. But is he a terribly bad piece? No, he isn't. Confused? Wouldn't a decent Jedi piece help change a bad faction? No, not necessarily.
And I'll explain why. First, however, let's take a look at his stats.

His cost is 39, one short of 40. His stats are quite good for his cost. 120 hit points is a solid number, and with 20 defense he can stay on the battlefield for a pretty decent time. +13 attack is also a pretty solid attack, but isn't amazingly great. 20 damage is normal for a Jedi, and that's not too shabby, either.

His abilities are the standard Jedi abilities, save one. Double Attack is always a nice yet expected boost, and Melee attack as usual just plain sucks.
However, it is made better by an ability that Corran has called Melee Reach 2. "Enemies up to 2 squares away are considered adjacent for purposes of Melee Attack." While this may not seem like much at first glance, this is actually an amazing ability. First of all, you can hit a unit behind another unit without having to worry about cover. This also works that you can attack units from behind your own units, using those units at shields. (Or maybe its another beat-stick, such as Luke Skywalker!) Second of all, when engaging a unit with dreaded Triple or even Quadrupole attacks, you can stand two spaces away and attack, so their first attack will only sport one attack when they engage you, then you can move away for the AoO, reducing their Triple attacks to mere Double Attacks.

With only 3 force, this is where the magical traits of this unit tend to fade. Absorb energy is an updated version of Light saber Deflect; but with the extra damage-healing effect, it costs 1 more force. What does this mean? If Corran Horn had Light saber Deflect, he would be able to try to dodge 3 shots.
However, with this ability Corran can only save himself once. I think I'd rather take the lower cost than the extra heal ability, especially with a unit with a mere 3 force. Jedi Mind Trick is basically a weaker version of Force Stun. This is probably what I would spend my points on Corran to do, actually. It stops Attacks of Opportunity, so you remember the little scenario I posed for the Melee Reach 2? Well now, you can turn their Quadruple Attacks into a Single Attack, if you know what I mean.

So, from what I said, Corran Horn should be a pretty solid piece, no? Sure, it has its downfalls, but still pretty solid?

The answer is no.

But why? It's a pretty good piece for a faction that needs support!

Well here's why: The best army you can make with the New Republic right now is the Solo Family squad.
Corran Horn doesn't fit well in that squad, because that squad already boasts two Melee Attackers...
(three if you throw in a Luke in the 200 point version, and then Corran wouldn't fit anyway) it doesn't need anymore. Corran Horn could see some play when other types of New Republic armies become playable, but for now Corran Horn isn't all too great.

But he still is a pretty solid piece. If you, for some reason, play a New Republic Army that isn't Solo Family Reunion, feel free to give this guy a try. You could end up liking him.

100 points: 3.5/5- I think he would be stronger here than in the 200 point format, simply because this format is mostly Melee Attack beat sticks and this can counter such beat sticks surprisingly well (With an exception of Darth Bane and other Lightsaber Throwers). Stick him with some backup and you could create a pretty decent army.

200 points: 2.5/5- I really wouldn't consider him for an army here yet. Not enough New Republic support here, and he won't even fit into a good Solo Reunion squad. Maybe in the future we can find some uses for him. He is still, however, a solid piece.

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