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Mini of the Day

Jaina Solo
Set: Champions of the Force

Date Reviewed: July 18, 2006

Image from Wizards.com

Ratings:  Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

100 pt: 4
200 pt: 4.35


Sorry, we don't have a card image.

For a lousy 25 points, Jaina Solo brings a heck of a lot to the table. While her numbers are only good, her abilities make her an extremely impressive piece.
Let's start with Double Attack and Cunning Attack. How many other 25-point pieces have the potential to hit you for 60 in a round? Well, two, but Jaina does it fairly reliably.
She also has the ever-popular Lightsaber Deflect, making it more likely that she'll get to the fight.
But like all the wisest people, Jaina realizes the importance of family. Her Synergy ability with Jacen makes her Attack rating downright respectable (even better when using Cunning Attack), and her Affinity ability lets her bring Han Solo, Rebel Hero into her squad (or the other Han Solo, but who cares?). This is actually the cream of her abilities, because Han is such a ridiculously good piece, made even better because his Commander Effect stacks with Jaina's Cunning Attack, making her damage potential 80 per round, just like her brother when a wounded Leia is involved.
All in all, if you use Jaina only to bring Han into your New Republic squads, you haven't wasted the points. She's a capable, inexpensive attacker, and both more useful than Jacen in her own right and has a better Affinity ability than he does. If I were their mom, I'd like Jaina best.
Overall rating in 100: 3.5
Overall rating in 200: 4.5
Sith Dragon Jaina Solo
New Republic
Cost: 25
HP: 70
DEF: 19
ATK: +10
DAM: 20

Affinity (Han Solo); Cunning Attack; Double Attack; Synergy (Jacen)

Force 3: Deflect

Unlike her brother, Jaina is actually a very capable fighter and very reminiscent of Shaak Ti. For 25 pts sh is solid in every aspect save one. It would be nice to see her with more HP, but as a kid I really don't expect her to have much more. 70 HP is still a huge step up from Jacen's 60. No matter which way you cut it, she can take one more hit than her brother. The Def is better. The attack stinks, but that is only if Jacen isn't around and she loses initiative.

I really like the affinity they are using with the New republic. Out of the three new figures, we have five new characters for the New Republic. Jaina brings some nice offense with her affinity in being able to bring in Han Solo. The bonus is that he is a real powerhouse, but it is forcing the New republic down the same path that the rebels are on - if you win initiative during combat you are most likely going to win the game. If you lose the init your characters are too weak and fragile to win. If you win the init Jaina can double attack for a +14/30 DAM hit on her own - a +18 if Jacen is in range and 40 DAM if Han is near. That's some mega power for 25 pts, but like i said if you lose init she is going to take a beating.

100pts: She really isn't strong enough here, but with Han's help she can be worth a shot. For fun give her a go, but for DCI I would stay clear of her.

200pts: In this format Jaina makes the NR not only playable, but a nice contender for some tourney prizes. If Anakin brings in Chewie, then the sky is the limit for this crew. The only thing here is that using affinity to build a squad is going to suck up a lot of building points in a hurry. In the end its a nice way to expand the team depth with only releasing a few figs at a time.

"Dude, the fat guy totally just blew up!" -Pink 5
tjmk Jaina Solo
Cost: 25
HP: 70
Def: 19
Atk: +10
Dam: 20

Special Abilities:
Melee Attack
Double Attack
Cunning Attack
Synergy (+4 attack while within 6 squares of Jacen Solo) Affinity (A character whose name contains Han Solo may be in your squad)

Force Powers:
Force 3
Lightsaber Deflect

Sometimes, less is more. You'd be surprised how sturdier Jaina actually is than her brother. For the same cost Jaina has 10 more HP and a +1 to her defense, and that +1 can make all the difference at times. However, you do get a -2 to you attack if you choose Jaina over her brother, but she can use the Force for elementary purposes, unlike Jacen. Now, stats wise I suppose they are about equal, but when you get into the abilities, well, she just gets all the more likeable. Standard Jedi traits, along with double attack, which is alomst standard on any Jedi worth using. Cunning attack though is really nice, always a good ability to have and on Jedi it is almost even better since it is added to their already excellent attack and damage scores. So, Jaina is now able to dish out 60 damage a turn at +14 merely on her own. Nice, already looking good. But it gets better. Synergy kicks her up to a +18 when fighting with Jacen and the affinity will allow you to bring in her dad, which can kick up the damage potential to 80, same as her brother and all you need to do is attack an unactivated character, nice.
However, when we look at the Force powers we see that it actually can get better. Force 3 is a good standard amount for a Jedi Knight, so that is good, but Lightsaber Deflect puts her into the competitve sphere. Lightsaber is an awesome ability that gives Jedi the survivability to compete against the ranged squads. It is an ability that not enough Jedi have, in my opinion, since it is kind of the trademark ability of lighsabers, and the Jedi (or Sith, I mean, what is up with Sith being able to deflect blaster bolts? none of them ever do anything like that in the movies and it just doesn't fit with the aggressive Sith style in my opinion) who do have the ability usually cost too much to be used effectively. Jaina having Lightsaber Deflect, coupled with a good defense for her cost, make her an excellet addition to the New Republic's line-up, and an excellent representative for the New Jedi Order, although Friday's character will be an even better example of how the New Republic's Jedi should be in terms of uniqueness and difference from the other Jedi-heavy factions.

Rating: 4/5
Bottom Line: Jacen is just a cool character, but as far as all around usefulness goes, Jaina is simply awesome. On her own she is an excellent character who doesn't need any support to get up to the battle and start dishing out the damage. However, she has the option to benefit from support.
With synergy she just becomes a combat monster. Plus, like her brother, effectively giving the New Republic new characters to choose from is helping the entire faction move into the tournament worthy scene.

This is tjmk, signing out.

Zeroph Zeal
Jaina Solo

Points: 25
Hit Points: 70
Defense: 19
Attack: +10
Damage: 20

Abilities: Affinity (Han Solo), Cunning Attack, Double Attack, Melee Attack, Synergy (Jacen), Unique

Force 3, Lightsaber Deflect

Jaina Solo's stats are very simular to Jacen's, so like Jacen you won't want to use Jaina for her stats.
The changes are small, but actually swing in Jaina's favor. (Jaina is an overall better fighter than Jacen
is.) With 70 hitpoints, she can take 4 hits from the average jedi, unlike her brother's 3. Furthermore, she has one more defense moving her to a somewhat decent 19. Her attack is 2 less, and her damage is the normal jedi 20. Still not great stats.

However, like Jacen, her abilities are what makes her great. Jaina has affinity for one of her parents, but instead of Leia has affinity for Han. In my opinion, this is a much better affinity expessially because of a little piece called Han Solo, Rebel Hero. Han Solo, RH is a great piece, no doubt. And he can boost the New Republic Army, specifically his family, to new hights. Cunning Attack makes Jaina extremely lethal fighter, too. Combined with Advantegous Attack granted by Han Solo RH, she becomes a +14 attack, 40 damage double attacker. Combined with her Synergy with Jacen, she becomes a +18, 40 damage double attacker. Not too shabby!

With 3 Force, she is around average for a jedi of her cost. She also gains the useful Lightsaber Deflect ability, allowing for her to stay on the battlefield considerably longer than her brother.

100 pt: 4/5 Considerablly better than her brother, and a pretty good piece for the New Republic. Combine her with Jacen, Han Solo, RH and maybe Slave Leia, and you have a very good 100 point army!

200 pt: 4.75/10 Same as above but include some soldiers (maybe even a NR Luke if you want another giant beatstick!) so you can take advantage of Han Solo's commander effect. This is an extremely powerful army that I, myself, have playtested.


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